Udaan 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram planted a time bomb in the village

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Chakor was held on a gun point. She tries to get away from him, as she needs to get to Vikram and Rajeshwari. The goon instead carries Chakor into the godown. Rajeshwari says Sooraj must also be around, she knew Chakor will reach here. Vikram says no one will find out if they chop her into pieces here. He warns Chakor must not have come here, she did wrong by coming over. Chakor confronts that she isn’t afraid of Vikram. Rajeshwari slapped Chakor.
Sooraj had taken hold of a gun and deterred the goons to lead him to Vikram. They hear Vikram calling Sooraj to reach here, his wife’s life is endangered else they will serve pieces of his wife to the wild life here.
Rajeshwari beated Chakor, banging her head towards a pole. Chakor calls from inside that Sooraj must not come here, else no one will

ever get justice again. She shouts that Sooraj must not come here, she can’t die without having killed these beasts. The goons now lead Sooraj to Vikram. Sooraj comes in but was held hostage by the goons. He tells Vikram he has no family, no wife or daughter as well; he will soon die all alone. Vikram tells his goons to shut them up. Sooraj instead wrestles against the goons. Rajeshwari warns that Sooraj might lose his wife if he doesn’t stop. She bangs Chakor’s head with the pole again. Sooraj loses his lead and was now badly beaten by the goons. The boxes in the godown had fallen. Chakor recognizes it was the same medicine used against her daughter. She brings a bottle and spills it into Rajeshwari’s mouth from behind. She tells her to drink what she made others drink. Rajeshwari’s body shivered badly while she fell on the floor. Vikram asks what it was that she gave Rajeshwari. Chakor throws the bottle towards him. Vikram holds the gun towards Chakor. Sooraj pushes Vikram and the gun flies to Chakor. Vikram tells his goons she is a girl of principle and will never fire the bullet. Chakor fires towards some of them, the rest flee. Chakor fines the suffering Rajeshwari and says today this medicine has been used rightly. She killed hundreds of innocent girls including her Anjor, today she has been revenged justly. Sooraj and Chakor beats Vikram for both sides, revenging him against killing their daughter, killing daughters of hundreds of innocents as well. Rajeshwari breathes her last.
The police inspector arrive at the spot. Vikram asks Bhavri to kill them, but Bavri was boastful of being a loyal police officer. Sooraj takes Bhavri’s attention to the bombs. Vikram laughs that the time frame is now over, he hasn’t played easy game. Bhavri gets a call from bomb disposal team that there is the news of a time bomb as well and its really difficult to find it. Vikram laughs and was stubborn that he won’t tell them about the bomb. Sooraj tries his finger prints on his cell phone but it was all invain. Chakor decides to take Sooraj to the village as well, he must also feel the fear.
In the village, Vikram was tied to the tree. He wasn’t ready to tell them about the location of bomb. Chakor says they must save the villagers anyway. Sooraj tells the villagers to follow the footsteps and get out of the village. Sooraj moves ahead to save the villagers. Vikram warns the bomb may blast anytime.

PRECAP: Sooraj moves ahead and steps over a line bomb. Chakor’s mangal sooter breaks.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The episode is very good but I can’t enjoy it knowing what will happen next. Vikram looked bored most of the time and there was no worry or grief for his mother.
    If he remains as a villain, they need to tone down the spoilt brat act and increase his range of emotions.
    I think Suraj’s dialogue about Vikram being alone will be repeated by Vikram to Chakor.
    Anyone who calls Chakor didi ends up being a headache, why did Rajjo wait till the end and why didn’t the bomb squad help the people, they were useless.

  2. I think killing Suraj off is a bad idea, I know they’re leaving the possibility open for his return but it was better to show him inside the building, instead of standing on the landmine, in real life he has no chances for survival.
    Good luck to the whole team for the upcoming track.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I totally agree….killing Suraj’s character is a very bad idea. There is too much history between Suraj & Chakor and to just have someone else who looks like Suraj Rajvanshi to enter their lives doesn’t really do justice to them.
    Though i strongly think faking his death would be a much better storyline. For the past couple of years Udaan has been Suraj & Chakor Rajvanshi, messing with that is just insane.
    I just think that experimenting with time leaps and giving too much emphasis on Imli in the past ended with the audience seeing Suraj & Chakor being apart more years than actually being together; not to mention a dip in ratings.
    I do hope the writers are careful with this new storyline. Kudos to the Udaan team for the recent bout of episodes…the momentum, the writing was really good. The acting was exceptional by our leads and villians.
    Good luck on the storyline going forward, hope to see this same level of awesomeness.

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