Jamai Raja 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Panditji asking bride’s mother to come forward and tie the knot/gathbandhan. Simran comes forward. Panditji asks her to call bride’s mother, not groom’s. Simran says she is Roshni’s mother from today and says as a mother, she can do it. She promises to take care Roshni more than her son Sid and talks about women torture by their MILs, etc. DD who watches that thinks she is doing a drama. Krish and Roshni’s saath pheras start. Sid is still confined in room and tries his best to free himself. Krish applies sindhoor in Roshni’s forehead. Panditji asks groom to make bride wear mangalsutra. He then announces them as husband and wife. Sid frees his hands and runs towards marriage venue. DD thinks now after marriage is complete, she can get her SIL Krish in front of everyone. Just then she hears Krish’s voice. She realizes that Krish was kidnapped instead ofSid. Sid removes his sehra and smilingly looks at DD.

DD angrily asks Krish why did not he kidnap Sid and let him ruin Roshni’s life. Krish goes into flashback where Sid frees himself and beats Krish and goons and ties Krish instead. He takes Krish’s ring and wears himself to fool DD. He says Roshni is his life and if he tries to go near her, he will kill Krish. Krish suggests DD to accept Sid as her SIL. DD says he is being insulted and even then he is accepting his defeat. Krish says if she would have mremoved cloth from his face and saw him, he would have married Roshni and blames her equally for Roshni’s marriage with Sid.

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DD watches post marriage rituals of Sid and Roshni. Naani requests Simran to let her do Roshni’s farewell from her house. Simran agrees. Roshni says she will not go to DD’s house and says she did not get a feel of being a daughter in that house and got a mother only after coming out of that house, says she wants her farewell/bidayi from here. Naani asks her not to tell that. Roshni says she has taken a decision. DD thinks Sid’s poor family has brainwashed her daughter and she will do her best to get her daughter out of this hell. Simran asks Roshni to give her mother a last chance. Naani requests the same. Simran asks Roshni to take DD’s blessings and asks Sid also to take blessings as their relationship is baseless without it. Roshni says it is of no use as her mother will not change.

Sid asks Roshni to believe him and come with him to her mom’s house for bidayi. Roshni agrees and they all leave towards DD’s house. DD in her house reminisces Roshni marrying Sid and then telling that she will not go back to her home. She imagines Sid who taunts her for getting defeated by her own daughter, says she tried to break their marriage, but could not. He says Roshni is my wife and middle class house’s bahu, invites her for his reception at his chawl and to come walking and not by car. She tries to throw stone on him, but stops seeing it is her imagination. She breaks mirror and thinks she will not let Roshni feel the pain which she went through and will break this marriage.

Percap: Roshni angrily walks out of DD’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice epi!

  2. lol @ all DD’s failed plans….good try though lmao

  3. Still curious how Sid going to end up on jail though

  4. Really loving this serial going in the right direction…hope it doesn’t change.

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