Udaan 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor saves Suraj and kids

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Udaan 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor saying something is wrong, that man has left me easily when I have checked the bag. She keeps the bag. She recalls how she had the water and fainted. She rushes back to check the bag. Someone is shown in the dark cell. He hurts himself. He writes Chakor with blood. Chakor looks for the bag. She rejects Nisar’s call. She gets the bag and checks. She gets shocked seeing the bomb. Imli comes to storeroom and sees her chair. She sits and says I will ruin this happy family, bomb will be exploding now, boom. She laughs. Nisar says don’t answer Imli’s phone, Chakor has become dangerous for us. Chakor sees the bomb and timer. She sees the kids around. She gets Nisar’s call. He asks her to leave the bag and go, else he will shoot Suraj. She cries. Suraj runs in the woods. She says sorry Suraj, forgive me, you would have done the same being in my place. She thinks of Suraj. Mahiya…..plays….

She takes the bag and runs away to save the kids. Goons runs after Suraj to catch him. Chakor feels Suraj around and stops. Suraj stops and says I feel Chakor is close to me. Mahiya…..plays…. Suraj runs ahead to get saved from goons. Chakor recalls her training. She runs with the bomb. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….plays…… She sees Saanvi’s water bottle. She says it means they took Suraj from here, Suraj I did everything I could to save you, I won’t let anything happen to you. She runs. Imli says don’t know that man did my work or not, he isn’t answering. Suraj gets caught by the goons. Chakor reaches the lake. She sees Suraj. Suraj gets shocked seeing her with the bomb in hand. Nisar looks on from far. She asks the goons to throw their weapons, else she will blow all of them, I m not afraid to die. Suraj asks her to throw the bomb away. She counts down. Goon threatens her about Saanvi. She says I won’t let many daughters lose life for one lie. Goons leave Suraj and run. Suraj shouts throw the bomb.

She throws the bomb in the lake. Suraj runs to her. Nisar gets angry. Suraj and Chakor cry seeing each other. They hug. Mahiya….plays…. She says Chandu ji saved you Suraj, you came back to me, they fooled me and kept this condition to keep bag in the school, I couldn’t see the kids dying. He says I m proud of you, it wasn’t wrong if I had to sacrifice life, but where is Saanvi. She says she is fine, don’t worry. A man puts food for the mad man. The mad man holds his feet and asks who did this. The man locks the mental guy and goes. The mad man asks what’s my mistake, I will not leave you. Nisar says Chakor saved her husband and kids too, I failed in failing her, she is brave, we lost her, I can’t show my face to anyone now. He shoots himself. Imli gets shocked. She says no, this can’t happen, I won’t die till I ruin Chakor, she thinks she is very smart… She sees Chakor’s pic and says I will ruin you.

Inspector says Nisar committed suicide, but we got to know that Karan paid him a big amount. ?Chakor and Suraj get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How Vivian is alive and how he can be the Vilian I don’t understand. Why he written on the wall ‘I wl kill you chakor’.

  2. Thank God chakor saved kids and her suraj too.their reunion sevan was very emotional .

    And I am dam sure that the man in jail probably is vidvan/paras.because his voice is similar to him.but how and why he came there….don’t know. Really excited to know what will be suits next step against karan.

  3. Amazing episode
    I liked how Chakor doubted that they switched the bag.
    Loved how Sukor sensed each other’s presence.
    The hug was beautiful, I liked how Chakor was holding Saanvi’s water bottle.
    I’m sad Nisar killed himself, I was hoping he’ll come after Sukor, he was an impressive villain.
    I think the mad man is Vivaan

  4. There are rumors Karan’s character is ending. He was poorly written and confusing.
    I hope they bring a strong villain, I don’t think Vivaan will make a strong one. They are better off keeping Nisar.
    Whatever they do, they should have Sukor fighting against evil. Showing them unaware of the conspiracies against them doesn’t work, the last month is a big proof.

  5. I hope Vivaan ends up killing Imli.
    I liked his acting today, hope he does the role well.

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