Chandra Nandni 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dasi release Nandini,Nandini thinks why did helina do it but,and asks who asked me to release me,slaves say I am just asked totals ypu to your mother. Dhananand with Amartya trying to aid padmanand, dhananand says take care of him,his life is very important,Amartya says ok but today Chandragupta will be crowned as King,padmanand gets very angry and says this is not possible,magad is mine,Amartya says calm down,anger is not good for your health maharaj,padmanand says my daughter and all Alfie’s are in his trap we have to release them from Chandras hand,we can’t lose, Amartya says we will announce dhananand as King before tomorrow and that will help us save magad for us,padmanand says okay go ahead anything for my kingdom.

Padmanand with his blood keeps hand over dhananands head and says announce him as the new King,all say glory in name of our new King dhananand,Amartya says we need to disperse to keep things secret,padmanand says once I’m good we will attack Chandra.

Chanakya calls Chandra, Chandra asks what is it, Chanakya asks everyone to leave them alone and says Chandra this is very important and while Bharats future is based on it,and it is you will have to marry Nandini,Chandra looses calm and says no ways, padmanands daughter no ways,why but,Chanakya says political reasons because NAND is still alive,Chandra says I saw him die,you were there to,Chanakya says yes but afterw e left Amartya went for him and is in full deeds trying to save him and even dhananand is alive and is announced next King, Chandra says but tomorrow is my Abhishek but,Chanakya says Chandra we have no time before NAND attacks us, you will marry Nandini,padmanand will never want to see Nandini in pain,Chandra says ok but she will never agree.chankaya says you are winner and she is lost kings daughter and so she is your right and if you marry her NAND will be in your feets.

Mora walks to the slave sector and says Avantika we were friends before and I want this friendship to be taken forward and Nandini so should marry my son,Avantika says now ays so that you keep torchering her,and she will marry only when she is in love,mora says someone like maliketu who left your husband dying and don’t you forget you are slaves now and Chandra is King now and will never disgrace your daughter, this opportunity will give your daughter a good life,you know what’s good and bad and Nandini has no hands in all behind the ill fate and so she gets a chance, the decisions is yours and leaves.

Nandini comes to Avantika and asks what’s all is this,why was Chandras mother here, Avantika says she wants you to marry Chandra, Nandini says he killed my father and my brothers,please leave me alone,and starts crying in pain. Chandar says I can’t marry her, helina says but why not,its political step,durdhara says you married us for same reasons so why not Nandini,Chandra says that’s different, I don’t love you two but neither hate you,but Nandini I hate her,durdhara says can’t you disobey acharya,helina says this decision of his will give you benefits as always.

Helina walks to mora,mora says you are like my daughter tell me what you wish to ask,helina asks why did you release Nandini, I had trapped her,mora says we aren’t like NAND,and so such treatment won’t be given to women and we should join people with love and not hate,helina says I don’t believe in love with every,mora says I called you daughter and so try and agree to what I say,helina says but my rules,mora says ok no will cross them but humanity is important,helina gets angry and leaves.

Helina is asked why did you ask Chandra to marry Nandini,helina says this will give me all rights to rule over Nandini and once she will be queen, I will make sure she reminds down in my feet,helinas mother walks in and says happiness for cruelty,helina says ma you he how come,ma says you take so many decisions so instantly,love marriage and queen,anyways I couldn’t be part of your marriage but I have a gift for you,the earrings hurt helina,ma says beauty comes with pain,see my pain, I couldn’t be with my daughter on her wedding but will attend her husbands wedding,helina says ma Chandra hates Nandini,ma says remember you used to love maliketu and now hate him and wouldn’t Chandar may fall in love with Nandini be careful on your steps,this are relations beat sue heart does its works unknowingly and you know the threshold between love and hate and heart is very good at crossing it.

Helina says ma my fire burns my enemies and not me, this wedding is just so that Nandini is under my control and I will make sure Chandra and Nandini will marry but never get into relation.

Pre cap : Nandini grabs an arch and arrow and walks to Chandras room and hits him the arrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Wonderful epi. Can’t wait to watch their wedding.

  2. whole history is wrong in this show . guys pls dont believe in this show history. dhananand is father of durdhara and chandra defeat dhananand . but here something else going on which is totally wrong

    1. sukalp pathak

      right these filmy channel in order to too much twist and make serial interesting shows wrong history

  3. Love this show so much. Love you both chandni.

  4. Yeah history is not good but the makers had said that the history will be fictitious before its start. But the show is amazing and interesting to watch where both both actors are fantastic.

  5. Durdhara will probably die after giving birth to bindusara and then nandini will try to decrease his pain

  6. of course….reader dear!! all knows…..history is very different from serial….it is already written dat dis is modified … doesn’t make any relation wid history….its only fictitious story!!! just enjoy show…..don’t go in history…. nice epi…..thnx for written update!!!

  7. What the hell
    Magad started occupying by Greeks
    Why every time the females are kept in negative roll
    The cv’s are really worst

  8. Fantastic epi. Eager for Monday.

  9. Priyashree Chakraborty

    Again I see the repetition of the same dialogues when Maham Anga warns Rukaiya when Jalal wanted to marry Jodha and now the conversation between Helena and her mom regarding Chandra’s marriage to Nandni is ditto similar…

    Nevertheless, I give full marks to Ekta Kapoor for always bringing up interesting shows although the facts are all fictitious, however the shows garner mind blowing TRP’s therefore she is least bothered to teach the nation actual history… So,who cares for providing factual accuracy when her business is in full swing …

    We have got no choice but to enjoy the show !!!

  10. Vanshika

    This show should b named Jodha Akbar season 2…!!!!

    1. Cynthia

      Hahaha di, u r ryt as this ekta kapoor show so similarities are possible. I find Nandini a disgraced woman, as she is nand’s so the behavior of nand has inherited in nandini.

  11. Yeah Ekta kapoor is so good in increasing show trp. Despite its fictional, amazing show.

  12. Is the precap true or nandini dream sequence?

  13. I just love this film. it’s film is so amazing . just hope Chandra and nandni love each other and may that devil he rot and die.

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