Udaan 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor hiding in Aditya’s car. Ishwar is in other car. Chakor and Aditya smile seeing each other. Prabhakar’s wife asks why is he smiling. Aditya says nothing. Chakor sees Aazaadgunj’s milestone and smiles seeing she entered Lucknow. She thinks of Bhuva leaving her in haveli and Kasturi telling she kept her Girvi. She cries. Ishwar and Abha are in other car. Ishwar asks Abha why is she worried, if he is coming with them. She says no, I m fine. He says I know you better than you, your eyes show you are hiding something. Abha tellss about Bhaiya ji’s words and how Prabhakar told him that he assures to give him NOC. Ishwar says what, how can dad do this.

She says lets go please, I m scared. He says fine. Ishwar is shocked seeing Chakor in Aditya’s car. He shows Abha. Abha says what is she doing in mango’s crate, tell dad. He says no need to tell anyone, I will see the matter. Bhaiya ji is angry as Chakor has run away. Ishwar sees Chakor smiling. He stops his car before Aditya’s car. Prabhakar asks whats the matter, is everything fine. Ishwar looks at Abha. Aditya covers Chakor. Ishwar says Abha did not have food, she is feeling hungry, so I stopped the car.

Prabhakar laughs. Ishwar’s mum asks is he joking, Ishwar says no, lets go and have somas as. Aditya says he will eat samosa in car, and asks for two. Chakor says two for me. Aditya says 3. Ishwar understands its Aditya’s plan and buys the samosas. Lakhan says Chakor is not in village. Tejaswini says find her, else don’t come infront of me. Girja swears and says I don’t know anything. Tejaswini says she will see her later, but right now she does not understand where can Chakor go. Baa says the strong bird can fly even with the cage. She prays for Chakor and taunts Tejaswini.

Tejaswini says you don’t know time has changed so much. Baa says I know it changed, else no one would have dare to run away from haveli. Tejaswini says we know how to catch the one who ran. Baa prays for innocent people. Suraj says she wants to tell something. Baa asks Tejaswini to go and hear him. Girja asks Baa to come in her room, and gets angry on Chakor. Baa says Chakor is strong and brave, she did what you could not do all these years.

Imli gives money to Kaka and asks for raw mangoes. He asks for more money. She argues with him. She starts crying. Kaka says whats this problem, take the mangoes and go. He asks how will you sell it. She thinks how Chakor sold it before. Lakhan and his goons come there. Imli hides behind Kaka. Lakhan says find Chakor. Imli is shocked. Lakhan asks the man did he see Chakor. He says no. Imli says where is Chakor.

Aditya gives the samosa to Chakor. She says its very hot, cool it. Adityqa blows on it and gives her. Prabhakar says its strange Aditya is having samosa in car. Abha asks Ishwar to say the truth. Ishwar says Aditya is not alone in car, someone is with him. Prabhakar says who. Ishwar says come with me. Ishwar asks Aditya to remove the cover off the crate. Aditya says what.

Ishwar says move it fast. Aditya gets tensed. Chakor is seen as Aditya uncovers the crate. Everyone is shocked. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini that Aditya and his family took Chakor. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to confirm. Prabhakar says we can’t take Chakor with us, its illegal. He scolds Chakor. Aditya says its not her mistake, I told her to hide in crate and come with us. Prabhakar says don’t you know our relation will become worse if we take Bhaiya ji’s slave. Aditya says she is not slave. Prabhakar says we can’t take her, we have to return her.

Ishwar and Prabhakar argue about Chakor. He says you did not ask me why I m not giving NOC. Prabhakar tells about the transfer and why he said yes to Bhaiya ji. Prabhakar says Chakor can’t come with us, we will take her back. He holds Chakor’s hand and asks her to sit in the car. Chakor refuses and asks Ishwar will he take her to Lucknow. Abha asks Chakor to understand. Chakor says no, my mum told I don’t belong to her. She bites Prabhakar’s hand and runs to go Lucknow herself. Aditya stops Chakor. He says you won’t go anywhere, you will do what my Dada ji says. Chakor says what are you saying, why did you make me sit in crate there. Aditya says I told this when Dada ji did not know. Aditya says he is ready for Bhaiya ji’s punishment. Prabhakar asks everyone to go, as he will take Chakor back to haveli.

Prabhakar apologizes to Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini aand says Aditya took her with him. Girja takes Chakor. Aditya asks Bhaiya ji to let him take Chakor with him to Lucknow. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Chakor smiles.

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