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The Episode starts with Chakor meeting Vivaan. Vivaan tells her that Suraj is going to marry Tina on our marriage day, Tejaswini and Suraj got more poisonous, I m scared that they will do something, that’s why they planned this, we can fail them by marrying next year. She nods, and doesn’t hear him while thinking of Imli. He asks what happened, why did you nod to marry next year. She says what, no. He asks what is the matter. She thinks I can’t tell Vivaan, I have to talk to Suraj. She says I will go now, and meet you later. He says listen…. She leaves.

Its night, Chakor thinks what to do, there has to be some way. Chakor hears Imli sadly talking to her baby, and saying she will save her baby, this time Chakor will help her, and she also trusts Chakor. Chakor says I have to solve this problem, I have to talk to Suraj. Bhuvan asks where are you going. Chakor makes excuse and goes to haveli. She goes to Suraj’s room and sees him with his friends. He drinks sand asks them why did they not get any item girl. His friend asks about Imli. Suraj says forget her, she is gone. Chakor thinks you can laugh now, but you have to accept Imli. Imli recalls Suraj scolding her and gets scared in her sleep. She gets up and worries. She sees Chakor missing. Suraj’s friends leave.

Chakor goes infront of Suraj. He asks what are you doing here. She asks do you think you will be saved after doing all that. He asks what, marrying on same day, tell me. She asks him not to act, I know whats between you and Imli. He says so Imli told you that story. She says Imli went to commit suicide because of you, I stopped her, you have not left any way for her, there is still time, accept Imli, marry her, else I will not leave you. He says what baby, are you mad, I don’t know whose sin is it. She shouts Suraj and scolds him, saying Imli did sin to love you, don’t punish her, accept her and the baby, else it won’t be good. He asks what will you do, get lost and pushes her. She finds his gun and aims at him. He asks what are you doing, its not a toy. She says even Imli is not a toy, you have to marry her.

He says listen to me, if you kill me, nothing good can happen with Imli, I always took care of her, after killing me, will you get saved and live happily with Vivaan, you will go jail, Vivaan’s happiness will end. She says I don’t care I stay alive or die, you ruined my sister’s life, you have to repent for your sins. She shoots at the wall. Vivaan hears the gun shot and goes to see. Suraj asks are you mad. Chakor says no, you won’t be alive, you think I m missing aim, no I want to see death shadow in your eyes before I kill you, you know my aim is very good. She aims at him. Imli comes there and gets shocked. She comes in between and saves Suraj. She says you can’t kill Suraj, you have to kill me first.

Chakor asks Imli to move. Imli says no, kill me, I won’t let Suraj get harm. Suraj says she is saying right, agree to her. Chakor asks Imli why do you want to save this man who ruined your life, he does not care for your life. Imli says I love Suraj, even if he does not love me, if anything happens to Suraj, I can’t be alive. Suraj looks on shocked. Imli asks Chakor to throw the gun. Chakor and Imli cry. Chakor tells Suraj that he is lucky that Imli saved him, else you would have died, remember one thing, you marry Imli or not, the baby will get your name. She says Imli you did wrong to save this man, come with me. They leave. Suraj gets worried.

Vivaan comes to Suraj’s room and asks what happened, I heard gunshot, is everything fine. Suraj says yes, I was cleaning my gun and shot to check, nothing happened, go and sleep. Vivaan leaves. Suraj shuts the door and switches off lights. He thinks of Imli’s words.

Imli and Chakor are going home. Imli asks her why did she do this. Chakor says you did not let me do anything, I would have killed Suraj. Imli asks would you again leave me and go jail by killing Suraj, who would support me then. Chakor hugs her and says you are saying right, forgive me, I won’t do this again. Imli cries and says I have no way to stay alive now. Chakor says you can’t lose, night can be long, but morning happens for sure, we will get some way. Imli says no, Suraj will never accept me. Chakor says when he knew you were committing suicide, he was shocked. She recalls Suraj’s words. Imli says Suraj does not have feelings for me, enough now, don’t worry for me now, come home, we have to prepare for your tilak. Chakor says go home, I will come in some time. Imli asks why, will you do anything again. Chakor says no, I swear on you, go home. Imli goes. Chakor sees Tina crying and worried. Tina says no, how can I be so helpless, how can this happen that I can’t decide for my life. Chakor goes to Tina and asks what happened, whats the problem. Tina says you won race, trophy and Vivaan too, you are marrying Vivaan. Chakor says even you are marrying. Tina says leave my marriage, tell me about your marriage, your bridal dress would be ready. Chakor says tell me what happened. Tina says leave me, go from here. Chakor says I think you don’t want to marry Suraj. Tina says yes, any mad girl will marry that illiterate, my Papa said yes, I could not say no to Papa, I don’t know what to do, I m ruining my life and feeling helpless, just 4 days and then Tina will be Suraj’s. Chakor says don’t lose courage. Tina says you have courage, I have seen you making impossible possible, help me, I don’t want to marry Suraj, how would I tell you to help me. Chakor says right. Tina holds her hand and says but I really need your help, save me from Suraj.

Chakor comes home and sees Imli awake. She asks why did you not sleep. Imli says I was worried. Chakor says no, I have good and bad news for you, which one will you hear first. Imli says bad news, I got habitual to it. Chakor says bad news is I don’t have any solution for your problem, good news is Tina does not want to marry Suraj, she said she wants to get free of him, don’t get glad, this does not mean you can marry Suraj. Imli asks will you help Tina and make her run. Chakor says no, Suraj will find her again. Imli says I got a hope, this is enough for me, I m going to sleep now. Chakor recalls her promise to Imli and thinks how to fulfill the promise and get Imli’s rights.

Suraj meets Bhaiya ji and says I m marrying Tina Raichand. Chakor tells everything to Vivaan. Vivaan shouts and says I will punish Suraj, he ruined Imli’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Please don’t separate vivaan and chakor.

    1. yes please don’t seperate the true lovers. please please.

      i want to see suraj accepting imli’s baby and marring her.

      and all problems i vivaan’s and chakor’s life will be end and there marraige as soon as possible.
      like to see tina marrying adithya.

  2. too bad….i heard chakor is gonna be married to suraj#yuck……#imagine a guy marrying a girl after getting her sister pregnant….story writers have really lost their marbles i guess!once it happens i’m gonna quit watching the show:(

  3. Yes febina they shud be together.

  4. Yes.Suraj and Imli …not Chakor..

  5. Why will chakor and suraj marry? That doesn’t make any sense. And what abt imli? whom will she get married to???
    So many confusions! !!!

    1. think that imli + suraj, chakor+vivaan and tina+adithya

  6. Chagunwa will marry imli

    1. how about suraj’s baby then???????

  7. the story with the most confusing love triangle suspense!!!!!!!waiting for upcoming

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