Ishqbaaz 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaay proposes Anika for re-marriage

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Ishqbaaz 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika comes to the lounge in yellow saree recommended by Shivaay. She’s showered by flowers. Shivaay comes there. She’s surprised and loses her balance. He holds her and asks why she keeps falling. She says because he is there to catch her. He asks whether she felt special now. She says 80%. He says there is one more surprise. He blindfolds her and takes her inside. He brings her to a beautiful decorated room. She is shocked and asks he did all that? He says for her. He makes her sit on a sofa. He too sits down and kisses her hand. He asks whether she felt special now. She says 85% now. He then kisses her forehead which takes it to 90%. He then kisses her on cheek. She says 95% now. He kisses on lips now and asks whether it is 100% now. She feels shy. He says he had told her that there is

no place for love or marriage in his life, but she taught him that you need to make space. If he knew how to do filmy talks, then today he would be screaming and saying that she taught his heart to beat. She taught him to love, to show authority on your happiness. But he can’t do all that, so he will do what he can do. He will tell her directly that he exists because of her. There is no one else in the world who can change Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He changed himself because of her. For world, he is SSO, but not for her. He just wants to be Shivaay for her.

She says he’s making efforts since morning to make her feel special, but had he said that in morning itself, he would have won challenge already. He says he was doing all to win her, not challenge. She says she has already lost since so long. He takes out a ring. O jaana plays… He asks for her hand. She smiles and forwards it. He puts ring in her finger and kisses it. He says it’s her choice of ring. She asks who does engagement after marriage. He says not engagement, but he can make promise to her. It’s a promise ring. He promises her that he will never leave her. She asks “hum aapke hai kaun”. He says, “my wife whom I love a lot”. She gets emotional. He says “I love you, Anika”. She says “I love you too” and hugs him.

She then says she also has something for him. She too brought has a ring. She asks him to forward his hand. He forwards wrong one. She takes correct hand herself and puts ring in his finger and pulls his cheek. He forwards his hand signaling her to kiss the ring finger. She does it. Both show off their rings to each other. She says that’s her promise ring. She promises that she will love him a lot entire life. She will stand with him in all happy and sad time. She thanks him for making her feel so special. She never ever felt so special. He asks she already got impressed? What about stuff that’s still to come. She asks what’s left now? He sits down on his knees saying when he’s getting an opportunity, then why not. He proposes her for re-marriage. He wants to give her respect that she deserves. He wants to make her his wife in front of his family and whole world. He asks “Will you marry me?”. She slightly nods her head. He asks her to say yes please. She says yes and hugs him. O jaana.. plays.

They inform their decision to OmRu and their wives. They say again? He says during first marriage, they weren’t there. He doesn’t want world to question his and Anika’s relationship, so they will marry today only. Gauri says why today. Her dress is not even ready. Marriage will happen properly with all rituals and in designer suits. Om asks why so much rush. Shivaay says he’s already too late. Nani comes and agrees with Gauri. Shivaay says fine. Everyone is happy. Shivaay asks where is Priyanka. Bhavya says she went to her friend’s house. She will be back. Meanwhile they can start marriage preparations. Shivaay says before that, they need to do an important work. Three brothers start erasing border that was drawn.

Precap: Bhavya and Gauri join Team Dulha while Om says Team Dulhan will be no less. He asks Rudra, right? Rudra says he won’t be participating in marriage. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…….
    Crying and crying and crying
    Whole episode I was crying
    Everything was so perfect
    Those emotions
    Those happy tearful eyes
    Those Stares
    Those kisses
    Those hugs
    Those words
    Those promises
    Those confessions
    Those promise rings…
    Those longing for each other………….
    Everything was damn perfect..???????????????????????????????
    Confession was sudden yet so powerful
    Shivika engaged for third times and each engagement carried so many emotions…..
    Going to cherish this for lifetimes…
    When Om Said 2 saal main kitni saadi karenge ..that was funny….

    Shivaay realised his love and confessed it instantly without waiting for anything..
    Loved it and Annika also confessed it…
    Why I am crying
    No I am not crying …
    But tears are not stopping…???????????????????????????????????????????????????…..

    Love you guys…
    Love you…l????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Still feeling as a bad dream
    Someone tell it all are lie
    I will love this lie

    1. Sindhudi

      Hello hello my PKJ pagals!!!!! I am so happy today after watching the episode. It was the best proposal of love you and marriage. Oh how romantic. I so wished Shivaay was proposing to me? Fantastic!!!! Only Shivika can pull this off so beautifully.

      I loved it that every moment Shivaay calls her to ask whether she feels special now….. In the past it is always her calling Shivaay. She really taught him the value of marriage. Someone whose parents were dysfunctional and Shivaay who got affected by it but a anika set all that right. No other woman could do this.

      I think in the precap it shows Rudra saying he will not participate in the wedding but I think he is probably joking or he may say that since Shivaay did not see our marriage, all of them get married on the same day so they see Shivika’s wedding and Shivaay sees his brothers wedding. I am guessing only but you know cvs always like to give surprises.

      Oh I loved this episode so much. It can never be better.???

    2. Sindhudi

      Yes I loved the episode so much Arpu. It was so fantastic!!!! Awesome episode!!! It seems this episode was a recovery pill for me after all the terrible news on SC quitting. Yesterday episode made me so good. Even then I was feeling sad thinking about the generation leap and no Surbi. Who can act like her with Shivaay? Who has such a chemistry?

      Congrats for being number one my dear

      1. No one can give Takkar to shivay other than Anika.after SC exist the show is going to be flop and they will end IB soon.

  2. Shajessie

    Hi guys…. Wow ithana kushi meh… I’m so so happy… 2day epi was superb n shivika both looking gorgeous…
    SSO I love u… The way u impressed ani wow I’m speachless… Puhre duniako the only romantic marriage proposal will b urs SSO… Oh my maata…
    After so so long… Meh bohot kushi… Omg… A great love moments… N i realy felt my old SSO back….
    Anika u also realy great… True IB foundation… Without u no 100%..
    Guys I’m vr happy… Nw in my mind only one thing “kushi”…
    I’m vr eager to c nxt epi… Need to wait…hmmm…2day epi was a great treat for me… Bye… Gd nite ????

    1. Sindhudi

      Yes Jessie it is so good. One of the best episodes of proposal and will you marry me? It couldn’t be any better. ??

  3. Wow lovely episode after a long long time.

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Such a beautiful episode…!!!!!!
    My yesterday’s wish came true… Shivay said ILU first before propose Anika 4 marriage…
    Nd enggement also done…!!!!!
    The promise they gave to each other…
    Their blushing face…
    Their cute antics…
    Nd “O Jaana” song…
    All these things made d evening more SPECIAL…
    Just loved that proposal part…
    Arre iss bande ko humesha itne jaldi kun hota hain…
    Humesha aj hi ya ab hi shaddi krna hota hain…
    Finally that division line mit gaya…
    Nd Obros did it together…
    Precap –
    Hope Rudy will ask a proper forgivness to Anika…
    GN PKJ…

  5. Luthfa

    I have always made fun of Mom watching her crying over any emotional scene of serial but never knew that I too would do something like that in future and today is the day when history is created.I never preferred shedding tears watching anything fictional but today I couldn’t stop my eyes from spilling tears ceaselessly.Shivika just made me cry so much.I am attached to this serial emotionally like anything.I don’t like saying it but it’s true.And it’s also true that I was preparing myself to accept it that IB’s ending is nearing and it can happen anytime.But never thought in my wildest dream that it would end like that.The day SC’s news of probable quiting came,I was very upset because of a personal reason but that news added to the misery like hell.Human emotions always betray the very person who nurtures those.After watching today’s episode felt like it’s a fight between Destiny and True Love that we fans are fighting for SC and Ishqbaaaz.Who will win,don’t have any idea.I am just praying to God that not to break the hearts of countless people who love IB,Shivika,Anika,SC from the bottom of their hearts which is pure from every angle.This time being rational and practical are not helping don’t know why.I have only one request if makers have decided to go on with generation leap and that is-Don’t kill my SHIVIKA.I don’t want them to die to start off expecting generation leap.Make it happen otherwise but don’t kill them.Okay I can’t type anymore.God,help us to get over this situation turning it in our favour.We deserve happiness.Don’t break our hearts which is the biggest sin to commit on this earth.

    1. Superb analysis ????

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Nox Ki Fan,
        Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.
        These are my feelings dear which I could not contain while when I was watching the episode.You liked my expressions and for that thank you sooooooooo…very much.God bless you.

      2. Luthfa

        ….when I was….

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey lu my dear don’t worry. There have been so many letters sent to the channel on taking Surbi out. Let’s wait and watch. Gul knows very much that without Surbi or Nakkul there is no IB. She will not lose that chance. So I still have hope because if fans are upset then they have to retain the person. What is more important? Trp or Gul.

      Today’s episode was so beautiful. One of the best for me. They covered all bases but like you I also cried and became emotional because I won’t get to see all this in the generation leap. Anyway I won’t watch after this redux is over.

      Nice analysis my dear

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Sindhu di,
        I agree with you completely.Till Shivaay’s proposal,everything was fine but after that things got really real from reel and I saw Narbhi not Shivika.Gul has gone nuts.Hope she gets her senses back soon.Anyway,forget Gul di,let’s enjoy Shivika.Love you a lot.

      2. I’m good too dear my exams are yet to start

    3. True but you know this is happening with all of us we are crying, its getting difficult to imagine ib without sc. I want gul to loose i want gul to realise our Viewrs imp and power. No surbhi no ishqbaaz. One for all all for one

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Medh.
        Yes,everyone is in the same boat but Gul is adamant.Now only God can create some miracle to defeat Gul and to make us win.Let’s see.Everything will be fine.Lots of love.

    4. Hy how are you, I can understand to wat extent you are attached to this show, but please don’t forget that it’s just a daily soap running on TV, u may feel really bad when the show gets ended once for all, just enjoy the show as an entertainment, so wat if Surbhi leaves the show definitely v will get to see her in a different show, so take it easy dear. Lots of hugs

      1. Luthfa

        Hi 1234,
        Exams are going on so trying to be okay.Hope you are doing great.Well,I agree with you in it.But my emotional attachments are coming in my way.Now I have left everything to God.I will accept what He will offer.Thank you sooooooooo…very much for your sweet concern.Lots of hugs and love.Take care.

  6. Any updates about SC news

    1. Sindhudi

      No shivika. It is still the same that she is quitting and they are looking for another female lead for Nakkul.

  7. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Hru all. Hope had good week…
    Bani, Arpi nd shivya dear thank you soooo much for ur warm welcome.. Ya guys even me missed u all a lot..
    Shivya dear: off course I remember you dear… How can I forget my lovely pkj family members… Hru dear. Ya a warm welcome to u with lots of love nd hugs dear.. Ya will waiting for u to get registered dear. Nd to c u register member…

    Guys wt news I have hear. Is this true expect nakul bhaiya every one is leaving the show…. I don’t know wt going in Gul Khan nd CVS mind… Now I will nt blame on viewers for Trp down. All the credit goes to Gul Khan nd CVS only….

    Coming to episode : actually I don’t watch the episode becoz my sister stopped watching it Wen Shivomru got separated. Nd she allowed me to watch Wen they got united. Nd after knowing tht sc is going leave the show she completely stopped watching it nd nt even allowing me.. Even me after knowing tht watching it with half hearted…
    Guys I’m watching on hotstar so my comment will be of previous episode so plz..
    Yesterday episode kidkhithod super good episode. Wow www our shivay impressing anika nd making her feel special ??????. After sooooooooo many days I could c back our shivka got the feeling of watching our old shivika Jodi…. Eagerly waiting to watch to day episode… Waiting for tomorrow to watch it in hotstar….
    Guys even me I don’t know weather I will watch ib r nt as Luthfa dear nd even my request plz my lovely PKJ frds get registered soo tht our bond don’t end with ib.
    Good night guys sweet dreams…
    Happy weekend…
    Hope all TN frds r safe nd good. Love you all day ?????

    1. Sindhudi

      Hello my dear Jeevi. How are you? Yes everyone here is sad about SC leaving. Anyway after the redux and Anika dies they will go to the generation leap and I will not come on to leave any comments. I will see all of you on Telly site as a registered member. We will communicate there henceforth.

  8. Hi everyone, no comment about epi,???? jab se sc ki ib leave karne ki news ayi hai tab se kuch acha nai lag raha, ase lagta hai jase koi nightmare hai. Pls yaar koi to is news ko galat kardo plss humble request??? .. gulneet ke anika ek character hai but humse pucho ki wo hmare liye kya hai……………. yeh rishta me bhi to pergnency track dikya tha aur bachon ki parvarish bhi dikhyi to isme kyo naidikha sakte…… generation leap dena jarrori hai kya. Pls pls koi kuch karo aur sc ko roko

  9. hi I’m frm tamilnadu(Chennai)i hav being watching kadhala kadhala(ishqbaaz)in Tamil which was telecasted in Tamil..Its been my favourite husband use to nt like watching serials but after watching kadhala kadhala frm d 1st episode were tey introduce Anika an Shivay an d 3 Bros my husband really liked it an use to sit an watch with me..ten i gt to know it was telecastin in Hindi..i don’t know Hindi but i use to watch it and read d written update. i became a craze fan of shivika and rudra.this is d 1st time im commenting on this page..i used to b a silent reader..i think of commenting but ten i get scared becoz i frm Chennai hw wil u guys react..but today i have to share my views and disappointments abt this show.
    1)star Vijay stopped telecastin kadhala kadhala which i broke down so badly
    2)gt news on Instagram tat anika quiting ishqbaaz aft leap tis was a major break down fr me..i just can’t imagine hw cud the makers take such decision..even though i like anika and Shivay as shivika as a couple..but my fav was only anika and wat an actor she can b she portray all her characters so well an if ishqbaaz has reached to tis heights it becoz of anika and only aft tat cums shivika d couple.tey r the best jodi ever i have seen in Hindi and tamil serials..but y only anika out aft leap..i wil watch d serial only til anika character exists in d show..aft tat I’m quiting frm watching ishqbaaz ters no point watching a serial without its said in the serial Shivay Singh oberi is d foundation of the oberi empire..but fr the serial it was anika and only anika the foundation of d serial..i can’t c Shivay with another girl instead of anika no one can take her place and even act the way she did..Sorry if i hurted anyone and said anything wrong forgive me..i even watch kulfi and nazar but gonna stop watching tat even..gul Khan mam shows r gud but she plays with people emotions which is nt gud..i hope to c nakul and subri again as lead pair fr a new project but nt with gul Khan mam show becoz i dont wan to get disappointed again..I love the other 2 couples as well no objection in tat..still can’t digest tat ishqbaaz which means lovers cvs have changed the meaning to haters..hw tey r causing problems bw each fans and making them to hate d show

  10. I want to share something in today’s episode the romance between Anika and shivay.
    Actually I felt shivay’s that romantic look was not up to the mark if we watch the old IB the way he looks at Anika was perfect romantic but in today’s episode that was missing Anika was the same but don’t know what happened to shivay he is not giving his best look and he looks sad. That’s what I felt.
    Once SC is done in IB I’m going to stop watching the show I can’t see any other girl pairing NM in IB if gul khan want to make new generation leap why don’t she end this IB and make an new serial.
    Really it’s disgusting and im?
    Just imagine about SC how would she be feeling. Gul khan has done this before with Sanaya that’s the reason the show ended very soon the same thing is going to happen in generation leap the show won’t run for 1month.
    Let us all enjoy until SC is in the show.
    Nosurbhi NoIshqbaaz…………

    1. Sindhudi

      You know Shivika my thought are very much the same. When he was telling about how Anika has taught the value of marriage if you look at his expression he was in pain. It is like as if his good Friend is going to leave the show for real and he very much misses Surbi. His kanji eyes is actually telling Surbi not to quit the show. They are perfect together.

      That is why when he was proposing there was some kind of pain in his eyes. If you watch it on hotstar the repeat you can actually see Shivaay’s mixed emotions. In one week’s fine or so all will be over with generation leap.

      That is why I cried so much when he was proposing to Surbi. I could see Shivaay was getting emotional and looked so stressed.

      1. I was thinking when they can create a look alike(duplicate Mahi) why not look alike Anika in leap generation it sounds weird but I want SC to pair NM not anyone else.
        I wish they end IB.

    2. ???? you also felt same even i from the beginning of this episode i felt he is trying to act in romantic singh oberoi but he was not able to. Even he loves to act with her because they are friends and after gul news he is also dissapointed so. But don’t no why mere ko ye feeling arahe hai our fandom will win and alas gul will loose for sure because there are many people who are getting affected by the noice of us in gul other shows. Its feeling that ib will end with shivika track. Coming to episode not enjoyed as im busy + the news of sc i heard. Bye keep smiling and take care and be strong.

      1. Yes his romantic look is gone now when ever he looks at Anika his expression are like sad Singh ob……
        I’m not getting interest to watch these kind of scenes.
        Instead of getting happy I feel sad but Anika is giving her best that’s what I observed.

  11. Hello hello my PKJ pagals!!!!! I am so happy today after watching the episode. It was the best proposal of love you and marriage. Oh how romantic. I so wished Shivaay was proposing to me? Fantastic!!!! Only Shivika can pull this off so beautifully.

    I loved it that every moment Shivaay calls her to ask whether she feels special now….. In the past it is always her calling Shivaay. She really taught him the value of marriage. Someone whose parents were dysfunctional and Shivaay who got affected by it but a anika set all that right. No other woman could do this.

    I think in the precap it shows Rudra saying he will not participate in the wedding but I think he is probably joking or he may say that since Shivaay did not see our marriage, all of them get married on the same day so they see Shivika’s wedding and Shivaay sees his brothers wedding. I am guessing only but you know cvs always like to give surprises.

    Oh I loved this episode so much. It can never be better.???

  12. Sindhudi

    Hello to my dear banita Arpu Luthfa jeevi dear Shiny Jessie pushpa kadhambari shivya Shivika NSK Agga and many more of our beloved ones here on Telly site.

    I just want to inform that once the redux is over and the generation leap comes on I will not be visiting the Telly Updates and not leave any comments. To me no Shivika means no IB. The generation leap IB will be a total flop. I will miss all of you then but I am a registered member so I am sure I can meet the old memebers there but as per Luthfa request please register and become a member. shivya and Shivika please be a member so we all can communicate there about other things.

    1. Sure sindhudi how to Register

      1. ItsmePrabha

        hai shivika..there will be an option like signin/join..uspe click karke apna email id use karke register kar sakte hai..try karna..

  13. Hi shivika, my thoughts are also same as u, mujhe to dono hi ase lag rahe the jase ander se dukhi ho, pls pls pkj kuch to is prblome ka sloution nikalo.

    1. Thanks Prabha..

      Hi simrat yes now I don’t find any love in their eyes I find only sadness in their eyes that when ever they look at each other and I feel like they both behave like a strangers when they are together. SSO’s that lovely touch and the way he holds her hands and the way he cuddles her everything look fake. I’m missing that.

  14. hi guys im new to tis page..i have been a silent reader for the past 1 1/2 yrs..but nw cannot restrict myself frm episode was gud but cud nt enjoy it becoz i felt like it was farewell for subhri..just sharing my opinions don’t mistake me..the conversations bw Shivay an anika was gud..nw coming to sc news of quiting all ishqbaaz shivika,rikara,ruyva,subri and nakul fans pls don’t get angry in wat I’m saying it’s just my thinking..
    in d leap generation y did tey approach only subhri to play mother role y nt nakul fr father role?if tey had to approach nakul fr father role even he wud nt hav expected it like subhri..ten d outcome wud hav been d same lik subhri fans supportin her..even nakul fans wud hav done the ishqbaaz is a great serial v need to support all characters..I’m a shivika and subhri nakul fan..but all d couples r d same fr me..just imagine if v dont c r old cast in d grenenation leap it wil b boring.. so let’s join together as a family and ask the makers if tey wan to end ishqbaaz ended with a happy ending with the old characters..let them start tat so called generation leap with a new serial name but nt to club it with was shivika rikara and ruvya who bought the serail to tis heights hw can some new cast just snatch it frm ten.. tis is nt fare..guys I’m sorry if i have hurted anyone just felt lik sharing..

  15. hw do i register i also wanna join tis grp

    1. ItsmePrabha

      hai Sharon..there will be an option like signin/join..uspe click karke apna email id use karke register kar sakte hai..

  16. Astmasiddika

    hi pkj family
    thank god a peaceful and a beautiful epi. finally shivay proposed anika , a good surprise too.
    a nice confession by both of them but marriage again hahaha sry guys i actually laughed at tht scene how many times they both will get married???? no offence for other leads only one time but for shivika i think its their 5th time i guess , dont take me wrong i am also shivika fan but in redux i expected a marriage scene for rikara but my wishes became a dream ,other than that i loved this episode
    precap – let us see what rudy going to do
    till then bye take care , tata

  17. ItsmePrabha

    hai girls…kaise ho yaar..?dil dukh rahi hai yaar..koyi toh mujhe ek tight si jhappi dede aur sso ki tarah bol de sab teek kar doonga..i damn seriously need it…upar se aaj ke epi mein narbhi ke chehre dekh kar aur bhi kharaab ho gayi meri haal..

  18. can u explain in english hw to register in tis as i don’t knw Hindi..

    1. ItsmePrabha

      hai Sharon..oh sorry dear…there will be an option like signin/ on that option and by using ur email id you can get registered after following few more steps…try it..

    2. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Sharon akka.. Welcome to pkj family.. Neenga telly updates page open aanathum, left side corner la 3 lines irukum, adha click pannunga.. Keela scroll panna register option irukum… Hope this helps akka..

  19. Breathtaking analysis from all of you instigates me to watch episode as I haven’t watched yet.
    Will watch asap.

  20. Nikita_jai29

    #nosurbhinoishqbaaz ????

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