Laal Ishq 18th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimmo, Nikko, Shanno, And Book

Laal Ishq 18th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prince is sound asleep on his bed. A voice from book calls him Nikku and asks to come in . His fiancee Simran comes and asks him to open door. He asks to go away as Nimmo will take him to 1945. Book pages fly away and Prince is gets sucked into book. Simran walks in and searches Prince, but she does not find him. In flashback a few days ago, Prince is busy reading a book when Simran calls him and asks to stop being with book and come and meet her and reminds they have engagement day after tomorrow and marriage after 4 days. He says of course he remembers and marks shaadi on calendar. A man delivers books. Prince calls book store and informs he got all books except one book named “Isqhq Kiya 1945.” Shop owner says order got placed by mistake, they don’t have that book in stock at all. Prince asks to inform him when they get stock. He then hears door bell and walks to balcony and sees a postman dropping book in letter box. He goes to get book when his uncle comes form outside and asks to get in. He picks book from letter box and walks in. He then excitedly opens book seeing its his ordered book. He sees a woman’s sketch in front page with her story that today she is Nimmo and it is her wedding day and she is waiting for her fiance Nikku. He hears her voice calling him Nikku. Simran comes and asks what is he doing among his books, let us go out and make engagement arrangements. A feather falls from book. Nimmo comes and picks it.

Prince and Simran’s engagement ceremony starts. Uncle announces engagement. Guest all clap and congratulate them. Nimmo comes down and calls Nikku. Only Prince sees her and walks behind her to garden. His uncle stops him and asks what is he doing, everyone is dancing. Prince joins Simran and others and dances with them. A romantic song plays in the background. Nimmo sings old song of her era and signalling Prince to follow her walks on stairs towards room. Prince follows her, but Simran stops him and asks where is he going, guests are waiting. Prince sees Nimmo missing and walks with Simran. Nimmo peeps from room window. After sometime, Prince sits near pool reminiscing seeing Nimmo. Simran comes there and asks if he really wants to marry her. He says yes. She goes to bring something for him. He sees Nimmo on opposite side of pool calling him and walks into pool towards Nimmo. He gets immersed into water. Simran comes and saves him on time and takes him to his room. He says he sees a girl who calls him. She asks him to relax and goes to get coffee for him. Nimmo comes again and gets Prince via book to her era where he is seen in old Punjabi attire. Simran calls him and takes him to her room. Their romance starts. He wiggles same feather on her face. She hears cycle bell and runs out saying her father came. Her father is the same postman who delivered book. Nimmo tells him that her Nikku returned. Father says he brought Nikku back and will get them married today itself. Nimmo and Nikku wear wedding attire and sit in front of havan. Father orders pandit to finish wedding before enemy comes. Nikku’s friend comes and asks him to not get trapped into Nimmo’s lies, he loves Shanno instead. Shanno comes, and Prince is shocked to see Simran is Shanno. Shanno asks Nikko to not fall in Nimmo’s trap, he loves her. Father kills Shanno.

Prince gets out of book and is seen sleeping his room holding book in same wedding sherwani. His uncle walks in with Simran and asks where he had been. Prince says Rawalpindi. Uncle asks not to tell he went behind a woman. Prince says yes and tells whole story. Uncle takes prince to psychiatric and cries that it is his mistake, after Prince’s parents passed away, he told Prince that he can get any answer from book. Psychiatrist asks not to worry, Prince will be alright. Prince walks out and sees Nimmo’s father sitting with patients. He turns and sees father missing. Uncle comes and takes Prince along. Uncle asks Simran to back off if she wants to. Simran says she loves Prince and will handle situation. Prince then returns home and sleeps on his bed reminiscing all the incidents. Shanno comes out of book. Prince then wakes up and looks at book where Nimmo calls him to enter book. Simran calls him from outside and asks to open door. Scene shifts to present day where Prince asks Simran to go away as she is shanno, and Nimmo is calling him and if she sees her, she will kill her. Pages fly. Prince gets stuck into book. Simran walks in and does not find Prince. She sees him in book page and is shocked to read book where Nimmo describes Nikku does not love her and loves Shanno, but she will kill Shanno and get Prince. In book, Nimmo asks her father to get Nikku at any cost. Father says Shanno is problem between them, he will kill Shanno and has already kidnapped Nikku for their wedding. Shanno’s friend informs that Nimmo’s goons took away Nikku, if Shannno does not save him, she will not get him even in 7 lives. Shanno picks sword and walks into Nimmo and Nikku’s wedding venue and kills whoever opposes. Father stabs Shanno from behind. Shanno falls down. Nikku rushes to her. She says they will meet in next life and she will not let anyone else take him away. She gets up, runs and jumps into lohri fire. Nikku also falls behind her.

Prince gets out of book calling Shanno. His uncle asks where he had gone and where did he burn his hand. Simran’s parents wake her up and ask how did she also burn her hand, what happened to them. They both reminisce their past lives and promise to reunite in next life. Tera naam Isqh…song…plays in the background. They both hug calling each other Shanno and Nikko and say I love you. Uncle says than good they united at least as Nikku and Shanno, let us finish their wedding right now in gurduwara. Nimmo in book says she will not accept defeat and will try to get Nikku in every life.

Precap: Tomorrow’s new story’s promo is shown.

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