Udaan 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with me talking about Durga Maa Pandaal puja where Girdharilal ji is coming. Pasha and his goon see Chakor and stop seeing police. Chakor comes in the event and there is Ranjana, her dad Girdharilal and Vivaan. Pasha goes to take Chakor, as Manohar will not spare him. The man asks Ranajna about Manohar. She says she could not come being busy. Vivaan asks her why did he lie. She asks him to start living without his dad. Vivaan thinks about Manohar and is upset. Vivaan gets inside the pandal with Ranjana. Pasha’s goon see the other girl in same frock and try to find Chakor. A man asks Chakor why is she standing here during Aarti time. She says I want to go to Aditya’s home.

They do the puja.Ranjana’s dad gives money to Vivaan to put in donation box. She reminds him how Manohar raised hand on him. Vivaan thinks about that and Chakor being responsible. He says it was not papa’s mistake, but Chakor’s. He puts money in donation box. Chakor asks the exit way. She hears Vivaan’s name in announcement and says Vivaan.

The lady says yes, its Girdharilal’s grandson Vivaan. They do the aarti. Jai Ambe Gauri…………….plays………………..Pasha and his goon look for Chakor. Chakor comes infront and is shocked seeing Vivaan. She calls out Vivaan and he does not hear her. The pandit gives gulaal to Vivaan asking him to put on everyone. Pasha holds Chakor and she looks at him. Vivaan throws the gulaal in air and it goes in their eyes. Chakor moves and tries coming to Vivaan. Vivaan leaves.

Chakor is stopped by security. She sees him going and shouts Vivaan. Adhe adhure khwaab jo poore na ho sake………………….plays…………… Vivaan leaves in the car. Chakor runs after him calling out Vivaan………..She thinks about him. She gets upset. Tejaswini lights sticks and puts in water. Bhaiya ji comes and sees her. He asks why is she sitting in dark and running her mind. She says why, can’t mind work in darkness. He says yes sure, what are you thinking. She says she is thinking, if Manohar’s people don’t get the girl then. He says no, this can’t be, as I spoke to him and trapped him in brother’s relation, he will always think in our favor.

She says she does not trust Manohar. He says even I m thinking this, did I make a mistake. She says Lord takes care of everyone, I wish something happens that Chakor comes back to us before Ishwar makes some plan. Vivaan is upset thinking about Manohar. He gets angry and throws the flowers. The phone rings. Ranjana asks Vivaan to get the call. Vivaan says I won’t take it, ask any servant, its Nana’s home and he gets the call. She says its our home too, take the call. Vivaan takes the call and the man from Durga puja Samithi comes. Chakor makes the man call him. She is glad knowing its Vivaan and talks to him. Vivaan is shocked hearing her. Chakor talks to him and says she came here from Aazaadgunj after him. Vivaan thinks he lost his dad because of Chakor.

She says she saw him in car and shouted, but he did not hear her. She says then I got lost and saw you again in market and now in Pandaal, I did not reach you as there was crowd. She says Vivaan, say something and asks Kaka is his phone not working, as Vivaan’s voice is not coming. Vivaan says he does not know any Chakor. She is shocked hearing this. Adhe adhure khwaab jo……………..plays…………….

Aditya asks Abha where is Chakor. Prabhakar says she became a trouble for us, Bhaiya ji will think we kept her. Ishwar argues and Prabhakar says we can lose our life too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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