Udaan 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chakor Stabbed

Udaan 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chakor walks inside thinking Sooraj’s marathon runner is reaching him. On the stairs, she hits Tejaswini who was holding a plate of bangles and worried that it was a bad omen. Chakor holds a bangle that was left unbroken and asks her to put this one on. Tejaswini blesses her and asks about Sooraj. Chakor goes looking for him and finds a pile of gifts in the room. She opens one of the boxes with a beautiful decoration, a couple dances on music in the glass. In the pile was a roll of note for Chakor, she tries to guess the riddle. Chakor wonders what Sooraj wants her to guess. She thinks about Chagan. She smiles and goes to Chagan. Imli comes from behind and holding the decoration she was determined to end the love story of Sooraj and Chakor. She throws the decoration down on floor, breaking it. At Chagan’s house, there was another note with a clue; Chakor reaches the conlusion as Paakhi then goes towards Paakhi’s house. Outside there was another note, with the clue of well. Chakor reaches the well and finds another note, there was a board of direction with ‘Suraj loves Chakor’ and an arrow. She walks in the direction of arrow and reaches a decorated setting for two. She walks over the rose bed, there were floral decorations with colorful curtains. On a chair lay Suraj’s coat. She smiles hugging it. She calls Sooraj then turns to his voice. Sooraj stood behind her, smiling with his arms open….
She finds a note in the bottle, it reads she must close her eyes and he would be there in the next ten seconds. Chakor was angry and says she won’t close her eyes, he must come to her. She then agrees to close her eyes as the last of riddle else she would leave. She shuts her eyes. Soon there is smoke all around her. Chakor begins to count down. She opens her eyes to the venue filled with smoke, she turns around and was shocked to seea masked men approaching her from all directions. They all wore black masks and held knives in hands. Another man with a black hat walks near her. She calls Sooraj but the man pulls the stabber and walks closer. Chakor was stabbed on her belly. The man pulls the stabber out of her body and stabs her again. Chakor fell onto the floor. The man throws the stabber and gloves beside her. He wore gold rings. Chakor screamed of pain calling Sooraj’s name and loses consciousness.

PRECAP: Sooraj wonders why he feels Chakor is calling him. There at the venue, Kamal Narayan laughs that Chakor’s soul may be blessed. Imli reaches and asks if he killed Chakor. Kamal Narayan brings out a gun and says even Imli will have to die.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. what the hell is this?now chakor will think that suraj stabbed her.I feel very sorry for sukor.I know suraj will break down.soooo sad.
    hi all my beloved friends.
    wish all my friends enjoy their puja and festival.

  2. After reading the WU, I decide not to watch the episode. I hate when a look alike comes and viewers keep guessing if she’s the main lead or just a look alike. I don’t want Chakor to misunderstand Suraj.

    Anyways have a great weekend.

  3. who’s look alike di?suraj or chakor?
    plz tell me.

    1. I meant for Chakor, I don’t think it will happen. Sorry if I don’t reply. I don’t visit the page often now.

  4. Sukorian

    what a twist is this true any1 watch?

    1. Piyal

      Yep its true i watched it and the goons will throw chakor down the lake whilst suraj will feel somthing bad has happened to chakor as he is waitinh for het

    2. Sukorian

      ???? the show is ruined thx for conforming

  5. today episode was very sad n requesting the makers of Udaan dont separate sukor

  6. Piyal

    Totally bizzar chakor must understand it was not suraj i have a feeling it was chagan he was missing foe days and all of a sudden he is bk or mentioned poor chakor and kamal totally coming out randomly…. poor sukor i think kamal will try killing imli but she will clap and smile seeing chakor dead whislt kamal will be shocked and then imli will join hands with him what will happen to sukor

    1. Piyal

      @tani jus saw ur link thanks toi is true this week after chakor getting stabbed she will be thrown down the lake many now think chakor will lose her memory but i think somthing deeper will happen as chakor is also stabbed this is one of the saddest parts of the serial what i dont like is how cvs show sympathy for imli and vivaan wen somthing happenes to them i mean wen vivaan tried to kill chakor the matter was made big its so obvious imli joins kamal cuz she wanted to do the killing what will happen to poor chakor? and suraj will go mad once he learns what happenes idk but will we see a new sukor love story will cvs show old sukor tashan chakor falling in thr lake indicates a leap…will her stabbing prove somthing fatal idk why im thinking this but wen suraj sed he wants a child chakor sed he will never get it will the stabbing make that all come true…then i guess cvs will show imli being the surrgont? if a leap will happen it will be a bit like kasam wen tanu dies as we will proberly see suraj dedicating his time to work and be surrounded by the memories of chakor i knew cvs showed these sukor scenes as a big seperation plot is gonna happen and these scenes will be used as the memories…

  7. Poor chakor imli was faking to cry i mean she was hunting chakor all week she will reveal to kamal she doesn’t care and is happy chakor is gone…kamal will br happy and i read in olv all evidence will be against imli as kamal will use her so he doesn’t end up in jail what will happen of chakor will someone see and save chakor from the goons it is likely they wanna dispose chakor i think a leap is most likely gonna happen and we will problery see suraj as the minister and chakor in a new setting…

  8. Horrible episode ???

  9. I am gonna hate the separation track again.
    Plz cvs it’s a request don’t separate sukor.. Mostly I think udaan serial will take a leap..

  10. Just watched the episode it was so sad for chakor she wanted to find suraj and went through all those riddles i felt like crying seeing chakor and imli running behind chakor and destroying her happiness i felt so sorry for chakor how she got stabbed and mentioned suraj before losing consciousness…and suraj wen he finds out i wont be able to watch? it will be so depressing…and kamal is so inhumane first he got chakor stabbed then he orders for her body to be thrown down the lake…its obvious imli will change her tears to laughter wen kamal says i have to shoot u as she followed chakor to also kill her many olvs indicate she joins kamal ans kamal takes advantage by putting blame on imli so if something happenes he dosent have to go jail…the stabber was dark as suraj is much lighter completion so surely chakor cant think its suraj as the hands were dark kamal was dressed in the stabber attire it was either him or i feel ajay that stabbed chakor…most likely a leap is happeing but i want chakor to be alive i dont want her character dying if she survives she most likely will have memory loss but i dont want a lookalike chakor otherwise the show will get completely runied dont know what cvs r thinking i dont want them damaging the show as it has enough damage

  11. The episode was so sad and depressing i always felt sorry for chakor as she always protected other’s and suraj turned out to be her saviour…@tippu i dont want chakor to die and a looklike chakor comes this show is all about chakor i watch becoz of chakor and her azzadi and cvs already irritated me with all this imli pyscho pregnacy plots losing its orginal aim which was chakor fighting for rights so sad for suraj and the worst part was they made chakor wear the same dress in which sukor confessed thier love i really dont think the show needs a leap but most likely it will happen

  12. By now we all learn sukor will seperate the worst will be if chakor character is killed of in reality she got stabbed twice and will be thrown of a cliff and into a lake it almost looks like impossible for chakor to survive i dont want show to have a leap as i feel leap will wreck everything up and if they kill chskor and introduce a lookalike chakor i will stop watching forever as i watched the show for chakor suraj will forever live with those memories he has of chakor if they have a leap etc i dont think the show will last long normally leaps r created wen cvs run out of ideas so that the story reaches a new concept…season 1 ran for 2 yrs and its all be 1.5yrs of season 2 there’s so much storylines and concept to cover rather than having a leap hopefully suraj folws his instincts and finds chakor…

  13. Completely disappointed track….we wanted sukor remarriage n cvs gave us separation track… totally unfair.. no udaan without SuKor n chakor….bye bye udaan..we r not interested now…

  14. I feel imli was just sad because she couldn’t kill chakor. I don’t think it will be a long leap May be 6 months. Then again everything starts from 1…

  15. Hey every1 im commenting after a long time Watched today and yesterday’s episode together sukor looked so cute in bhavan and kaustri attrie chakor suits a saree alot that part was funny and today it reminded me of chakor bday wen suraj had put all those riddles for chakor to find her gifts in precap suraj venue is diffrent i think kamal changed 1 of the scrolls according to toi chakor body will be dumped in the lake where suraj is waiting by (imli rant that pyscho is not making sense most likely she will get blamed as she vowed to kill chakor infront of vivaan she will get blame for it) the stabber was kamal noticed his hand and rings he also was wearing the attire to cover himself wen imli came in precap she cries asking if kamal has killed chakoe her tears r fake as she normally calls chakor didi i think she cried as she never got the pleasure of killing chakor everything we predicited never happened atleast we had 2 full weeks of romantic sukor (even though imli ruined the mood)cuz most serials only show 1 epsiode of happiness and move on next problem but that bad thing is cvs planned something brutual 4 chakor she is gonna get thrown in lake and got stabbed not 1 but 3 times! I fear for chakor suraj and chakor are near the lake ans suraj senses chakoe is in danger hopefully he finds her but chakor will be critical either a leap will happen and hope not but cvs may get lookalike chakor cuz in start of serial wen they give overview the man indicates if azaadganj last hope is dead or suraj saves chakoe but chakor will be in crtical condition and vivaan will tell is imli kamal will also blame imli and suraj takes revenge imli will realise she is wrong and will try prove her innocence but no1 beleive her no olvs and so much suspense actually dont know what cvs r planning but those 3 stab wounds will be fatal i hope cvs dont do a future storyline where chakor womb got affected becoz of all this will be sad to see what do u guys think?

  16. Im sorry to say if chakor character is killed of i will hate serial and wont watch anymore chakor is my fav character i watch only for [email protected] agree cvs r unpredictable what we all thought never happened we thought chakor may get pregnant etc but it nevef happened cvs stopped showing olvs or new updates…sukor r by the lake its a bit obvious suraj will search the lake i to feel imli will get blame yes she is wrong but kamal did the stabbing i noticed his hands in precap it was him

  17. Imli is crying cuz she never got to do thr deed that’s the real reason if cvs do leap maybe it will be a month or 2 i dont think it will be much longer i think the change was made suddenly as valid sites suggested that imli along witg kamal would make chakor and azaadganj suffer that’s why cvs brought kamal bk to save imli character so wen truth is revealed imli will be known as innocent i dont understand why cvs made this show if they wanted imli they should habe not brought sukor in then and play with viewers feelings as many of us watch for sukor i hate imli but many people hate vidhi too as its believed she is a fav of director hence ehy the screenspace cvs really need to fix up and cool down imli character otherwise trps will fall further as no1 will have the power to tolerate imli no matter how many sukor scenes may throw in to save trp and then it will be bk to normal imli i feel show was abit rushed regarding sukor love confession it was like cvs shuved it for a long 4 month imli plot cvs wont show but i would love to see sukor reaction that imli was never pregnant as suraj risked everything for a child thay was never there and how chakor let go of suraj becoz of imli lie

  18. Hey every1 i agree with u naya but i wanna talk about imli season 1 imli was loveable and cute she understood chakor as what sister’s do this is why wen i saw season 2 imli i did not like and cvs didnt do a good job with that role imli would be more loved if she stayed sweet and helped her sister for the fight in azaadi but in season 2 at the beginning she joined kamal and tourted young kids…i wouldn’t mind seeing a centre storyline of imli if it was the same concept of season 1 imli the character has had so mucj downs that i dont think i will ever like that character of imli again cvs runied most plots and the character by showing 1.5yrs of imli being pregnant(during marrige jund till october)or trying to get pregnant(november till april) and getting pregnant(april till August) but now lied and for some reason wants to kill chakor(August and present) this timeline of imli represents everything wrong in udaan i to dont like this imli but i cant lie sayinh i didnt like season 1 imli season 2 imli is disgraceful many liked udaan and continue watchinh udaan as season 1 chakor was treated as lead and imli was treated as a parallel…this is ehy no1 is happy with season 2 imli many fans on all sites r bashing imli and cvs is thisthe reason kamal was brought bk to save imli (in reailty as cvs always wanna show her as good person wen she is worser than kamal for wishing so bad on her fulll and real sister chakor)

  19. Hi dears… How are you all..
    So sad episode… I can’t see sukors separation.. Can’t see them in pain…pls CVS its a request don’t separate sukor…. I don’t want chakor to die… Plssssss don’t separate sukor

  20. ??? why do they hav to do this???? Evn if they bring in a lookalike it will never be the same cuz its not chakor and not sukor. They r just killing off chakor so that imli can take the cetrestage! I dont like this at all! I hate it! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! No chakor.. No udaan.. N broken suraj?

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