Udaan 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ishwar leaving. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to go. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan and Manohar to get the labors, by giving them loans and making them bandhua. Lakhan says everyone thinks these days and no one want to become bandhua. Bhagya comes and cries. Bhaiya ji seeks her blessings. She is made to sit in a car. Tejaswini greets Bhagya. Chakor sees the car leaving. She shouts Bhagys is not a Devi. The yatra begins and everyone say Devi Mata Ki Jai.

Chakor runs after the people. She is stunned seeing Arjun. She asks did he not go, where is Kangan. Arjun says yes we went, but something happened at bus stop that I had to come back. FB shows, Kangan tells Arjun that he is regretting to see Bhagya becoming Devi. Arjun says yes, Bhaiya ji used the fire incident in his favor, I regret I can’t do anything. Kangan says we can do a lot, they can save a helpless girl who is becoming victim of superstitions. He asks will she not go back to Lucknow. She says she can’t see him regretting and asks him to take them back to Aazaadgunj. He says he will end their superstitions and make Bhagya a common girl. Chakor shakes hands and smiles.

She says it means you will not leave Aazaadgunj, if Bhaiya ji knows this… He says he should not know this. Chakor asks how will she do this. He says we have to do this together. Everyone in the village discuss about Bhagya. Imli asks is she really Devi. Kasturi says I don’t know. Bhagya is taken to the temple. Bhaiya ji and Manohar talk to the people and asks them to be away from Devi. Chakor and Arjun come there and think how to prove these people wrong. Arjun says tell Bhagya that there is something except you, who is trying to save her from this hell. Chakor goes to Bhagya to show the ring.

A lady brings her ill son and asks Manohar to let her go to Devi Maa. Manohar scolds her and asks her to go. She begs to him and says its about my son’s life. He pushes her away. Kasturi asks her to take the boy to the hopsital. The lady says she does not have time, if Devi Maa blesses him, her son will be saved. Abha tells Ishwar that she can’t believe this, Bhaiya ji is making his own daughter a bandhua, Chakor is bandhua for money and Bhagya is bandhua for superstition, I m shocked that you are not saying anything.

Ishwar says its Bhaiya ji’s personal matter, why should we interfere. She asks what happened to him, she doubts is he same Ishwar, or is she staying with a stranger. He says he said what he wanted to. She leaves annoyed. Ishwar looks on. Bhagya is made to sit in the temple as Devi. The pandit throws flowers to the people. The lady makes the boy eat it, and she says my son got conscious. The people call it a miracle.

Chakor comes to Bhagya and asks her to recall the ring. Bhagya recalls Arjun and how her ring was taken by him by mistake, when he held her hand after the fire incident. Bhagya cries seeing it. Chakor asks her not to feel scared, as Arjun is also with them now. The lady says Devi saved her son and Bhaiya ji smiles seeing Tejaswini.

Bhagya says I m Devi. Chakor says you are like us, ordinary guy. Bhaiya j and Tejaswini come there and Chakor is shocked seeing them.

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