Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly says sumit ur lying I know u have robbed,leela says see gangwalji she is blaming the one who brought the jwellery back and dolly if he is robber than why did he bring them back,dolly says must be ur some plan, dadaji says enough of it dolly and sumit give this bag to mohan and mohan deliver this jwellery,sumit says mom see I have lost respect in dadajis eyes and god knows when I will get back my respect,leela says oh my child don’t be upset,dadaji says mohan let sumit deliver the jwellery sumit I am not upset with u,sumit goes with bag,dolly says dadaji ur making a big mistake,leela says enough dolly stop disrespecting me,dolly says I have no respect for u,leela says sumit is not robber its kabir,dolly says kabir is not thief ur son is,umesh says dolly not now calm down plz and leela aunty plz stop this,umesh says I trust nisha and dolly both ,leela says I cant stop here a minute this people,dolly says ok sure go delhi,dadaji says dolly enough and leelaji we are just concerned abt nisha now so plz ,roopan says lets go leelaji and says leelaji this people never get off nisha and kabir will be punished lets go.
Dolly says umesh bhaiya kabir is innocent and I will prove this and if we don’t all will be finished,nisha will no longer trust anyone,this house will be destroyed.police are in gangwal house waiting for kabir,viraj calls police and says any news abt kabir,police says kabir wont get out of jaipur and we are in gangwal house and kabir wont be spared.
Kabir is waiting outside gangwal house and listening to police, viraj says kabir kumar u wont comeover this I will make sure u are caught.kabir calls dolly,dolly picks it up and asks where is he,kabir says I need help I am outside ur house,dolly says but police, kabir says wat abt sumit, dolly says he still has jwellery and he is with mom in room,kabir says I have to do something and help me get in the house we have no time,dolly says ok ok.
Ramesh and virendra in hospital,doc says nisha isn’t still conscious,ramesh losses his calm,doc says we are trying our best and we have to wait for the reports,virendra says all will be fine don’t worry,ramesh says I cant live without nisha,viraj comes and says nisha will be fine trust me.
Police are tired waiting for kabir,dolly throws a blanket beside terrace and goes down to police,the inspector sleeps,dolly comes running sir get up see there on terrace someone has climbed up,kabir slowly goes to gate,dolly says sir someone is in house ,police says come lets check,dolly says kabir must not be here may be its by mistake,police goes in dolly says shit my plan is flopped.
Kabir is inside house,dolly says sir no one is in house,police says we will check house,dolly says will u have tea,he says no let me work,dolly says kabir is not here trust me,and sir family will be scared,jwala sees kabir and goes to police,sir the blanket it was umesh bhaiya he left it,police says are u sure,jwala says very.
Viraj goes to ramesh and says plz don’t lose hope nisha wont live us she will be fine and I promise u nisha will be here with us,viraj starts crying and says u know once I scolded nisha and I thought she will leave job bt she didn’t so u see she is not a loser, and she loves u a lot and ur her strength so u plz don’t lose hope,virendra says viraj is right its u who can give nisha strength and viraj thanku so much for helping nisha,viraj says it was my love to her,virendra says I will not leave kabir ever,viraj says I spoke to police they are finding him,ramesh says I am just concerned abt nisha and no one else.
Dolly and jwala help kabir come up,roopan asks jwala what is she doing standing here, jwala says mom plz don’t show fake concern,roopan says what happened,jwala says come with me,roopan goes down with jwala and dolly and kabir go to sumits room and stand outside.
Leela says sumit lets runaway with these jwellery and I know people in delhi who will buy them,sumit says sure mom but we have to wait for right time,leela says do one thing get nishas phone and delete that recording and then we will runaway,kabir and dolly are hearing this.

Precap:doc says nishas blood is rare we need blood donor.
Kabir in hosp uniform,sumit says to him my and nishas blood is same and if u take the blame on u I will give nisha blood.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  3. Oh god what a twist,shame on stupid summit

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    2. so stupid sumit and i hate him soooooo much……………………viraj trying to seperate nisha from her love …………………

  4. the precap………it should nvr happen ………………….it feels so bad …………too many twists

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  8. I think kabir will accept,and go to jail.if nisha doesn’t lose her memories then she will support kabir,orelse I think kabir mother would come back to India to save him meanwhile viraj will learn about his bond with kabir

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