Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari kidnapped by goons

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night. Pari was walking on a deserted street all alone, crying over her talk with Sandhya. A dog appears from the front, Pari was afraid as the dog barks at her and comes closer.
There, Kunal asked everyone on street about his lost daughter.
Pari runs from the dog and hides into a nearby van. Two young men discussed about a money loss matter nearby. Kunal’s car stops in front of the van but Pari was hidden inside. The van moves away.
Sandhya gets a call from Pandit ji. Ishaan had just come to Mauli. Sandhya says Pandit ji won’t be here today, he will come tomorrow morning. The guests take a leave. Ishaan was happy that tomorrow their wedding date will be fixed. Mauli looks disturbed, she says she wants to promise Ishaan that she has left her past back, mentally and emotionally as well. No matter what their date of wedding comes out to be, her life now belongs to him, herself and Mishti only. She places her hand over Ishaan’s and they share smile with each other.
Radhika and Dida were tensed as they think about Pari.
The young men get into the van so as to decide about a matter. They get into the van but spots Pari inside their van. They come downstairs. Pari says she was afraid of a dog and climbed into their van; her name is Pari and she lost the way to her home. The young men come aside and discuss that money has walked to their door. They take Pari along with them with a promise to drop her home.
It was morning. Radhika calls Kunal asking about Pari. Kunal replies that he couldn’t find them.
The young men stop their truck near a tuck shop and show her to a goon. The goon was excited as the girl seems rich by appearance. They carry Pari inside.
Mauli and Ishaan’s couple match perfectly with each other. Sandhya was in a hurry to get the closest date for their marriage.
Radhika was extremely tensed for Pari. Dida suggests about calling Mauli as it’s the only place they didn’t call.
The Pandit announces a date after seven days appropriate for marriage. Everyone was happy, Ishaan congratulates Mauli. Soon, Mauli’s phone bell rings. It was Maa.
Pari had sensed the danger from goons. They convince her to climb up the van. Pari thinks about speaking to Kunal and insists to go for washroom. The goons let her go aside. Pari comes to the nearby tuck shop. She takes the phone from the shopkeeper and calls Kunal. Kunal was driving the car and doesn’t pick up the unknown number.
Ishaan forces Mauli to receive the call. Radika asks Mauli if Pari came over to her. Mauli cluelessly replies why would she come here? Radhika tells Mauli that Pari is missing since yesterday evening. Mauli was also tensed .Sandhya and Sweety look towards each other, Sandhya wonders how Pari could leave alone when she had sent Shaam with her. Sweety anyways drags their attention to celebrations ahead.

PRECAP: Kunal calls the tuck shop owner and asks why he called this number. He replies it must be the girl who came in a van with some men. Those men didn’t suit his child. Kunal asks about his address and buckle himself up to reach there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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