Jamai Raja 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni’s friend’s boyfriend saying Sid that he has seen him before and asks which school he studied in. Sid says a local school and thinks he is his senior and hope he does not identify him. Another friend’s boyfriend asks Sid to get him scotch. Sid says he does not drink and will not allow alcohol in his home. Sid’s dad asks what does he do. He says his dad has a big business. Another friend also says same. Roshni’s friend start insulting Sid, says he works for DD and says it is good as Roshni is DD’s only daughter and sole heir of her wealth. She continues to insult him. Roshni slips and falls, starts writhing in pain. Sid and his parents get worried and start serving her. Her friend say they are taking care of her as they can grab DD’s wealth. Roshni gets irked and starts scolding and insulting her friends, asks them to get out before she kicks them out. Friends leave. She then apologizes Sid’s parents for her friend’s insults and says she cannot be a good bahu. Simran says those are guests and don’t deserve their attention at all, says once Sid brought even more arrogant guests and Raj left them at zoo, asks her to laugh. Roshni hugs Simran and says she is lucky to have in-laws like them and husband like Sid. Sid thinks she is very emotional girl.

Sid and Roshni reach DD’s home. DD starts scolding Sid for insulting Roshni’s friend, says his parents are ill cultured and she is taming a snake at her home. Roshni gets annoyed hearing that and says she is snake who is biting her own daughter, says says does not have any right to insult her husband, says she called her so she came to her house and is paying rent, she is her house owner and does not have any rights to interfere in her personal matters and asks her to dare suspend Sid from her office. DD starts crying and gets back to her room. Sid thinks these mother and daughter are fighting instead of uniting and prays god to help him unite them.

Sid brings food for Roshni and sees her sitting sadly. He tries to console her, but asks him not to console her and let her be herself. Sid says when he married, he promised to be with her always. Roshni asks her to leave her alone. Sid says he is very chipku and says he has something for her. He serves food in a plate and takes it near her. She angrily turns back and throws food by mistake. She then gets sad saying his mom prepared food for her and her mom does not care about her feelings at all. Sid asks her to stop thinking more. Roshni says she cannot and says people have to think that you are this house’s damad and is living here by paying rent, so they cannot insult or interfere in your life. She then goes to clean the mess.

Pratima into argument with client who tries to misbehave with her and scolds her. Sid intervenes and says employee is doing her duty and says he cannot misbehave with her. DD hears their conversation and asks Pratima to touch client’s feet and apologizes him. DD then asks client to get into her cabin as she got new designs. She then asks Bablu to fire Pratima. Sid says Bablu will not fire her. DD asks him to stop interfering. Bablu says it is a season and we have less staff. DD asks Pratima not to do any more mistake, else she will fire her. Sid thinks he cannot let Pratima being insulted like this.

Precap: Sid challenges DD for a cooking competition with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What the hell make dd so powerful?…everyone is bowing down to her i just don’t get it but i know sid will clip her wings in due time

  2. I love this serias

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