Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sohrab locks Ketki in bathroom and locks even his mother in her room. She shouts if she had know he would because so bad, she would not have given him birth. He angrily fumes. Maid comes. He asks her to guard Ketki and his mom and goes to his room. Maid opens frees Kekti and mom. Ketki runs out. Sohrab comes back and follows her. She hides in garden and then once he leaves, leaves in taxi. Sohrab reaches Kalyani’s house and hides behind tree. Kalyani and whole family eagerly wait for Ketki. Ketki reaches home via taxi and describes how Sohrab tortured her. Devika says they will go to police tomorrow. Ketki says Sohrab is very clever and will start crying and escape, she has to bear him till divorce proceedings finalize. Kalyani asks Shivang to bring divorce papers and lawyer tomorrow.

Kalyani goes to her room and reminisces Kekti’s words. Devika comes and starts crying that she cannot see Ketki’s condition and asks her to speak to Sohrab to stay away from Ketki. Kalyani says Sohrab has changed, even then she will do something. Devika sees tablets and asks what are these for. Kalyani says headache tablets. Devika asks from when she got headache and asks what is she hiding. Kalyani tells how she coughed up blood, doc told she consumed mercury via sindhoor and Meenakshi giving her sindhoor mixed juice. She asks how can kaaki do this. Devika starts crying and asks her not to take anything from Meenakshi and Megha from hereon.

Ketki speaks to Protima over phone and informs how Sohrab tortured her. Protima says she will arrange security for her. Ketki says it is okay. Protima promises Ketki that she will get her rid of Sohrab soon.

Kalyani meets Sohrab in a hotel and asks howmuch money he needs to get away from Ketki’s life. He says he loves her and married Ketki to get her. He is divorce Ketki if she spends a night with him. She angrly says she would have slapped him if it is not a hotel. He laughs and says she cannot touch her and he will wait for her.

Next morning Megha serves breakfast to Ketki. Sohrab comes there smiling and says Ketki my wife.

Precap: Devika praises Kalyani that it was her best song till now. Kalyani hugs her. Protima shouts in front of Ketki that Kalyani stole her idea. Sohrab molests Kalyani and she slaps him.

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  1. Please update…thank you.

  2. Update not on time. And 16jun not updated. Why delay.

  3. Everyone is trying to create misunderstandings and jealousy between sisters kalyani,ketki.
    Protima,sohrab,meenakshi,megha everyone. And CVs are spoiling sohrab’s character very much.

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