Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya And Ratan Rescue Family Members

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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meethi tells that everyone of you are captive in this terror attack and if anyone tries to escape then they will be killed. Imposter and Meethi looks for IRIC. Mohak says we thought her simple, but she is a terrorist. CT says where is Daata Hukum, if anything has happened to him, if he is fine. Sakshi sees Imposter with Meethi and asks him to save everyone, says they are here. She asks everyone to get up. Imposter Deepu says it is good that you all told me that you are here, it will be easy for us to kill you all. He along with terrorists aim gun at them. CT says this means you are not our Daata Hukum, you have lied to us and played with our feelings. Imposter says you all are blinded and thrown real Ratan and own blood out of Palace. He says because of you fools, we are near to destroy India. He says Diya saved Iric, but you all will be killed. Diya and Ratan see them from far. Diya asks Ratan to take all family members from there and says she will divert imposter. Ratan says I can’t risk your life. Diya says I am fine and asks him to go. She takes terrorist to side. CT asks Meethi not to do this. Meethi asks Bhuvan to give his necklace and aims gun at him. He refuses, but is about to give, when Diya shoots at Meethi. Meethi also shoots at her. Yash also shoots at the terrorists. Diya checks her gun and thinks she has less bullets. She thinks to do something so that all family members go with Ratan. She puts colors on them so that they don’t see anything.

Ratan takes family out and asks them to go to safe room. He asks CT, where is Kakusa, Sakshi and Mohana? He says he will bring them. Mohak says I will also come with you. Ratan asks them to take them to panic room and says I will bring all of them there. Mohak says ok. Imposter sees everyone gone and thinks our motive was to kill IRIC, but they want to play blood holi with us. Diya comes there with Yash. Mohak tells that Ratan went to search her. Diya panics. Ratan knocks on the door. Diya aims gun at door. Ratan says I am Ratan. Yash opens the door. Ratan runs inside and hugs Diya. He tells that he got worried for her. He tells that he couldn’t find Mohana, Bhuvan and Sakshi and don’t know where are they? He says he will bring them safely. CT apologizes to Ratan for kicking him out of home and says I couldn’t identify my son, and apologizes. Ratan hugs her. Yash also apologizes. Ratan forgives him. Imposter announces asking them to handover IRIC to them, else they will kill everyone. The Indian guests ask Diya to handover IRIC to them. Diya asks IRIC to come. IRIC asks her not to do this with him.

Diya takes him out of room, and returns back. She tells everyone that she has hidden IRIC to safe place which she only knows. Imposter asks his terrorists to search everyone and kill them. Diya asks everyone to be there, and says she will bring Bhuvan, Sakshi and Mohana. Imposter kills the people whom he finds in the Palace. Bhuvan is hiding in the room and asks God to save him. Meethi comes to room and sits on bed. Bhuvan comes out and thinks he is saved. Meethi is on bed and aims gun at him. She says I will not kill you and says you helped me and give me access card. He blames himself and asks her to kill him. Meethi says you are a fool and deserves to die. She is about to shoot him, but just then Diya comes there and hits on her head and takes Bhuvan with her. Bhuvan apologizes to Ratan. Ratan forgives and hugs him. Sakshi and Isha are hiding in the room. Sakshi feels pain and cries hugging Mohana. Yash comes there and takes Sakshi and Mohana out. Diya sees a boy crying and comes to room. Imposter is about to come there. Diya turns to take them out.

Diya tells that it is night and everyone is hungry, even small child. Ratan says you are right. Imposter says they are hungry and will come to kitchen for sure. He says we have to laid a trap for them. Diya comes out of panic room.

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