Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night Mayank comes into the room to see that it has all been decorated with candles. Gunjan appears from behind the curtain dressed in red gown, and hugs him from back. Mayank retaliates but she dances with him. During the dance she tries to say sorry to Mayank, but he doesn’t like it all and is in a bad mood. He finally dances with her and asks how she knows that his mood has improved. She asks when he knows everything he must have come earlier. Mayank says that waiting has it’s own fun, Gunjan says that she will do the same to him. Gunjan’s mobile begins to ring, she says that it must be important. Mayank gets rid of her and asks her to answer the phone, and keep waiting for them. He blows the candle and asks her to talk on phone outside the room as he is tired. He lies down in bed, while Gunjan also comes in the bed.

Dayal thinks about what KT had promised that his mother and Bittu are leaving the house. He walks in the hall when Prabhu comes there and tells him that it is only about a night, then that lady will go away from here and Rachna’s happiness will return. Dayal says that until he sees this with his own eyes, he won’t believe.
KT comes to Bittu’s room, who was asleep. He recalls the moments with Bittu. Gayatri watches them from the window and says that he won’t leave his younger brother alone and will fulfill all his needs. Bittu takes his hands and calls his name. Mausi asks Gayatri what she has decided.

Gunjan says to Rachna that life isn’t perfect; KT must choose one. Gunjan says it is the same as Mayank and my work for me, but it is alright as one doesn’t get everything.

On the breakfast table, Mayank and Gunjan sat one seat apart. Mayank says that if doesn’t talk, why should I. Shayl wonders why they are sitting far apart. Mayank leaves the table, Shayl asks what happened? She says it is nothing. Golu brings the laptop saying he needs to play the game, she says that she has to share a file before. Golu tells her that he switched the laptop off. Shayl scolds Golu, but he winks and says that Mayank bhaiya knows all about back up and will soon solve this. Shayl appreciates Golu and calls him for breakfast.

Gunjan asks that instead of scolding him, she is appreciated him. Mayank comes there and asks Gunjan about his shirt. Golu makes fun of Mayank that he is considering him as Gunjan. Gunjan says that first he didn’t let her save her file, and now he must find someone to retirieve her files. Mayank thinks he might get late, and asks Gunjan to bring his shirt and he will retrieve her files. Mayank scolds Golu that what would Gunjan have done, had he not been there. Gunjan brings the shirts, Mayank appreciates her presentation and asks her not to change ever. She thinks I haven’t changed, but you have.

KT brings some shopping bags and tells Dadi to hand them as he won’t be able to see Bittu leaving. Bittu comes running and says his mother is missing. KT goes to look for her with him. Rachna asks Gunjan, who was saying that she didn’t come here too. Bauji and Prabhu were already worried. Bittu comes crying along with Mausi. KT goes to look again inside. Shayl and Gunjan come with Dayal to KT’s house. KT says he is going to find his mother before it is too late.

Gunjan finds a fallen paper and reads it. She tells them she said that she is going to do a suicide. Rachna takes the paper and reads it aloud; it said that a mother who is considered as bad omen for her children is better to die. Two brothers are going to be separated because of me, so I am going to do a suicide.

The engineers tied dyanamite at a construction site. A sign board indicated the danger-zone. Gayatri comes there. Mausi calls her and tells her that everyone has left looking for you, you must go at the other side of the sign board. She turns around, Rachna was standing there. She asks what happened, Mausi thanks the God that she didn’t know the truth. Gayatri says that she is a great actor, and sees the sign board; according to what Mausi had said, she goes to the direction opposite of where the blast had to happen.

The engineers change the sign boards as the instructions were to do the blasts on the opposite sides. Gayatri is trapped in the blasts.

PRECAP: Gunjan promotes about Darpan and his brother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I just hope Gayatri DIES…. She is a real b*t*h… Why does she not want her son to be happy???? What kinda mother is she??

  2. No I don’t want kt mom to die so easy, Becuz if she die kt wouldn’t knw the truth abt her, n he will live with regrets, let kt know abt her true colors first before she die

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