Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli seeing the toys and crying. She recalls Vivaan and says I don’t understand what happened to Vivaan, maybe he did not hear the good news, see how he got annoyed and went. Ranjana comes there. Imli hides the toys. Ranjana asks what happened, did you and Vivaan had a fight. Imli says no, Vivaan stays busy in work, its fine. Ranjana asks about toys, is there any good news, don’t hide anything from me. Imli says yes. Ranjana smiles and says I m becoming Dadi, so Bhaiya ji was shouting about baby, why did you not tell me, Vivaan will become a father, he was ready to accept anyone’s child last time, now its his own blood, his own child, so what if he is annoyed with me, his child will be coming, I will do your aarti first, we will tell everyone. She goes. Chakor and Suraj come there and hear this. Chakor says we have to stop Ranjana from doing arrangements. Imli gets shocked and sees them.

Vivaan sees the mechanic. He says none should know about this. Ragini says I got him here carefully. He asks who is he. The man removes the mask. Ragini sends the man. She shows Imli and Suraj’s pic to mechanic and asks did you see them together. Mechanic sees pics.

Imli asks are you not happy hearing my good news, why are you annoyed like Vivaan, why. Chakor says no, we are happy, we will first check if this news is true. Imli says see I have a baby in my womb. She happily cries. Chakor worries.

Mechanic says yes, how can I forget them, this bride and groom were hugging in car, they did not had their own sense, I went to change tyre, they woke up by sound, all this is fine in home, it looks bad on roads. Vivaan slaps him and asks how dare you say this.

Chakor shouts you have no baby in your womb, this can’t happen. Imli asks why. Chakor says because Vivaan can’t become a father, he is impotent. Imli gets shocked and slaps Chakor. Vivaan beats mechanic and says you are lying, Suraj was with Imli, no. Mechanic says I m not lying, sorry if I saw husband and wife together. Vivaan says stop nonsense. Ragini says leave him, its not his mistake, its Suraj and Imli’s mistake, I can’t believe Imli has Suraj’s child. Vivaan shouts this can’t happen. He ruins the office and says how can Imli cheat me, she has fallen so low, don’t take name of that cheap woman, I hate her.

Chakor says its true, Vivaan can’t become father, he did tests, but result was same. Imli says no, stop it, you are lying, I don’t believe this, Vivana would have told me, how could he tell you. Suraj says think well, why will Chakor lie to you. Imli asks if its true, what’s growing in my womb, I have a child. Chakor says this can’t happen, tell truth, whose child is this, I will help you. Imli pushes her and asks are you my sister or enemy, how can you blame me. She sees Suraj and says I understand it now, Suraj did all this, Suraj’s child died, so Suraj does not want me to become Vivaan’s child’s mum, you are with Suraj, you can’t see me happy with Vivaan, I know Vivaan did not leave your heart. Chakor gets shocked.

Imli says you both are trying to fire my and Vivaan’s lives, I won’t let this happen, get out, don’t show me your face again, my inlaws will do my godh bharai tomorrow, because I m pregnant with Vivaan’s child, get out, Vivaan will sit in puja with me tomorrow. She pushes them and shuts door. They ask Imli to listen. Suraj says don’t know who is saying true and who is lying.

Bhaiya ji dances in village and gets sweets distributed to everyone. Kasturi asks why are you happy. Bhaiya ji says I m Bholenath, a new baby is coming in my family. They all smile. Tejaswini asks who is getting child, Imli or Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks who are they, I don’t know by name, that beautiful woman in haveli, who keeps me locked in haveli, maybe she is pregnant. Tejaswini asks what nonsense, I m sure Imli or Chakor will be pregnant. Bhaiya ji says its big thing that our family will have next generation. Kasturi says he got mad, Imli and Chakor would have told us. Pakhi hears him. Bhaiya ji goes. Pakhi says he got mad, have sweets.

Imli sits in godh bharai. The ladies congratulate Ranjana. Ranjana says I m also excited to welcome my son’s child. She asks Imli did she fight with Vivaan, keep a smile on face, have sweets. She makes Imli have sweets and asks everyone to have sweets. Suraj and Chakor come. The lady asks why is Chakor not attending the function. Chakor says what’s happening. Suraj says maybe Imli is not pregnant. Chakor says we have to get her tests done. The lady asks for child’s father. Vivaan comes and shouts stop all this. Imli gets shocked.

Imli says this is your child. Vivaan says this can’t be my child, I can’t become a father, see all reports. Doctor says Imli is pregnant. Vivaan asks Imli to say truth, whose child is this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    thx däfor the fast upload. I found it bad from Chakor to blame Imli but Imli is not better by slapping her. The word Imli used shows clear that Suraj is a target of everyone… like Chakor. Vimli is n will stay insecure n never be mature in relationships they cannot accept their own fault its always someone else.

  2. Bit boring epi…. Ofcourse screen space for vimli….

    Still enjoyed seeing Sukor together …. Hope they team up and find everything about ragini soon and get back to KN….

    Want the bit of our angry dude back.. No offence I did not like suraj multicoloured jacket…. At least let him wear his that brown jacket which was saved by chakor

    Missing their scenes…..

    I saw the confessions of both and enjoyed on voot again and again…

    Went on voot and saw last week

  3. Hi everyone, sad episode. It’s very suspicious that ragini found the mechanic so quickly. I’m disappointed that imli slapped chakor but chakor shouldn’t have questioned imli about the identity of the baby’s father.

  4. Aqua

    Not going to watch udaan untitled imli prego track is over.

    Er!? Imli thinks Vivaan is the most wanted munda that chakor is still in love with him! What a delusional idiot imli is!

    1. Sukorian

      haha ? this was honestly my opinion too not to watch until its over I didn’t watch today I just read it on this page bcz I knew it it would be only Vimli?

      1. Sukorian

        not only opinion but also my decision sorry ?

      2. Aqua

        ?… I didn’t watch the episode. Reading was enough to annoy me?
        How could Imli thinks sukor wants to break them .. in fact it was because of sukor vimli became together. If chakor wanted she could have married Vivaan but she gave up her love so they could be happy. Same for suraj too.

        Sukor asked who the father of her unborn child is because of imli’s past preg history. .. after all impli gets tipsy after few drinks…?

        I only watch udaan for sukor. … Sorry for my harsh words. ?

    2. I fast forwarded through today’s episode. I’ll read the written update and if I find something interesting, I’ll go and watch it. I can not stand the high dose of vimli.
      I hope this week’s olvs offer something different. I hope we soon get sukor scenes where they are working together and bonding without imli or vivaan in sight.

  5. Sad episode.

  6. Ok chakor should have not sed it like that but in the spoliers imli will still blame chakor which angers me i dont know why she thinks suraj is at fault his the 1 that made imli be with vivaan and chakor accepted this to i dont like this blame game on chakor and suraj and i knw this track will be boring as its all bout imli wen chakor married suraj every1 doubted her her parents kicked her out and she was forced to stay so imli does not go jail chakor to could have blamed imli for ruining her life but she didnt i never really likrd vimli there both selfish and think that every1 is after them and wow she accpets ranjana as her mom in law wen she tried to kill her first child and suraj would never have a child with imli he was in a drunk state and he only thought he loved her cuz of the child deep down he always loved chakor as he always flirted and teased with her

  7. Vimli are too quick to change their opinions of people. Imli knows that sukor love each other but still accuses them of being jealous of her and Vivaan. Imli should have listened to Chakor.
    I feel sad for sukor, instead of starting a new chapter in their lives together they’re dragged into vimli drama.
    I liked KN scenes, he’s always fun to watch and it was funny that Kasturi thought that Ranjana is pregnant.

    1. I agree vimli are cheap i dont like them the way they think is stupid they think every1 is jealous and after them but really no1 cares same i only watch for sukor and if this boring vimli track goes on the ratings will drop seriously it shows imli character is selfish she only thinks for herself wen she wanted vivaan chakor sacrificed but wen she was after suraj she use to burn wen suraj flirted with chakor and after all she took vivaan and chakor sacrificed and suraj he only fell for imli after the child and why does she always bring the past up if chakor brought the past up every1 would taunt imli for being preganat before marrige and then she raises questions on chakor

  8. Hi gys,
    Aanya two more songs are there ‘ dhil de dhil de re bhaiya’ song during kite flying competition and ‘Mai rahoon ya na rahoon’ when suraj car breaks fail and he thought that he will die.

  9. Shreya.

    Hi everyone…..Ok ok episode….Then guys I want to share my opinion abt dis episode…..
    First part….after hearing imli is pregnant I felt ranjana ji is not at all happy I felt she was just acting.. thn guys chakor told imli u r not pregnant even she tells abt vivaan’s impotency…Bt imli slaps chakor (I closed my eyes tightly)??…. Suraj didn’t say anything tat tym he understand d situation very well???…..After that also chakor tried alllooot bt imli didn’t listen anything tats y only chakor asked imli “tell me whose child is dis?”…..(after hearing these words I closed my eyes tightly bcz i I thought once again imli slap chakor)…bt imli pushes chakor tat tym I saw our suraj’s anger nd hw he shouts “imli”…..Loved it ????…After Suraj said camly listen chakor words bt imli didn’t listen anything she blames our sukor….Poor sukor nd imli…??
    Guys i hv one dbt after seeing tat mechanic….anyone remember when our Suraj paints d well (in bandhua track) tat tym he is d one who instigates d villagers against Suraj to throw suraj inside d well….Anyone remember dis scene….i felt lyk he is d same person…Plzz anyone clear my dbt abt dis….
    Guys those who r nt c dis episode…..I want to share u one thing abt dis episode which makes me laugh….U all read that kn ji came to d village nd distributes d sweet nd tells everyone new baby is came that tym kasturi kaki bhuvan Kaka nd tejaswini ji asks who is pregnant chakor r imli…tat tym kn ji told I don’t know tat lady name…Tat tym our kasturi kaki na tells “if ranjana ji is pregnant” ??after hearing dis words I can’t control my laugh till nw guys..i totally enjoyed dis part…
    Dnt know guys wat u all r thinking abt dis track bt in my pov dis track will end soon…..Bcz I read one information from FB page…..In tat page “vivaan impotency reports also fake….nd dis is happened bcz of ragini….she thinks to separate vivaan from his wife nd sukor….ragini did these all to control vivaan…..After that our sukor suspect ragini….so our sukor decided to find d truth together”….
    Bt one thing is true that is, our udaan is d best nd unique show…..☺☺

  10. I agree tippu vimli are selfish and ungrateful. I didn’t like that imli mentioned her baby with suraj, she’s a married woman now and suraj is her brother in law, she should be ashamed saying what she said.
    Shreya, i agree suraj was quiet at first because the issue is very sensitive, sukor were shocked when imli slapped chakor. I was happy when he shouted at imli to listen to her sister. I found it funny when kasturi suspected that ranjana is pregnant and poor tejaswini was angry.
    I think by the end of this week, vimli drama will decrease and the focus will go back to sukor. The track itself may go on for another 3 weeks till end of IPL.
    Sumsokur, enjoyed seeing sukor together it was like finding water in a desert. i like how they were always side by side in the episode.

  11. Sory gys for late cmnting.it jst bcz of ‘credit creatio nd inflatio’these topics r little bit tough for me so i had revised.bt y r so less cment [email protected] thnku dear i know about these songs bt i don’t like these songs.U r right shreya.only ragini is behind all this situation.mai to starting se yahi bol rahi hu.i think imli’s doctor is right.kya ek ldki ko nhi pata hoga k vo pragnent hai ya nhi or vo kiske bche ki maa hai.i jst feel poor sumli both r inocent.bt nobdy belev.there is only one way to reunin imli that is their good deeds for eachother.if sombdy’ll try to remind them so its posible they can reunin.and this only our lvly cpl sukor who can do this right gys.i jst wish that again charo sukor nd vimli reunin ho or trio ko rkh ke dain ek jhor ka.

  12. Shreya.

    Wats dis guys…Less comments…I think all r bsy r upset with dis episode ..Whatever it is try to cmnt here yaar…Tapa, mama, Dil d, sruthi, Philo, janani, laarib, shasha, aria….nd all my loving frnds cmnt here yaar plzz..ND guys plzz clear my dbt Abt that mechanic if he is d same person r nt…

  13. Shreya.

    Study well my dr aanya …??

  14. Now i understand gys y r so less cment’ere.sory do disapoint u gys bt u don’t think in this epi.theres r many things to talk about acpect vimli like u were right gys suraj isn’t looking smart in this dress.dress designers ka fault hai chamli ko to pura beautiful dekhate hai or suvan ko khuch bhi phena dete hai.very bad na gys.bechare nobdy cares of mens styl.mujhse puuch lete mai bta deti afterall m a doughter of dress maker apni fav.cast or show ke liye itna to kr hi deti.forget it gys it jst for divert ur mind from vimli.gys wt u think realy r they i mean ranjna ji n kn ji hapy for imli?

  15. Hai guys iam new here … .im silent reader of this page….& i read all of ur comments,…u guys r amazing….iam from chennai…coming to d episode….Disgusting ….boring episode….pls CVS end soon this bachuva track ….imli ka toh kaam hi hai chakor ko blame karna…..pls sukor love story dhikayey….iam watching udaan show only for my loveble sukor keliye not that selfish imvaan …..I too loves kamalji part its very funny….I think this weekend no sukor moments…..waiting for worth episode….love u all guys…..

  16. Vimli scenes very boring and cheap if this continues trp rating must drop and serial must stop both vivaan and ragini very cheap and idiotic both were chakor’s and imli’s friends in childhood this story totally spoiled meaning of friendship

  17. I also think shreya he is the same person nd ragini’s helper.its all wtever hapening gys with well planing.nd master mind is our ragini madm.m jst egrly waiting for bombblasting type.

  18. Aqua

    Reasona I dislike vimli:
    1. No respect for each other. .. when vivaan wanted go take imli home after holi party, imli raised her hand at vivaan for insulting chagaan.
    This week vivaan will raise hand at his pregnant wife, imli. I hate their instantaneous use of physical abuse. ..sukor always respected each other’s boundaries. ..suraj only grabbed chakor’s head to make her listen whenever she was in her super jagatmata mode….

    I am a fan of shivika from ishqbaaz. … shivay manhandled aNika countless times, but suraj never did that… that’s y I love sukor most?

  19. Welcome to uddan family suchitra and all new comers !
    Good luck with your exams Aanya and everyone who has exams!

    Aqua, I agree with you, I like how sukor respect each other’s boundaries and how suraj treats chakor with respect and never invades her personal space, this is of course after he changed. Sukor trust and understanding is a complete contrast from vimli.
    I sympathize with vivaan but i hate that he’s causing a scandal, he is in love with imli so how can he hurt her so much in front of strangers. When pooja accused vivaan imli stood by him. The only person imli is loyal to is vivaan but he didn’t trust her. She quickly turned against sukor and still sukor are supporting her, this is how good and noble they are.

    Aanya, ranjana looked happy but i think she’s part of the plan, that’s why she arranged the baby ceremony so soon, she wanted vivaan to come and fight with imli infront of everyone. I’m not sure about KN, I think he’s not mad and just pretending, he knows everything that’s going on; but I’m not sure if he’s with ragini or he’s going to fail her plan. The second option will be fun and different.
    I think vimli will reunite at the end of this track and vivaan will be good again.

  20. Hi everyone Aanya,aqua,tapa,shreya,mama,nemo,sukorian, sumsukor,and all others.
    wlcm to the udaan family suchithra .
    I want to play a game with u all if u all gives me permission then only.
    By the way the game is truth and dare.
    so gys reply soon.

  21. Nemo i know dear she is also main part of drama bt m hapy to see that moment when she looked hapy for imli.mujhe to hapy hone ka chance mil jata hai mujhe koi frk nhi pdta k jiski smile ko dekhke mai khuch ho rhi hu vo viln hai ya hero thts all dear.actualy i think till now tht vivan is also acting like [email protected] welcom dear n i wona say smthing to u like real life there r many importent things in a story not only lov.lov story is boring without fun,pain,dmaaka,fight ect.lov story is incmplete without these things.so enjoy everything [email protected] nd shreya thnku so much dear for ur best wishes.

  22. Gys i forgot smthing.recently i saw a video.vivan suraj k aage chutkian bja rhe the i think it was vivan’s closeup shot.he continues bt sudnly suraj started smiling.that was amazing moment.

  23. sory for comenting late guys n hi everyone.
    It is ok ok episode for me. U r right guys all this hapening is bcz of ragini.
    Di ,the topic ‘credit creatio n inflatio’ kya hai. Is this from your studing subject ya from other?

  24. Shreya.

    Welcome to our family suchithra…nd u r from chennai ryt….even we (me&philo) r also from chennai…nd keep commenting here everyday…☺ nd yaa aanya suraj is not looking gd in dis dress, bt both chakor nd imli r looking soo nyc..nd in yesterday suraj weared one dress na is tat name is jacket??…I don’t think tat is jacket….may b ranjana ji is happy bcz of their plan is going to b succeed na tats y….nd am totally cnfsd abt kn ji…dnt know if he is acting r he is really mad…?? thn guys I read one information in fb page…..Kn ji is supporting imli….Don’t know whether dis information is true r not…nd all my dr loving frnds those who r nt cmntng till nw plzz cmnt yaar….am missing u all allot…We all r missing ryt guys….nd aqua nd nemo I agree with u….d main problem in vimli pair is they didn’t understand each other till nw….If they gives more tym for understanding instead of planning for a baby then definitely they r also support each other in every situation lyk our sukor….

  25. welcome suchitra to our family.
    Di u r right love story is incomplete without that thing.
    There is a plan in my sweety’s mind. It sounds interesting zoya. I think everyone will want to play it right guys.

  26. Shreya.

    Ohh truth nd dare am ready zoya dr…

  27. Gys gys yeh iv dekhne ke baad thodi si hope increse hogai k vivan jst acting like a viln m realy very very very hapy pakka khuch blast hone wala hai.m egrly waiting for [email protected] thnks for ur lvly advise bt realy i couldn’t get wel score without udan.bt asusul with udan i would get first rnk in class.nd u know na i can manage study nd tv very wel.now u told me aapne apne parents se baat ki.ek baat bolu aap zid mtt krna ho skta hai aapke maa papa ne khuch or accha wala soch k rakha ho aapke liye.ho skta hai vo khuch or chahte ho to.

  28. Shreya.

    Vivaan erases Imli’s memories from his room. He throws away all of Imli’s belongings. He does not want to see Imli’s photo. He sees Imli everywhere. He does not want Imli around. Imli’s memories are not leaving from his heart. Vivaan is frustrated and dying every moment seeing Imli’s memories around him. He asks Imli to leave from his life, as he hates her for her deceive. He wants to forget Imli. He is mistaken that Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Ragini sees Vivaan shattered. She adds fuel in the fire and provokes him more, asking him to take revenge from Suraj. She says Suraj cheated you, its time to show them that Vivaan is not a weak person, but he is smart and sensible man who has power in his hands and can do miracle. She says this is the right time to show your power.

    Vivaan gets convinced by Ragini and declares that he will take revenge from Suraj. He says a new Vivaan will be seen by them now, I will have much money and power in hands, and anyone will think thousand times before cheating me now, no one will find me weak and helpless. Vivaan is not ready to trust Chakor and Suraj. Suraj tells Vivaan that since Chakor came in his life, he did not see anyone and did not think of any girl. He asks Vivaan to decide to believe him or not. Chakor is trying to save Suraj’s name from the blame. Vivaan tells Chakor that she will also get cheated soon by Suraj and warns her to get prepared. Chakor worries and asks Suraj why is Vivaan mistaken and blaming you so much, what evidence does Vivaan have. Suraj explains Chakor that he has no relation with Imli. This was d new spoiler guys…

  29. So gys let’s start
    we will ask question one by one.okay
    1st question is from my side.for all of u. answer me.
    What do you all want to become in ur life???

  30. Lets start zoya.nd mama these r economics topic dear nd related to my study.zoya start soon [email protected] don’t wry dear now my hope is incresing that he jst acting.jst enjoy the drama.

  31. Hey all… Sorry guys for the late comments.. And thankyou guys for the new spoilers.. I don’t want to speak about today’s episode one thing I liked about today’s episode is that suraj became angry when imli blames chakor and he called imli in anger and then he calms down..
    And it’s a request to u guys please do watch udaan and don’t skip the episode if we don’t support udaan then who will do it?? If we skip the episodes then the trp will decreases

  32. Sory zoya mere paas iska answr nhi hai kyoun k mera koi aim nhi.so mai achi housewife bn skti hu.

  33. Thanks shreya for the spoilers.
    Zoya, I’m a communications engineer and it’s my dream profession since I was young.

  34. sory sry sry gys for this looonnnggg late . I cnt use phone for smdays . actually kal mera mood thoda off tha tab meri czn sissy mere phone se game kehl ne ko jid ker raha tha , maine jub usse kaha ki mai sari game delete ker chuki hu to wo mere bat jhut soch ker rone laga mujhe gussa aya to Maine phone phenk diya tb ye scene mere mumma ne dekh Liya to wo mujhe ab phone use kerne nahi de rahi hai .
    OK coming to d epi I was watching IPL so I missed it
    wlcm all new comers

  35. Bt shreya m sure kn ji is acting like mad person.n now my hope is increse about vivan that he is also acts like a viln.

  36. Shreya.

    Aanya u r talking abt iv na which iv brings u hope….nd I always talk to my parents abt my decision my papa acpt my decision always so no problem…He never said no for anything…bt my mom won’t agree with my decision till nw…Uff…mom’s r always lyk dis na…my mom ask me to cntue my studies here itself…am still trying…bt nw I think if she won’t agree thn I will continue my studies here…bcz my parents support each nd every decisions of mine till nw..Tats y only sometyms I think lyk dis…dnt know…nd zoya dr, I want to bcm a journalist…nd I agree with u sruthi v all r true fans…So guys plzz watch our udaan yaar plzz….nd thanks for d link sukorian…

  37. Zoya mere to truth or dare dono hue.maine schi bola k mera koi aim nhi.or dare yeh baat boli k mai housewife bn skti hu pr meri maa or dadi ko meri yeh baat bilkul psnd nhi.i wish meri maa mere cments na pade vrna vo mujse kbhi baat nhi krengi.so zoya for both truth nd dare k liye mera rewrd to bnta hai na so meri demand hai aapki syri.do u agree with me gys.shreya,mama please aap bhi bolo inse.please zoya pleeeeeeeeese.

  38. Zoya I want to become a lecturer
    And what you guys want to become?

  39. Tapa sory bt i hate ipl.phone phekne ki jgha unke game khelne dedeti aap to.pr aapki maa ne aapko danta kya? Aapki family mai koi or bhi hai jo ipl dekhta hai.which is more imp.for u udan or ipl.

  40. Hi everyone, so sry I gt late to comment . Aanya, shreya and sruthi becz of u guys I watched udaan though I didn’t want to. Epi was k I dnt knw Wht to say. Kn was funny n yeah I like the part Whr suraj get angry. I dnt knw why bt I dnt think ranjana is really happy for imli..

    Zoya I want to become a psychologist n I’m studying fr it. Wht abt u dr? Zoya why r u nt writing shayaris?

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