Udaan 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor learns about Imli’s love

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Udaan 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli smiling and seeing Raghav. He sends Anjor to fly kites. He sees Chakor and thinks to tell his feelings for Chakor to Imli. He says I have to tell you something. Imli asks really, even I have to tell something, I will get ready and come. Chakor comes to him and says I need to talk to you, can we go out. He says yes, I made plan to go out with Imli, I will tell her that I will come with her later. She says no, she has come after long time, she needs her friends, go with her, we will talk later. She says I have washed your socks. He smiles. Raghav is at lake side. He thinks what does Chakor want to tell me. Imli comes running to meet him and shouts Raghav.

She asks how do you look. He says just sweet and sour, like tamarind. She says you didn’t come to meet me in jail, I was waiting for you. She says I wanted to tell you that I m in love with you. He gets shocked. He laughs and says you are joking. She holds his hand and says I love you. Mann laga re….plays… He says it can’t happen, I can’t love you as I love Chakor. She gets shocked. Chakor waits for Raghav. Imli runs on the roads and recalls Raghav’s words. She comes to haveli and meets Chakor. She hugs Chakor and cries. Chakor asks what happened. Imli says I love Raghav, but he said he loves you, tell him that you just love Suraj.

Chakor gets shocked and cries. Imli says Raghav has come in my life as a new ray of hope, explain him to accept me, I can change myself for love. She points gun at herself and says I can’t live without Raghav, I don’t wan to become old Imli, I want to stay good, tell me what to do, convince Raghav. Chakor throws the gun away. Imli says ask him to accept me. Chakor says yes I will try to convince Raghav, but I can’t guarantee it, I can’t force him. Imli says you have to convince him to accept me. Chakor says I will talk to him, he will agree. Imli says I will pray that I get your problems on my head, I believe you will save me. Chakor says I will try to make Raghav yours.

Chakor asks Raghav to accept Imli’s love. Raghav says I love you, you tell me you don’t love me. Chakor says I don’t love you. Raghav calls Imli and proposes her. Imli gets glad and says I love you a lot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I was waiting for the update
    First about the episode, I have no sympathy for any of the three.
    – Why does Imli want Raghav to give up on his love if she couldn’t do the same and how would him accepting her change the fact he doesn’t love her. It’s wrong of her to try to change his decision this way.
    -Raghav is wrong in agreeing to accept Imli, because his life will become miserable and he won’t make imli happy so her life will become miserable too. A bigger issue is that he’s doing this to make chakor confess her love, it’s better if he stayed away from both.
    Chakor is wrong in giving imli hope that she can convince raghav. she’s mature enough to know that love can’t be switched on and off. I know she can’t accept raghav after knowing that imli loves him but she’s hurting imli by uniting her with raghav while he’s in love with her.
    the whole thing would’ve made more sense if chakor was still denying her feelings for raghav but not after it.

  2. Chakor’s feelings and thoughts are badly written and are not presented clearly and not given enough time.
    There were 3 scenes where they had a chance to explain her pov: after raghav said his job is done, the drunk scene and today when she was talking to the moon but her feelings weren’t adressed.
    I think makers are fearing fan backlash but by ignoring Chakor’s feeling they’ve compromised the narrative and didn’t stop the backlash.
    Another issue is that makers focused on justifying imli’s love and forgot chakor’s, there were simply not enough raghav-chakor scenes to build their love
    IMO there was no indication that Chakor loved Raghav in Akash track, all their scenes could be explained as Chakor seeing Suraj in Raghav, if makers’ meant the scene to show more then they should’ve made it clear.
    Even if Chakor knew she was attracted to Raghav, when did she fall in love with him, this stage wasn’t addressed, when did Chakor unconsciously fall in love with Raghav.
    Raghav talk to Chakor convinced her to move on, so why were all her flashbacks about Raghav the family man, where were her feelings for him, why are makers scared to show Chakor’s love for Raghav.
    I wanted Chakor to talk to Suraj and explain her feelings, and even if writers don’t know what to write then they should’ve used teju or kasturi for this, something about moving on not meaning she doesn’t love suraj or that she has forgotten him.
    Writers should have more conviction in their story and not get scared.

  3. I don’t know how raghav feels chakor loves him, she never showed any care towards him, unless he says he sees love in her eyes then it isn’t justified.

  4. the writing needs to improve, give the progress of chakor’s character more importance than imli’s.
    imli will never be considered a lead of the show, so stop trying to make her one.
    it’s Chakor then Raghav then Anjor, then far behind them comes imli

  5. Safiya Hosein

    I fear TRP is going to decline!

    The writing needs to be improved. There is too much focus/emphasis on Imli’s character.
    The audience is not going to accept any love triangle with Imli, it is a terrible idea.
    Look what happened to the TRP when Naina was introduced briefly. (You all haven’t learned anything from that)
    The writers need to seriously buck up and remember the old stories and make Udaan great again!
    If these current writers have limited ideas, then replace them with new writers who can improve the show not destoy it with their limited creativity and ignorance.
    Udaan has always been an amazing serial which can go on for years as long as long their are good storylines like in the past, because it already has two of the best lead actors in the industry (Meera & Vijayendra) and they create magic witj any script.

    1. These writers are mad. I guess they haven’t watched the last seasons and know nothing about the love story of Chakor and Suraj. They have ruined and wasted the beauty of Udaan serial.
      As Nemo had said, Chakor and Suraj was as soul and body of this story, and without one of them, the whole story is dead ,is boring, is meaningless, is worthless …

  6. STOP THIS STUPID STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. What to say stop this nonsense and at least show the villaininterview think he is after raghav one of his enemies like that boring concept if u don’t show sukor scenes ok plse at least show raghav chakor scenes show the love towards each other why this much importance to that imli??????????????????

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