U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 16 contd and 17]

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I’m late. Very very late. Sorry for that. My exams have finished yesterday. Well guyz I was highly disappointed with the response on previous episode and realised that I haven’t made the last scene clear (you can tell me any other scene which you didn’t understood.) So hereby I’m posting the same episode with detailed last scene and other episode too!

My life in this week was greatly disturbed. At first Ragini’s birthday went nicely for me but a total opposite for her just because her first ever gifted guitar was ruthlessly broken! The thing that troubled me the most was that piece of sherwani and I didn’t need to think again because I knew whom it belonged to. My dad. Even I took a look at his wardrobe are found that his sherwani was tore from the bottom which took me to the greatest confusion. Why the hell would dad do this. Never ever. Is anyone trying to bait him? Who can do this?

His POV ends.


I asked her to get ready, get ready in the dress which I’d gifted her. She with her usual confused expressions looked at me and I stood there with my dimpled smile. She took the bag and went inside her room. I sighed. There is a lot of work to do.

I was waiting there, waiting for her. There I was saw her descending from her BMW. I was awestruck. Miss Ragini Gadodia was right in front of me in elegant high neck, sleeveless, short illusion back Champagne Dress with White Lace and she wore hig heels and her hairs tied in a messy bun. She is too hot to handle! She came to me and raised her right eyebrow. She looked at the walls of that house.
“What are you looking at?”
“Are these things for me. Today is my birthday? Such a beautiful decoration, and such a beautiful dress”

“Beautiful things for the most beautiful girl on this earth”
“Stop using cheesy lines, I’ve inherited some tom boyishness from your gym trainer” sayings so she winked at me

That’s it! A perfect moment, a perfect mood, the perfect fragrance, the perfect lightings, the perfect she and a perfect me.
I knelt to the ground and took a hold on the red rose which was kept on the nearby table in the vase. I forwarded my hands.
“Is it rose day today?”
I know she is trying to be a bit humorous and what I’ve realised now I’m not in the mood to forget it ever.
“Ragz I don’t know what is today nor do I know any cheesy lines but when I saw you for the first time I instantly fell for you. Your love, your attitude, your anger, your crying face I’ve seen everything. I really love you Ragini. I really love you”
“REHAAN! You are aware about my past and still…”
“Ragini past is past and love just happens”
“You know the wounds are still fresh. Whenever I see him I remember whatever I did with his family. Than you came to my life, helped me in realising who I am, you gave me a new recognition than how could you make a fun of my emotions. Sorry Rehaan but I don’t love you”
And there it happened! The thing I was fearing happened. My life was stucked with her’s. That Laksh snatched my Ragz. He’s trying to get on the track again! No one knew who’d sent that guitar for Ragini. But I knew it was Laksh Maheshwari……


Ragini’s POV :
And there I received a biggest shock. My best friend was in love with me. I also know that love just happens but why me? Why I’m always targeted? I got into the casuals and took my car keys and went to fetch a peaceful place

It was 9 AM and I was closed in my room. Maheshwaris have left to Mandir (Temple) as they have recently bought a shop which can give a start to their business. I didn’t wanted to go outside just to upset Rehaan and remind myself about what happened yesterday but I needed to. I opened my room’s window and to my luck he had already left. In fact no one was at home. I went on to prepare breakfast for myself.
“Ragini!” Papaj… uncle approached me. I kept the bottle of jam and answered him.

“Beta I’m in a hurry! Please keep these papers in my locker and here are the keys. It will take 10 mins for me to do this fuss and I’m already 15 mins late.”
I took the papers and he left. I read them. ‘Property papers’ It read. Why did he gave it to me? After what all happened does he still believe me? Was Laksh behind all this? I went towards his locker and opened it. Aghhh why the hell is it not opening? Huhhh… it finally opened. Without thinking the second time I stuffed the locker with papers.

Laksh’s pov :

“Pandit ji he might be on his way. Have patience”
Great! I was asking a priest to be patient just because my dad grew impatient, impatient to keep those papers. We all Maheshwaris and Sumi maa and baba were here doing Grah Shanti Havan as well as praying for our new shop, and waiting for our dad. He went to keep the papers in his locker and asked us to leave saying he’ll reach on time. Now when Pandit ji in a way was threatening us that if Mahurat passed he wouldn’t be available to do the pooja again, dad was nowhere to be seen. Just than I saw a bald head when someone was climbing stairs and immediately I knew it was my dad!
“Pandit ji he came. Let us start”
He nodded.

The havan went on for 1 hour. I asked him if he kept those papers safely. He replied positively and I sighed.

We reached the house and saw Ragini writing something. Maa asked to know what she was writing to which she replied that she was writing lyrics of her upcoming song. I was proud of her. I demanded to know where those papers were to progress in our shop work. He replied that it was in his locker. Undoubtedly, why he took so much time to reach Mandir. He and his archaic locker. Will take 15 mins to open. Huhh.

I climbed up the stairs and entered his room. I inserted the key and as usual the lock was jammed! The lock finally opened and to my horror papers were nowhere to be found. We need to show them as a proof to work on our shop.
“Haven’t you got them yet?” She was being rude.
I shook my head.
“Step aside” she ordered. I moved from there and she began to search.
“But I kept them here only”
“What? Why? Who asked you to keep it?”
“Uncle asked me to do it as he was in a haste”
What? Dad told her to do so?


I was swinging on the rocking chair. Ragini told me whatever happened in the morning. Dad told her that he was 15 mins already late but we left him just outside the garden of our house. Where he was in those 15 mins? And the most important who stole those papers? Everyone was making wild guesses like who might have stolen the papers and what the situation would have been. Chachi said that Ragini was the culprit but I don’t believe her if she would have been the culprit than she might have created different situation, whatever her past deeds suggest. According to me the culprit was someone else, the one whom we believe is not.

I tried connecting every possible link but something was there which I missed. Ragini told me that it was 9:20 when dad asked her to keep those papers while we dropped him outside the garden at 9:05. Did he spent his 15 mins doing yoga? Certainly not! And according to Ragini she kept those papers and someone stole them. Didn’t she got to know that someone was trying to open the jammed lock which produces so much noise.
“Laksh I’ve got these papers” dad said as he came in my room.
“From where?”
He shrugged and continued his work.
How can he be so cool? At least now we got the papers.

It was morning and the yesterday’s matter was lil bit cold. Though Chachi still had grudge on Ragini but Maa thought to forget it. She said to everyone that it might have happened because of the carelessness.
“But badi maa how can we sit quitely? Even you also know that there’s someone who’s deliberately doing them”
“Yes Annapoorna. Swara is right!”
Dad said in his usual husky voice.

“I’m understanding everything. You’re trying to save Ragini because that time everyone was present in Mandir and no outsider can come inside our house as it was Ragini’s responsibility and she was the only one who can take those papers and she had the keys too!”
This is what I exactly concluded. And actually I can figure it out that this was what Maa actually meant. I’m sure everyone would be thinking of it and after Chachi’s commentary their doubts would have confirmed. If it was My Ragini I would have known! It can’t be her. I shook my head in disbelief and saw her, Ragini right infront of my eyes weeping. She closed her eyes and clenched her fingers. Everyone got alert and stopped. She opened her eyes with a jerk and looked at all of us. She wiped her tears and ignored us and went outside the house. My heart flinched seeing her like this. Will I ever be the reason of your smile other than your tears.

I was thinking about her when I saw her infront of my eyes looking intensely at her mobile. I needed to apologise. She was taking selfies! I stood behind her closely, very closely. She turned and collided with me. Her hands on my shoulders and my hand on her waist and one holding her arms to balance her. She raised her face and looked at me and I looked straight in her eyes. Intensely. Got what I wanted. Her eyes no more showed innocence full of something which I failed to understand. She lowered her gaze and realised her position, our position. She composed herself and I was also compelled to do so!
“What were you doing here?”
I know what she meant. Wanting to ask me what was I doing standing so close.
She looked at me raising her eyebrows for an answer.

Men will be men. We’ll think thousand time before apologising.
“Actually I was posing in your selfie” I blurted.
“What? Selfie? Which selfie” She exclaimed.
“Selfie! You were clicking selfies just now. Remember?”
She looked at me in confusion. I could see her expression changed. She narrowed her eyes and glared at me.

“You mean I was clicking selfies?”
I nodded confusingly.
“You’re a jerk! I was checking network.”
Oooooooooooo she was checking network and I thought she was clicking selfies. Silly me! Laksh be serious. I maintained my expressions and said
“Ragini I’m sorry whatever my family thought and spoke about you. We didn’t meant that”
I waited for her reply but got nothing in return. She took a deep breath and got into her ‘usual mode’. The mode which enables her to speak less and be more snorty. She was huffing and she took her mobile and left.

I didn’t knew what she feels for me but whatever I did is unforgiveable. I saw two things in her eyes. The one from which I found satisfaction and the second which brought great anxiety. The one which I want to restore the second which I don’t want to exist even for a second. The one is LOVE and second I’m still trying to fetch.

I don’t know who was behind all this but what I knew was interrelated. Let’s try to resemble things which took place in few days. Firstly, Ragini’s guitar, dad’s sherwani piece stucked in the broken window’s glass. But that doesn’t mean that he would have broken the guitar and then jumped from the window and in doing so his sherwani got stucked and tore afterall he’s 60 now. Secondly, those shop papers. Dad told us that it was necessary to keep those papers safely and that time it was 9:05 and after that at 9:20 he asked Ragini to keep those papers. Where was he in these 15 mins and then Ragini didn’t even heard the noise from the jammed locker. I need to ask her on this point. Without confirming I shouldn’t take the next step.

“Come in” She said when I knocked the door.
“Ragini I need to talk about important”
“You can talk about it later. I’m busy right now.”
“Ragini can you keep past aside for few minutes.”

“As you know the locker is jammed and upon opening it creates noise. Why didn’t you heard any such noise?”
“I was writing lyrics and needed ideas and had my ear plugs on so maybe because of that I didn’t heard the noise”

I found her answer convincing but needed to confirm.


Hey!! Do share your opinions and suggestions. And if you think am dragging it or if u r not able to get any scene do comment. Thanks for your love guyz…

Stay blessed!

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