I am back with my zid (Epi-10)

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sorry for being late,i want to know if anyone missing me or not? just kidding ,guys really I’m very busy now a days ,that’s why last episode was bit short but i just hope i didn’t disappoint u in this episode guys ,let’s start,

continue with shivika ,shivaay still hold her,
Shiv :come with me….
Shiv :my home,
ani:ur home…? Mr shivaay till now ur not change, tumare gar mein mera kya kam hai…,
Shiv :bcoz shivaay singh oberoi didn’t share his things and ur mine….tho Jo chease mera hai uska jaga bhi mera hi hoga ….
ani:mein kisika things nahi uska saas banna chahtha hoon… for ur information I’m not ur thing…
shivaay leave her,
Shiv :ok u didn’t not give any time for me,i’m not like u..take my time.
ani: ur time…..?
Shiv:yes ,tu maano ya na maano,u r always mine and also urs, so ur time is mine,shivaay ki time pahut keemti hai ,so don’t waste my time….. bye,
he leaves anika looks on…..
oberoi mansion,
ansh washes his hand in the kitchen…
Sarah :r u eat something ?
ansh:Mexican chicken pizza
Om:oh…. pizza Om but it need some time for making…
Anshi : hey hello this not ur house and we r not ur workers..
Om:its okay anshi he is our guest so plz….
they r makeing pizza ,
some how pizza is ready,
Om about to feed ansh,who close his eyes and feel the pizza smell (just like shivaay )he open his mouth for pizza but anshi put chilli in his mouth…. ansh bite chilli and shout…
ansh:ohh… its burning…..
his face change red bcoz of angry
Sarah give him some water,
omsharah stares anshi who is terribly laughing but after their stares she try to control herself,

unexpectly ansh throw flour on anshi…
ansh:joker ,he laughing ,
now anshi also high anger,
they throw flour,tomato,egg eachother om&sarah try to stop them but vain… they also have all things on theirself…
after ansh leaves ,
on other hand,
prinku,ranveer &priyal enter one club ,
prinku:i think we get some clue here,
all r going inside ,
prinku point one man,
prinku:we r watch this guy ‘s every step…..
ran&pri :ok
all r get one table which is near that guy….

suddenly drinks fall on ranveer shirt,priyal try to clean,
pri:show me i will clean…
prinku give irritating look and turn her face away… ranvee notice it and smile…
ran:its ok no prblm….
suddenly that guy go one the dance floor… and dance with one girl…
pri:oh god he is dancing … he didn’t come meet anyone…Only enjoy…
prinku :no this is meeting he come here to meet that girl only,
see they r discuss something during the dance….
ran:how did we know..what is they r talking about..
pri:i have an idea…come…
priyal take ranveer on the dance floor…. they dance near them….

song plays,
I know you want it,
But you never gonna get it
Tere hath kabhi naa aani
Maane na maane koi duniya ye saari
Mere ishq ki hai deewani
Ab dil karta hai huale haule se
Main khud ko gale lagaaun
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
Main to khud se pyaar jataaun
What’s my name?
what’s my name?
what’s my name?
My name is Sheila, Sheila ki Jawani
I am too s*xy for you
Main tere haath na aani ….

they r doing some romantic steps and so close to eachother..
prinku get so much angry but hide it….
mean while , that guy inject something in that girl body and she faint priyal and ranveer hold her… but that guy leave ,prinku follow him..
pri:she is dead…
ran:what ?
ranveer see around… but prinku is missing….
ran:where is prinku …?
pri:prinku!! … oh!  mam, she is follow him…
ranveer run ,

there was isolated place…
prinku follow him ,suddenly he turn ,prinku hide her self behind the pillar then she come out and check him but he is not there,prinku hit the can… angrily…
suddenly someone take gun in her pant packet…and aim her..prinku get sudden shock…she don’t know what to do…she steps back….
man shoot prinku who is close her eyes..bullet coming towards her suddenly ranveer  take her away and he get the bullet on her arm(nothing serious just like rudr get shot in serial but wound is bit serious )ranveer shoot that man ,he is dead on the spot…
prinku and ranveer fell down on the floor…
scene sift crime branch office ,
priyal give first aid to ranveer ,
prinku stares them…she get jealous….ranveer shout at pain…
pri:oh i am sorry….
ran:its ok..
prinku :this is normal in crime branch… itna Dar hai tho heroism dhikaneki kya zarurathi..
and also killed that man,he is the only clue for this case…
ranveer take his hand away and goes from there angrily with out dressing his wound,prinku is looks on….

next day,
ani:kal meeting cancel hogaya aaj zarur unse milna hai….
ish:dii ,i have one job offer from lotus club for dj job….
Mom:d j?????!!?
som:dj (somu lift her eye brow in surprise)wowwww plz accept it di
ani:if u like then we have no prblm .
just then ranveer enter and he didn’t look any one and goes his room… everyone look like what happened to him…
mom:anika..today somu going to exam and i am going to meet my mom friend so i am take ansh along with me…
ani:ok mom

in oberoi mansion,
Shivaay seems so much happy
Om:what happened shivaay u r so happy ….?
rudr :haan bhaiya ,aisa kya mila kal aap subah subah itna kushi…
Shiv:yes ,i got one precious thing which is i lost in my past…
omru thought their incident and says…
omru:yes shivaay/bhaiya…
sarah :what’s going on.. guys ?
they didn’t reply her…she wave her hand in front of their face,nothing happen…
Sarah :hello…. plz return to the real world ….
all r come in sense…
Shivomru:what.?…..when did u come…?
Sarah:I’m here in last 15minutes,
they make an excuse and leave from there….
Om get call,
Om:lotus club…she agree… thank u then make her to sign the agreement… i will come…
Om cut the call,
Om:Sarah I’m can u come with me ?
Sarah:where ?
Om :lotus club….
Sarah :ok…
Om smirks and tell I’m coming ishu…

in lotus club..,
ishana sign the agreement,just then Om and Sarah enters,
ishana see them one hand,
ish:who is she ?i think she is sulfi’s new gf…
she get bit jealous see her joint hand and also angry… Om notice and get so much happy ,
one waiter:welcome Mrs&Mr oberoi…
ishu hear and hell shocked,
ish: wife….?
om goes with waiter,
sarah come to ishana ,
Sarah :hi I’m Sarah…
ish:oberoi right …she give her multiple smile (jealous,sad,angry all in one )
Sarah:not really ?
ishana is now confused…

she make an excuse and leave for wash room,
on the way ,
Om pull her behind ,and pin her near the wall.. ishana stuck between Om and pillar
Om: so what’s going on?
Om:ok then what u ask Sarah?
ish:ur wife…? why did i ask ?
ish in sad,
ish:yes ur wife?
Om smirks
Om:so ur jealous….
ish:jealous….?me…? usse…? my foot….
Om:the why u r enquiring Sarah ?
ish:r u mad ?i did not enquired anyone ?
Om move his hand in her waist ,
Om:really ?
he pulls more towards him,
Om:ab bolo….
ishana start melting,
ish:Om… leave me…
Om:it’s not my question’s answer..
ishana hair playing her face she get irritating, Om hang her hair besides ear ,they share beautiful eye lock..
song plays,

Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai….
Kuchh Duriyaan Najdikiyaan, Kuchh Hans Padi Tanhaayiyaan…
Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai,
Kya Aitbaar Hai….
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai,
Pyaar Hai Shaayad….
Kya Yeh Bahaar Hai,
Kya Intjaar Hai….
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai,
Pyaar Hai Shaayad….
he is about to kiss but she push him away and runs from there.

fm station,
soumya broadcasting her show,
som:so guys this is our first caller… hello…
rudr:hello love angel……i am amar prem
soumya hear rudr voice and get irritating…..
som:tell me amar prem…. what is ur prblm..?
rudr:i luv one mad girl who is angry on me,so she didn’t want to meet me even not attend my calls….but i want to meet her….
som:look amar prem that girl didn’t like to meet u then why u r compelling her….
rudr :yes u r right she didn’t come to meet me then i am going to meet her…
som:no….no… u can’t force her,
rudr :i think usse kidnapping karna chahiye ….
soumya take off her ear phone and shout….
som:rudr i wanna kill u….?
other sid

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  1. Nansshivika

    Wow prinku jealous side is good.and ishkara scene is so superb shivay dialogues are fab.rumya scene is sweet.waiting for next part. Do read thishttps://www.tellyupdates.com/shivika-ff-nans-part-7/

    1. think u nans, and guys here Precap is not seen ,i don’t know how its miss so plz also read this one,

      soumya take off her ear phone and shout….
      som:rudr i wanna kill u….?
      other side,
      rudr smirks…..
      Precap :
      prinku give first aid to ranveer….
      shivaay and anika second meet…
      ansh and anshi become friends..

      plz forgive me for grammatical mistakes…
      i think this is all in one episode,bye guys…enjoy ur Sunday ….again sorry for being late…plz drop ur comments here….

      w its not post

  2. Akshaya

    Prinku and roughness are both different things and doesn’t suit her. Please turn her to soft character. Shivika was nice and Rudra rocked, soumya shocked

    1. thank u akshaya, this is not roughness this is one side of jealous and concern and she is always soft one …

  3. Shivika


  4. Anjaly

    really loved it

  5. Sanaya_malik

    Oh god anah… Amazing episode…. Prinku was jealous…. Rumya scene were sooo good… Awesome episode… Keep goin❤❤

  6. thank u shivika ,anjali

  7. thank u my dr sana

  8. Nice ff i really missed it..

  9. nice but upload daily

  10. Very less shivika scenes

  11. thank u tarini and sadia

  12. Nice episode ???

  13. Ishqkum

    Wow super dr

  14. Jazz1

    Nice ? plz try to upload next one soon

  15. Awsm episode…..

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