DBO Reprised Once Again Chapter 3

Gauri entered the mansion. First she thought she was in wrong address it looked like palace. It was so beautiful.
Gauri was walking looking at the house’s beauty and stumbled upon someone and she closed her eyes fearing of falling down but found that someone has hold her hand and prevented her from falling.
Gauri opened her eyes to thank the person. And what she saw made her lose her sanity. The person whom she never wanted to meet? The same person who had insulted her self respect? Omkara singh oberoi was standing in front of her holding her hands preventing her from falling down. Gauri felt to fall down in the floor than taking help from her.
Omkara felt a current sensation in his body as he hold the hand of his fun looking boy. He helped the boy to stand up and left the hand. The boy looked so cute. What the hell?  Did he found the boy cute? What has gotten in him? Since he left that mad gauri kumari sharma in the village after a fake marriage?  Everything has gone still?.
” who are you? Whom do you want to meet? ” asked omkara curiously.
“I’m chulbul. I want to meet sultana madam ” said gauri trying to keep her voice manly.
Omkara found the voice very funny.
” there is no sultana here. I think you are in wrong address ” replied omkara.
“oh I thought. But I was given this address only fine thank you ” said gauri.
She was going away.

“wait a minute. ” omkara said and started laughing.
” u meant sveltana ” right asked omkara controlling his laugh.
” yes maybe ” said gauri not understanding the difference and the reason behind the laugh.
Omkara started laughing loudly. All the members of the house came to see it. Shivaay and anika were happy to see omkara laughing. Jhanvi and tej were confused so we’re others. Omkara was so sad about the events of the house he forgot the word called laugh. What made him laugh raised everyone’s curiosity.
“what happened omkara? Why are you laughing? ” asked jhanvi not able to figure out the reason of her son’s laughter even though she was happy.
Omkara pointed towards gauri who was disguised as chulbul. Everyone’s attention went to gauri. Gauri felt like what was happening? What had she done that omkara singh oberoi was laughing?
” I do not know I just said I am chulbul and I wanted to meet sultana ”
For one second everyone became silent.
” you meant sveltana right? ” asked anika.
Gauri nodded. The next moment everyone started laughing like mad people even tej could not control his laugh.
Mad house? Mad people? And she is struck here thought gauri seeing this people laughing like mad.

Rudra was in canteen drinking his protein shake when soumya Stormed angrily. Rudra saw it and smirked.
He knew she would come back to him only if he knew the reality.
” rudra what is this? “soumya shouted at him showing a letter.
” it’s a leave letter for us both. It’s rohit marriage soumya even he is ur friend so I just applied both of ours leave letter together. Two days after we will be leaving to meerut for the wedding ” rudra said without caring .
“only you rudra singh oberoi. You will be leaving alone I’m not coming with you. Who gave the right to apply a leave letter for me. Did I ask you? Stop interfering in my life. U are no one decide for me ” shouted soumya and went away not caring about anything .

Precap : gauri meets sveltana. Soumya and rudra have another fight.

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