Udaan 18th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor saves herself from goons

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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Imli to leave haveli. Imli asks what shall I do, shall I stay here like Chakor. Chakor says let Imli stay anywhere she wants, its enough that she comes to meet us. Imli says I m not staying here by my wish, I have Vivaan’s memories there. Some girls come and make Chakor wear garland. Imlui asks who are they. Kasturi says they are Gita and Sarita, they help Chakor in NGO. Gita says Chakor has done a big thing by running NGO Udaan. Imli says Chakor’s hardwork paid off. Chakor asks them about the villagers which needs a change. Sarita says we found a village where we should go and educate the girls. Chakor asks the village name. She agrees to go anywhere. Imli asks her to go too. Gita says Aazaadgunj. They get shocked.

Sugna comes to Anjor and asks her not to talk about education. Imli says Chakor will never come back to Aazaagunj, she just got sorrow there. Kasturi says Chakor will decide, why are you interfering. Imli says Chakor is my sister, you also know that Chakor just got sorrow there. Chakor refuses to go to Aazaadgunj. Anjor feels the pain in her hand. Sugna recalls her bandhua stamp. Anjor says I m not hurt now. She gets cheerful and tells Sugna about flag hoisting ceremony. Sugna smiles and tells about Gandhi ji/Bapu. Anjor says I will also study and then erase this stamp from my hand. Kasturi convinces Chakor to return to Aazaadgunj, as someone would be needing her help there, someone like her who likes freedom, many people can get a good life if she helps them. She asks Chakor to give it a thought. Anjor sees her dad sleeping and shaves his beard. He wakes up and sees mirror. He likes his new look. He asks Sugna what’s this, did you do this. She says Anjor did this. He sees Anjor hiding.

He calls Anjor and says you did a good thing for the first time. She teaches him about cleanliness and education. She says let me go to school. He gets angry and scolds her. Chakor cries and cleans the cradle. Imli comes. Chakor asks do you also want me to go Aazaadgunj. Imli says no, I know its not good for you, it gave nothing to you than sorrow. Kasturi comes and asks Imli why are you giving her wrong advice, don’t you want Chakor to go to Aazaadgunj. Imli says no, I meant to say that Chakor will get sorrow there, you always think Chakor is right and I m wrong, forgive me, I didn’t mean this, Chakor shouldn’t go there, her wounds didn’t heal, she just got a stain of losing her daughter. Chakor says Imli is saying right, she wants my betterment, we shouldn’t go to Aazaadgunj, I will never go there.

Sugna recalls Anjor’s words. Her husband Keshu says explain Anjor that she can’t study. She agrees. Haveli servants come and take Keshu to Gumaan. Gumaan meets Keshu and says I know the truth about Anjor’s parents, if you want to be alive, then take Anjor and leave from this village, if you tell this to Imli, I won’t leave you. He scares Keshu and laughs. He says now I will see how Imli threatens me. Sugna asks where are we going. Keshu says we have to leave this village. She asks why. He says we have to leave, else they will kill us. He asks Anjor to come fast. Anjor refuses. She asks them not to run away. He gets angry. Goon scolds her. She bites the goon’s hand and runs to room. She locks the door and prays to Lord for help. Goons enter the room and find her gone. Keshu and Sugna worry. Keshu says she will be in village’s jhulan puja, we will find her. Anjor runs and tries to take help. Goons look for her. Keshu says Anjor doesn’t listen to us, what will she do when she grows up, it will be good when Gumaan kills her.

Chakor asks Imli to answer her phone. Imli is in washroom. Kasturi asks Chakor to answer. Chakor answers Sugna’s call. Sugna says I m Anjor’s mum. Imli comes and gets shocked. Imli takes her phone from Chakor and asks her not to answer her calls next time. She goes to room. Kasturi says I really don’t understand her. Chakor says she is right, I shouldn’t answer her phone. Imli asks Sugna why did she call. Sugna says Gumaan called Keshu at the haveli and threatened him. Imli gets shocked. Goons try to find Anjor. She covers her face and comes out. He says this is not any circus, you have to die. She throws chilli in their eyes. Udaan hai….plays….. She teases them and smiles. She runs away. The villagers come. They ask what’s the matter.

She says the goons want to kill me. The villagers get angry. Gumaan asks servant to take all valuables to his room. He says one day I will happily keep her in a small hut. Imli calls him and asks did you take away all valuables from my room, you showed your status. He says Anjor is out of my life, you can’t threaten me now. She laughs and says you don’t know the target, don’t think you won, its your biggest mistake. She ends call. He says she got upset, Imli knows me, I always do the right thing. Keshu asks Sugna why did you call Imli, Gumaan will kill us, pack bags and leave. She refuses to go without Anjor. He scolds her. Anjor comes with villagers and hugs Sugna. She says don’t be scared of goons, the villagers have beaten them up. The man says yes, we all are with you, stay here, no need to go anywhere. Sugna says I knew you will find some way. Anjor asks who were they. Her dad says you don’t need to worry.

Imli calls and asks where is Anjor. Sugna says she is fine, she found a way to save herself. Anjor says Imli worries for me, she is really good. Sugna thinks how to explain you who is good and who is bad, both Gumaan and Imli are bad. Imli says this girl is amazing, she is like Suraj and Chakor. Chakor comes and asks is everything fine. Imli gets shocked. She says yes, everything is fine. Chakor says that girl’s name is lovely, Anjor. She goes. Imli says I m getting angry hearing Anjor’s name from you. Gumaan slaps his goons. Goon says villagers are getting mad to know about you, we couldn’t tell your name and came back. Imli calls Gumaan and taunts. He says you will also lose. She reminds that Kans himself died because of his ego. She asks him to beware of Anjor, she is Suraj and Chakor’s daughter, she is Krishna’s avatar. He disconnects. She smiles. He says I m not less than anyone, I won’t leave that little girl.

Gumaan says I will kill that girl. Anjor says I m going to haveli to meet Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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