u r my everything -swaragini (Part 4)

After 2 days
College reopening day of xyz clg
@laksh house
Ap:laksh beta getup..u have to go clg..get ready soon(shouting frm kitchen)
In laksh room,
Laksh:maa i wake already but ur angel na she didnt respond me
Ap:laksh pls Wake her and today is ur frst day so u have to be on time
Laksh:haan maa…(shouting)
How can i wake her?oh god…sweetyyyyy….
Ragini:she didnt even open her eyes..pls laksh let me sleep..
Laksh:till now wat u did
Ragini:arey..plss dnt dstrb me i want to sleep
Laksh:okay u sleep..ill go to clg without u ….yeah its nice idea i’ll eye on some hot girls
By listening this ragini opened her eyrs in shock and kicked laksh on his back so that he fall down from bed..and he rubbed his back while shouting
Laksh:why did u kick me
Ragini:then y u said like tat
Laksh:im just joking sweety..ok comeon get ready v’ll have bf in our home
Ragini:ok i’ll ask mom wat she prepared for u
Laksh:no..let it be ..watever she made i’ll eat frst comeon getup frm bed
Ragini:(pulled laksh on bed and kept her head on his shoulder)hey bandar ..frst u go and get ready then i’ll
Laksh:while carressing her hair he said noway ..i knw very well who u r ?so u have to get ready b4 me..by saying dis he took her brush and applied paste on it and gave her Towel and pushed her inside his washroom..quick quick
Ragini:she get irritating by his behaviour ..when laksh started to move frm there ragini shouted ahhh…
Laksh:hearing her voice rushed inside the washroom..wat hpnd sweety?
Ragini:suddenly bite his cheeks (he winced in pain)and phshed him outside and closed the door
Laksh:smiled at her antics and he arranged clothes for her in his bed
Ragini:after bath she came out wrapping her body with towel..where is my drs?
Laksh:here it is..(he handover her drs and went inside washroom)both get ready and went for clg..aftr bid bye to their families…
Sharmista:swara shall i ask ur dad to drop u
Swara:no mom…ill go by myself
Sumi:okay as u say..all the best for ur frst day
Swara:smiled at her..hope so ..bye maa..im equally excited to c my frnds..tc maa
She went ..
@kapoor mansion
Ram:suji..where is ur son?
Suji:he went already
Ram:wat a surprise..not bad..okay pls keep eye on him..
Suji:ill u dnt wry..okay u have to drop me in clg..
3boys were chit chatting they were revealed to be sanskar sammy raj..
Sammy:today is our frst day of final year
Sanskar:so v have to rag smiled widely
Raj:whom u ll start with
Sanskar:lets c…they were searched new comers on their way..they were sit on a bench under tree..
Ragini and laksh reached clg…
Laksh:finally v reached b4 on time…k chalo..
Ragini:hmm..hey bandar how we will find our cls?
Laksh:v ll c come..
They both started walking…while walking watchman called laksh and ask him to park his bike on another side.
Laksh:ragu u go …i’ll join u
Ragini:how can i go without knowing
Laksh:ask anyone..after u reach txt me about cls whereabout
Ragini:okay as u say..ill go but u dont take long time come soon..laksh carressed her cheek and went away..she asked someone paasing by about cls ..
Sanskar:wat yaar?till now no one crossed us while saying dis he saw a girl standing little far from him…the girl back was faced him..she wore tight black jean and navy blue top till her waist with free hair..sanskar:wat a structure???i like to touch her..
Sammy:sanskar frst control ur emotions…lets call her..
Sanskar:whistles her..he called her..hello beautifull excuseme
Another girl told her about sankar calling..the girl turned back to saw him..she was none other than our beauty queen ragini..she half raised her eyebrow..
Sanskar:was mesmerized by her beauty.he saw her from top to bottom without blinking..
Sammy:come here..
Ragini:went towards them and asked why did u called me
Sanskar:v r seniors…dont u wish ur seniors
Ragini:by seeing sanskar ragini remembered whole incident Wat n all happened in ooty …she get irritated..im not interested to wish u
Sanskar:this much attitude?okay u have to do onething wat im saying
Ragini:why i have to do
Sanskar:bcse im ur senior..ur my junior
Ragini:she crossed her hands and asked who said im ur junior…im final year student..
Sanskar:so wat?till now i didnt c u here…u r fresher is that so ?u have to do wat im saying
Ragini:i’ll not do anything and about to go
Sanskar:cme in front of her ragini moved another side to go but again he blocked heR way.. .ragini saw him angrily..sanskar smiled at her and went close to her..ragini stepped back..sanskar keep forwarding ragini stepped back while she stepped back her leg slipped and she fall on bench..sanskar leans towards her..ragini lowers her head down and tried to move..but sanskar kept his both hands on either sides ..ragini get shocked by his behaviour..she sighed out and shouted okay i’ll do wat u say..
Sanskar:moved back and ask her to stand.
Ragini:stood up..wat i have to do
Sanskar:u have to kiss a boy…
Ragini:widened her eyes..r u mad?how can i kiss a boy?
Sanskar:if u dont kiss anyone…then ill kiss u infront of whole clg..ragini got more shock..murmuring herself oh god where im strucking?how can i kiss a boy..
Ragini:okay i’ll ..
Sanskar:u have to kiss a boy who was with girls ..i mean frnds r lvrs…search
Ragini:in mind wat a cheapo..he is such a monster..god pls save me from dis beast..while praying she saw laksh happily talking with one girl..they were laughing..by seeing dis ragini’s anger increased..she murmered herself here im stucking with beast but look at him he is romancing with that girl..i’ll not spare her..
Sanskar:wat r u thinking for do wat i Say
Ragini: hearing this ..ragini marched towards laksh and tat girl..laksh felt someone’s presence he turned and found ragini there..he smiled at her..ragini didnt saw him..she glared at that girl..here sanskar and laksh looked her confusingly..b4 laksh open his mouth ragini kissed him on his cheek..the girl open her mouth shockingly..sanskar smirked..laksh understood and smiled widely..
Ragini:by the way darling shall we go to our class..
Laksh:suppress his laugh and said okay come…he bid bye to the girl..
Sanskar:did she know him already?i have to confirm..(in mind)and went from there
Laksh:y u get jealous
Ragini:im not getting jealous
Laksh:then y u kissed me like tat
Ragini:that monster asked me to kiss someone…i saw u with that girl..somewhere in corner of my heart i feel little jealous so i kissed u infront of her..
Laksh:smiled at pulled her cheeks..oh my sweety how cute u r…okay dnt angry on me..she is just frnd..
ragini:hmmm…lets go..
Both entered their clsroom..laksh and ragini got shocked to know sanskar is in same cls…they see eachother and went towards the bench to sit..all benches were filled.. One middle bench was free ..Swara sat on the bench..the bench was near sanskar’s bench..ragini and laksh went towards the bench..laksh went and sit near Swara and ragini sit near laksh..laksh was sat between ragin Swara..he smiled at Swara and said hi im laksh and forwarded his hands..
Swara:smiled at him..im Swara..ragini saw their hands and cleared her throat laksh came in sense and took his hand back and introduce ragini to her..ragini felt uncomfortable..she didnt like laksh sat near Swara..she saw them continuously…laksh understood her condition..
Ragini:lost somewhere
Laksh:patted her shoulder..she came in sense and saw him..wat hpn
Ragini:nthng..im k
Laksh:okay i feel uncomfortable here..will u pls shift here..
Ragini:smiled widely ..sure i ‘ll ..she immediately changed her place and sat near swara..laksh smiled at her and sat near her..
Laksh:whishpered slowly in her ears..now r u feel comfortable
Ragini:smiled at him..how could u know
Laksh:placed his hand near his chest and said i can understand wat my ragini feel..dont feel like possessive my angel…u r always my first priority..
Swara admired their bond…she smiled silently..this whole scene was watched by sanskar..he think something ssriously..


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  1. Reveal the pair na.

    1. Ritathomas

      If I disclose the pairs now then many of them will not read

  2. Oh nice.
    Plz update soon plz,waiting 4 nxt part

    1. Ritathomas

      Thank u keep supporting me…

  3. Ragsan plzzzzzz

  4. Ritathomas

    There will be raglan scenes

  5. Srkkajol

    the way you describe their introduction I think it’s ragsan and swalak and today’s part clear it’s pair..

    1. Ritathomas

      May be ur guessing is wrng r ryt too

  6. I’m also thinking same. Please make it Ragsan

    1. Ritathomas

      I’ll give their scenes

  7. Superb dear

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