Udaan 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ishwar and Aditya coming to Chakor. They ask Chakor to come with them in free space and they cut the vegs badly. She says no, not like this and shows them how to cut. Suraj sees them and leaves. Ishwar asks Chakor to teach him. He laughs. They make Chakor smile. Ishwar also cuts well ad shows his magic. Laali brings tea for Ishwar and is shocked seeing Chakor with him. She drops the tea tray and Ishwar looks at her. Ishwar asks Chakor not to worry about her, come sit. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini that Chakor is with Ishwar and Aditya. He says come and take her. Laali comes to tell them. Girja stops her. Ishwar’s mum says he always jokes. Bhaiya ji says he is collector, a judge’s son, not a kid anymore, what will people say if they see him.

Tejaswini praises Ishwar. Abha says yes, he is good with everyone. She says she is going to support her husband and leaves. Tejaswini says great husband and wife. Abha comes and asks Aditya did he learn to cut vegs from Chakor. Aditya says no, its her Lord’s sign magic, give it to me too. Chakor says no, I don’t like this, I will erase this one day. Ishwar looks at her hand and says fine, lets talk about vegs now. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini looks on. He says did you hear what Chakor said. She says don’t worry.

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Its night, Imli plays with the doll and talks about Chakor. Kasturi looks on. They hear bullet sound and get worried. Bhuvan says its Bhaiya ji’s men. They go out to see. Manohar comes and tells everyone that Ishwar iss coming tomorrow to question about you all and the stamp. He says he will ask what you earn, what you eat, and whats our relation with you, if anyone tell against Bhaiya ji, then this time bullet will be shot in your chest, not in sky. The people say we understood. Maohar asks Bhuvan did he understand. Imli hugs Dadi being scared.

Bhuvan says he understood, he won’t say anything. Manohar says if Kasturi tells anything, he will throw Chakor in fire. Imli hears this and is worried. Everyone cry. Manohar leaves with his goons. Chakor waters the plants at night. Aditya comes to her and says plants should not be watered at nights. Chakor says let me do my work. Aditya says fine, tell me. She says its special tree, it needs water in night. She says it gives salt in morning. He asks how do you kow. She says we use this salt. He thanks her. She asks why. He says he got something new to learn, its not written in books, he will miss her. She says then take me with you. Aditya thinks.

Aditya comes to Ishwar and Abha and tells them that Chakor is in risk here, don’t know what Bhaiya ji will do, we have to take her. Ishwar asks him not to worry, as he is here, nothing will happen to her, we will find some way. Kasturi cries. Tejaswini comes to Chakor and asks what she told to Ishwar. Chakor says I told the truth that I will erase this sign one day. She recalls Baa’s words. Girja asks Chakor to lower her eyes but she does not. Tejaswini leaves angrily. Chakor tries to erase the sign. Its morning, Ishwar comes in village to meet everyone. He talks to them and they start getting scared.

He says don’t get afraid, I came to ask few questions. He says my name is Ishwar, where are you all going, listen to me. They all run to their homes and shut the doors. Ishwar comes near Bhuvan’s home. Bhuvan and Kasturi are shocked seeing him. They go inside and shut the door. Ishwar says don’t be afraid, I m not enemy. Ishwar thinks maybe they are asked not to talk to me. Imli comes to him and thinks he was with Chakor. She tells him to save Chakor from burning. Ishwar is shocked. He thinks about Chakor ad Kasturi’s words. Imli says save my sister, the haveli people will put her in fire. He is stunned.

Aditya tells Chakor that she can go to her parents soon, Ishwar talks to Bhuvan and Kaasturi and says he can help them. Chakor says she wants to go to Lucknow as she wants to tell someone that she is not a cheater. He asks who. She thinks about Vivaan.

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  1. wow she z such a darlin that chakor am loving her and imli everyday

  2. If there will be any leap in future,then i think there will be a love triangle between Aditya,Chakor and Vivaan… ♥

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