Hamari Sister Didi 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan takes Amrita in his arms, when she was about to fell down. She was conscious less, he picks her and takes her to treatment room. Vaijanti tells all the staff about Amrita. Karan treats Amrita, throws water on her to bring her to consciousness. She wakes up, he asks how she is. She asks how she fell down, he tells her he took care of her; checks her BP and says it is very low. He asks did she meet Mrs. Kapoor. She sits down, and thinks what she had said to her. She begins to cry. He hands her tissue and says that there is one minute in a day to cry. He says that she will take time, as she is angry; she has lost her son. Amrita asks hasn’t she lost her everything. She looks down and says sorry. She knows that she must not show her anger to him. He says that she can pour her anger on him, which she has on Avinash and asks did she take meals?

All the nurses discuss that Karan held Amrita in her arms. Malika wishes she gets faint too. They all go to see her.

Karan prepares injection for Amrita, she denies saying she will take medicine. Karan makes fun of her that she is afraid of the injection. She stands up of the bed, but e forces her. She heads back and says if he is a good doctor, he must make her better with a medicine. She gets stuck between the bed and Karan. He says that she can’t do her own in all cases, as she always come with a list whenever he says anything to her. She argues back, but he picks her arm and pricks the injection. She says it is cheating. He tells her that she must take care of herself, as she has to take care of other patients as duty, and asks if he should remove her duty with Mrs. Kapoor. She denies. The staff that peaked from the door, hides behind it when Karan comes out. He calls that they can go in to meet her. Amrita tells everyone she is fine, Malika says that Dr. Karan did what no one could do in so many years: to give her an injection. Vaijanti asks does she feel fear from him. Amrita smiles.

Karan comes to Mrs. Kapoor and asks how is she. She says she is alright. He asks didn’t nurse come to give her medicines, he will send her. Mrs. Kapoor says that she means ‘nurse Amrita’, she is assigned by hospital and was only working as her nurse. But still, he would tell nurse Bobby. Bobby comes in, she tells the sister to check as this needle is hurting her. Bobby checks her needle. She asks him to send sister Bobby. Bobby introduces himself as Bobby nurse. She smiles, he corrects her canula.

Inspector comes to nursing station. Malika teases him, and calls Mehr to treat him. He speaks to Mehr, she takes him along, inside. She says that he comes her without any reason, she doesn’t want to get in such things. She says that since the time he is working here, he always come here; but she isn’t the one to flirt. She in hurt by him, so it would be better he didn’t come here. He says that I am sorry, but there was an emergency case which had to be brought here, but he says that he likes her really. He says that she must tell her fellow nurses, that case is really sensitive so don’t make fun of this. Mehr scolds Malika.

Amrita asks Babay if the kids have slept. She tells her to keep Sooraj’s super man’s toy with him. Babay asks she heard a big news, that sister didi got an injection. Babay asks was it given to her by making her afraid, she says no she was indulged in talks.

She gets a call, and the lady says that she wants to talk to Amrita Avinash and says that she has a holiday package for them, their anniversary is near and they have a plan for them. Amrita says she isn’t interested. The receptionist asks can she talk to Dr. Kapoor? Amrita says she can’t, as he is… She disconnects the call, and remembers Avinash. She looks at his picture and says I miss you Avinash.
Mrs. Kapoor couldn’t sleep.

Amrita cries. She gets Babay’s call and says Sooraj insists on hearing a lullaby from her. She takes the phone, and sings for him. Mrs. Kapoor hears this, and lie down on bed again. Karan was on his roof, and listens to it also, smiling. Mrs. Kapoor also sleeps listening to it. Amrita disconnects the call, Karan had fallen to sleep too.

PRECAP: Karan overhears Mrs. Kapoor saying to Amrita why she makes Sooraj convey her messages to her. She must not tell Sooraj that she is angry at Amrita, but must have told him that she considers her nothing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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