Udaan 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor hearing the Kaal bhairov puja sound. She says I think the place is close. Imli gets Chakor’s call. Vivaan goes. Ranjana sees them and says Vivaan has gone, I will see what to do of Imli. Chakor tells Imli that they reached the place. Imli says its good thing that you both reached Bhaiya ji’s place. Ranjana locks Imli in the room. Imli knocks door and shouts open the door. Ranjana says now Kamal ji can do Kaal bhairav puja with peace and pray for enemies destruction. Chakor says Suraj, there are guards, how to get inside. He says I will divert their attention, you go inside. She says we will be trapped if we fall in trouble, see that fire, it will show us the way now.

The man tells Bhaiya ji that by this puja, his enemies and problems will end. Bhaiya ji prays for Suraj’s destruction. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji do the puja. Imli hears the puja sound and says something bad is going to happen, who locked me like this, did they catch Suraj and Chakor. Suraj shouts fire, someone blow it off. The men run. Chakor enters the house. She sees Ragini. A man goes to hit Chakor. Suraj stops the man and hits him. Chakor sees Suraj. She says Ragini is here, maybe this glass is one sided she did not see me. He says we came at right place. She says we will find way to enter the house. Suraj says how to open this lock. She says I have a way and opens lock by hairpin. He says great, from where did you learn this. She says I know a lot, you will learn if you be with me. He says you will not stay with me always, when you leave me after sending Bhaiya ji to jail, don’t come to my room like this, don’t know what will you steal. She says what do you have except wine bottles. They enter the house.

They see Ragini talking to Yogesh and hide. Ragini says you have helped me a lot, but you did not take revenge from Suraj. Chakor says it means Ragini knows we are coming here. Suraj says Ragini maybe waiting for us here. Chakor says we should find jailer first, I can’t hear anything. Ragini sees them going and tells Yogesh that her plan succeeded, they have come here, when they go to jailer’s room, they will become prey. Bhaiya ji prays that Ragini catches Suraj, then he will fulfill his wish. Ragini says I will give Suraj’s dead body as gift to Papa, he will be proud of me.

Suraj says maybe jailer and his family are detained here. Chakor says then Ragini would have made her men guard here. He says yes, maybe they went to find us. They hear a sound and go to see. They get shocked seeing jailer Yadav. Yadav shouts don’t killer me. Chakor says we did not come to kill you, we came to free you, you are jailer Yadav right. He says yes. She asks where is your family. He says they killed my family, they are dangerous. Chakor says I regret to know this, where is the inspector. He says they killed him too. They free Yadav. Suraj asks him to come fast. Chakor says we came to help you, you are safe, come. They get shocked seeing Ragini at the door.

Ragini smiles and aims gun at them. Vivaan comes home. Servants stop him. Vivaan asks are you mad. Servant says its Bhaiya ji’s order. Vivaan thinks something is going on, Imli is inside, I have to go by back door. He goes to Imli and sees her locked. He opens the door. She hugs him and says I m fine. He asks whats happening. She says I m getting puja sounds, Bhaiya ji is doing wrong, we have to see.

Ragini says welcome Suraj, I was waiting for you, this was my plan to trap both of you, I will kill you, then Bhaiya ji will make me the heir. Chakor says you can’t do anything to Suraj. Ragini asks her to stop if she has courage. Ranjana coughs by smoke. Bhaiya ji does puja. Imli thinks this havan can’t be for anything good. She gets water for Ranjana and gives her. Ranjana says you….. Imli throws water in the havan kund and blows off fire. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana get shocked. Bhaiya ji gets fuming. He asks Imli what did you do, you have put water in havan kund. Imli says sorry, I was just helping Ranjana. He asks her to get lost. The man says its abshagun, the kaal bhairav puja will now have reverse effect, may Lord protect you. He goes. Bhaiya ji shouts to Imli and asks her to go. Imli and Vivaan smile and leave. Ragini aims at Suraj. Chakor takes gun from Suraj and shoots at Ragini.

Ragini falls down. Chakor asks Yadav to come. They run away. Bhaiya ji holds Chakor’s neck and suffocates her. Suraj, Imli and Vivaan ask him to leave Chakor and try to free Chakor

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hmm Agar tum saath Ho will suitable for sukor as per ongoing track it will makes perfect bcas they always finding way to helping each other I love my sukor

  2. Aarohi thats not me .,That girl is soo cheap she is using my name to make me a culprit in sukor ff pls guys dnt believe her u know she is fake i m having puple colour box and she is having green plss team udaan help me and block her

  3. I love this serial. And i feel happy when i can watch it in one television chanel in Indonesia. But after one week, this serial gone. Again. I feel sad for that.

    I hope Chakor can help more bandhua. Not only bandhua from her village. I hope one day, Suraj can support her. I feel happy and sad in same time when i read that Suraj will become bandhua. I sad but happy because this chalange can make Suraj understand the pain of bandhua.
    So he will have true empaty for them. He will help more bandhua because he want to do it, not because he hate his father or because he have feeling for Chakor.

    Suraj hearth will be similiar like Chakor hearth.

    Bandhua is world problem, not only in India. But many country can hide it. I hate Bandhua system so much.

    I feel happy when one day Suraj can support Chakor become minister. Who knows..

  4. Wlcm lali and if u like to that song pls request and comment to team udaan for the song we all are all suggesting our fav to team udaan

  5. Honestly Angel both the songs r which u suggested ( kaise bataun n saibo) but I luved saibo the most…its so heart touching song….

  6. Honestly Angel both the songs r gud which u suggested ( kaise bataun n saibo) but I luved saibo the most…its so heart touching song….both the songs will suits for sukor….

  7. My favourite Tv serial is Udaan… It’s Fantabulous….?????

  8. Sia thanks and for that song pls request and comment to team udaan for the song we all are all suggesting our fav to team udaan

  9. Wow… I missed soooo much while I was on Vaca…. Super drugged up genius boy Wonder Vivaan makes me channel surf the moment he comes on the screen. I’m really loving the way SuKor holds hands each time they run away from danger or sneak around…. It’s so awwwdorable!!!!

  10. @Team udaan i thnk kaise bataaun will suit them its romantic and good for eyelock so plz try it 1s.

  11. @TEAM UDAAN many sukorians of this page wants to suggest kaise batauu and saibo song for sukor backgroung song? and also congrats for 150+ comments for the very first time on udaan page?

  12. Angel what do you think of saiyara from ek tha tiger
    I feel it suits perfectly

  13. I too vote for kaise batuun guys

  14. @Team udaan u can request directors to make a special BG song for sukor like haya (shakti) have tu hi mera kuda and shivika(ishqbaaz) have oh jaana

  15. Krause bataun is gud but it is not for official song it is wen they r angry or separate from each other I feel….saibo or agar tum swath hi suits as the official song for sukor

  16. Agar tum sath ho****

  17. Good choice sia if u want that song u can suggest it to team udaan they will going to meet writers and will show them the songs we choose than its upto writers which one they will find suitable for sukor

  18. But sia kaise btauu is perfect bcoz its lyrics are totally perfect for them(kaise batuu tujhe main dil mera kya keh rha) as they are in love but still dnt know what to say and how to tell bcoz theg dnt know what r tgere feelings (rhe na fasle yeh jo hai apne darmiyaan )they want to look eachother whole day and want to say close but still cant say.,they both want to come closer to each other but both think that other one wont accept it(tere kareeb main ho saku dede tu apni razza) as suraj always loves to flips chakor hair (yeh zulf sawaru) suraj loves to hold and carry chakor in arms (bahoo main lele tujhe) soo all these lines totally match and are fully suitable for them .,plss team udaan pls request writers to make this song there background song plss

  19. Ya I agree with you it suits perfectly even I too voted for kaise batuun

    But saiyaara is very heart touching ❤

  20. hey…Angel Megha Sia AP,KL I tooo… vote for kaise batuun nd saibo… sure it will b nice??

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