Tere bin (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) shot 6

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Dev’s POV
I stopped reading her letters. I have no guts to read them.. it’s so painful to see her in pain. Next morning Maa visited our home. She also had a discussion with Asha maa and Bijoy Baba. I asked them if I can take Sona with me to Dixit’s house. I know Bijoy Baba will never agree for that but for my surprise he also allowed me. I asked driver to get the car..Asha maa packed the bags of Suhana and Sonakshi. I went to bedroom..kissed her forehead and took her in my arms. Everyone accompanied us to Dixit’s house. Maa did the tilak when we entered.
I went to our room and kept Sona on my bed..our bed. I caressed her chick..and then Suhana came inside. This was the first time Suhana came to my room..and she was amazed by seeing her mom’s pics everywhere..
Soha: wow Papa..kitne saare photos. Mumma n aap kitne sweet sweet dikh rahe ho. Why did you put so many photos of mumma on the walls..
Dev: So that I could see her each time I open my eyes..
Soha: Papa..when will mumma get up..
Dev: very soon beta.
And I asked her to go down stairs and play with golu..she agreed and left.
I took Sona’s hand in mine one..
Dev: Sona please get up. Fight with me for letting you go..but please open your eyes. Seeing you like this is killing me. Soha is also scared. Aren’t you happy that we are at our home. We are once again together in our own room. I have kept everything as was before. See your jhoola is also there. You wanted to change the color of this room na.. let’s do it..the way you want.
And there was no response. I was so tired.. I refused to have food till Sona gets up.. I am not strong like Sona. I was feeling sleepy.. I rested my body besides her.. covered myself with blanket which was already covering Sona. I kept on looking at her… I don’t know when sleep overpowered my thoughts.

My sleep got disturbed..with that familiar voice..it was Sona.
“Devvvv..is the way of waking someone ..when will you change..day by day you are becoming heavier than before. Remove your leg. You are breaking my bones..”
Yess. That was my own way to bring her close to me. I used to put my one leg around her tiny waist and used to pull her with the help of that leg. And then I used to stroke her hair with my hand..and used to be angry with me for doing this. But I never did this intentionally. My body knew how to do it when I was in full sleepy mode. And today I also did the same thing unknowingly. I opened my eyes. Her eyes were closed.. I started stroking her hair..
Sona: Dev I am going to change this blanket. Why everything is blue for you?
Dev: It’s not the blue blanket Sona..
Sona: liar… I know it’s the blue one. I can feel it. It has withstood sweetest time of our life.

And then she opened her eyes. I was smiling..I am happy that she is fine.. she stared me and then she touched my face..her long thin fingers were caressing my chick, hair. And she smiled..with tears in her eyes.
Sona: Dev..Dev Dixit..you are my sweetest dream.. being with you was my dream. I m never tired of chasing you.. I want you Dev..
I came closer and my lips touched her lips..it was just a peck..soft and gentle(she took a deep breath)

Sona: It’s a dream Sona. He will remain as a dream..
And she again closed her eyes. I kept on stroking her hair.. and within few minutes she was fallen asleep..
Doctor came n checked her. Injected her..he told that she is recovering..now everyone was relived.

It’s 11pm..Sona was still sleeping. Soha was worried as she was missing her mom. With great efforts we made her sleep. She was sleeping with Asha maa and Bijoy Baba.
I was about to go to bedroom..maa stopped me..
Ishwari: Dev kuch to kha le..
Dev: no mom..Sona didn’t have food yet. I don’t want her to face this alone. I will take a plate along with me..if she wakes up, we will have food.
Ishwari: ok Dev..
I took the plate given by maa n went to room. Locked the door.
It’s 11:30pm..and then she wakes up..and then she realized that it wasn’t a dream..she was actually in my room..and then she got up with a jerk..
Dev: how are you feeling now?
Sona: why the hell I am here..
Dev: don’t panic..calm down
Sona: where is Soha?
And she ran towards the door.. I stopped her by grabbing her hand.
Dev: Soha abhi abhi bahot mushkil se soyi hai.. don’t worry she is with asha maa and Bijoy Baba..in the guest room.
Sona: maa and baba are also here?
Dev: hmm.. everyone is sleeping..
Sona: ohkk..let me go n check if Soha is ok..
Dev: she is fine..she was worried for you..let her sleep..spend your whole day with her tomorrow..
Sona: OK
And she looked here and there..and I know she does it when she is hungry..
Dev: Hungry?
Sona: hm.. little bit..
Dev: brush your teeth. I will bring food..
She brushed her teeth..sat on bed.. I took the plate in my hand and I was about to feed her with my hand.. but she is too ziddi..and was not ready to have food from my hand. I grabbed her right hand not allowing her to eat..and I fed her..
Sona: tumne abhi tak khana kyu nahi khaya?
Dev: tumne bhi to nahi khaya tha..
Sona: so you didn’t ear.. I was just checking whether you had food or not. And I was right..
Dev: you can’t do this to me..
Sona: I already did..
Dev: ok.. I am hungry..
Sona: then have food..who has stopped you?
And I opened my mouth.. I want her to make me eat with her hand..
Sona: you have your hand to eat.. use it
Dev: So you don’t want me to have food
I said this while I made her eat next bite.
Sona: haath chhodoge?
And I realized her hand..
Sona while feeding me..” you are not a kid Dev”
Dev: haa I m not a kid..ek tum hi baby girl ho..how you are doing baby girl
Sona:you remember that?
Dev: tum aise hi mujhe parathe khilake strong karo..and I will fight with monster..
Sona: my imagination.. prince charming..tumhe yaad tha..
Dev:mai bhulna hi nahi chahata tha..
Rest of the food we had in silence..we have so much to talk about..but don’t know from where to start..
Sona: I want to take shower..do you know if maa brought my clothes?
Dev: your clothes are there in the cupboard..(pointing at my cupboard)
Sona: you mean..in your cupboard?
Dev: yess..
I want her to know that the things which belonged to her are still owned by her.. including me..she is like a home where I belong..
Sona’s POV
He told that my clothes are there in the cupboard..his cupboard which used to be our cupboard..
I went to open it..took a deep breath and opened it. And I felt that I opened my memory box..
There were Dev’s and my clothes..That proposal wala orange shirt..the light blue shirt when Dev was caught with Hickey on his neck..first night wala black shirt..holi ka white shirt..my sarees..my dresses, night wears… jewelry..and my mangalsutra..which he tied when we got married and which I threw when we separated..

I smelled his clothes..as if I was trying finding him in them..and I took the mangalsutra in my hand.. with my teary eyes I kept on looking at it.. I looked at Dev..his dark brown eyes were filled with tears..he came towards me..and he hugged me..
Sona: tumne yeh sab sambhal ke rakha?
Dev: tumhare paas Soha thi..mere paas tumhari in cheezo ke aur unse judi yaadon ke siva kuch nahi tha..
I looked at him..he lifted my chin.. he leaned to kiss me.. and
Sona: Ruko Dev.. hum ab saath nahi hai.(stop Dev. We are not together)
Dev: hum hamesha ek dusre ke saath the..bas ek dusre ke paas nahi the(we were always together..it’s just that we were distant)
And before I could say something his hot lips rested on mine..he kissed me passionately. That passion was telling me how much he missed me..how much he wanted me..And he made me forget about those 7 years pain..he made me forget that I am not his wife.. I didn’t feel guilty or bad when he was undressing me. I was ready to give him what he wanted..the wait of 7 years was worth it..and he made me feel complete once again.. he caressed me..he kissed me..he touched me with all his love..

Episode ends here****
I know I am late..so sorry. But do comment.. waiting for your comments..love you loads

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