Udaan 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishwar giving a sharp reply to Bhaiya ji saying he will not give permission to any useless factory. Bhaiya ji talks about the silk factory and he will export the silk to the world, and it will be prosperous. Ishwar asks prosperous for whom, you? Bhaiya ji is shocked. Prabhakar changes the topic being tensed. Ishwar changes his words and smiles. Tejaswini says lets have tea and talk. Chakor says she will take the tea out. Prabhakar asks Aditya to show the book to Bhaiya ji. Aditya gives his book to Tejaswini. She shows to Bhaiya ji. He says its very thin book, I thought it will be a good book of many papers. He taunts Ishwar. Prabhakar says yes, its small book, but his mind is sharp, his poetry is good.

Aditya tells a poetry about everyone being equal. Tejaswini claps. She says you told a big thing in a small poetry, you should get a gift. Bhaiya ji asks what you want. Aditya says you liked it, its my gift. Bhaiya ji says great, but tell me what you want. Aditya says he will ask when the time comes. Chakor brings the tea. Abha shows Ishwar that a small girl is working. He is stunned. Abha takes the tray and says she will help her. Abha likes Chakor and asks her name. Tejaswini says lets have tea and go for the puja, everyone will be waiting.

She asks Suraj to show the haveli to Aditya. Suraj asks Aditya did he write the book himself. Aditya says yes and asks how many rooms are here. Suraj says tell me who wrote that book, eve I passed exams like this. Aditya says he wrote every word of that book and is writing two more books. Suraj says but other name is written. Aditya shows his wits to him. He roams around the haveli and likes it. She comes to the haveli temple and prays to Lord. Chakor comes to give food to Sheru. Aditya comes there and sees Chakor.

She says she is hungry since morning and controls Sheru. She makes Sheru eat. Aditya comes to her. She says this dog won’t bite till I m here. She says give him this biscuits, he will become your friend too. Aditya is scared. Chakor laughs and asks Sheru not to bark. Aditya smiles. He asks her to show him the haveli as he did not see such a big house before. She says she has work, why can’t he see himself, is he afraid. He says no, you know well. She says fine, I won’t become your friend. He asks why. She says no. He asks again.

Lovely comes to Suraj and Ragini and asks them to go for puja. Suraj saks her the riddle and Lovely says she will find the solution as its for Bhaiya ji’s respect. She comes to Manohar and asks the riddle to shorten the line without touching it. He says why, whats the need to shorten it. She says she will find the solution. Ishwar comes there and she bumps into him. He says he won’t give the certificate till he is satisfied. His phone falls. She apologizes to him. Chakor lifts his phone and gives him. He sees the sign on her hand and asks what is this.

She says my mum said its blessings, everyone has this in my family, except my younger sister. Tejaswini hears this and is tensed. Chakor says she does not like this sign and tries to erase it. She says it does not go ever. Tejaswini comes there and Ishwar asks about the sign. She says its some other sign, they have belief that its Lord’s blessing. She says you can stay her and know more. She says lets go in the puja. Suraj says he wants answer for the riddle. Manohar says Aditya is fooling you. Aditya tells to shorten the line without touching. Chakor says its easy. Suraj laughs.

Ragini says how will you do. Suraj says Aditya if you are fooling us. Ishwar says it can be done. He asks Chakor to do and show them. Chakor says yes. Tejaswini says don’t waste time with kids. Ishwar says everyone should take part, Chakor should get a chance. She says fine, tell us fast. Suraj draws a line. Chakor draws the big line beside it. Hounslon ki udaan hai……………….plays………………. Chakor saus see iy became small. Ishwar claps for her. Ishwar says great and says she is very sharp girl and can go very far. Aditya smiles. Manohar and Tejaswini are shocked.

Chakor and Aditya have a talk. Ishwar talks to them. They take Chakor with them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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