U R My love…My life-SwaSan Ts by Kayu Part 1

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Its raining v.havely…The sounds of thunder can be heard….its dark everywhere….The road is empty not a single persone can be seen walking on the road or and vechile runing……

Suddenly a crying voice of a man can be heard…..he is really heart broken it can be seen in his eyes…..he is asking god why did this happend only with him…..Then he started getting flashes of some happy days that he spent with his love…

Flashback(Three months before)

A beautiful girl is seen running on the roads in her bridal dress away from her home with her luggege…..She have run away from her marrige as she dosnt want to get marry and fullfil her dreams….She enters Railway statione nd books a ticket for kolkata….

Girl:hey fast i need a ticket for kolkata

TC: whts your name ma’am

Girl: Swara…Swara bose

TC:ok the train leaves in 15mins

Swara took the train and came to kolkata


Swara bose: A crime repoter…Run away bride….Fun loving adventurous fearless girl…..Does wht she feels is right….And now a free bird who have escaped from her physco ganster groom…

Sahil Mehra: ganster….Does all illigal criminal activity….Saw swara and fall for her at first sight and kiddnapped her….Now gone fully mad as swara runned away from there marriage….

Its been a week since swara came to kolkata….Swara is staying With her meshwari family as they was once helped by swara…..Swara is frm mumbai and before sometime meshwari family also live there and were having some threat so swara helped them….

Its a beautiful Morning and swara is getting ready to go some where….She is in hurry so without informing anyone she goes out….

She goes to a park to meet someone….swara sees a guys standing and waiting for someone….Swara goes towards him and taps on his soulder…….The guys turns and his face is shown and the guy is non other than sanskar…
Sanskar Meshwari : ACP of kolkata police….he dosnt stay with his family as he thinks it may risks their lifes….A honest cop….loves swara unconditionlly…..Bt doesnt say it as he dosnt want to lose her frndship

Swara : hey sansky…..yeh lo sahil k against sare proves jo tmhe chahiye the

Sanskar: swara tm itna risks q leti ho mere lye

Swara(in mind):bcause i love u…..Because u r my bestie sanskar….And secondly its part of my job too nd i love to do all this…

Sanky: bt still swara agar tmhe kuch hojata tho

Swara: aare mujhe kaise kuch hota jb mere pass itna accha dost hai jo acp hai kolkata ka…..

Sanky: thik hai meri maa tu nhi manegi na

Swara:nah nhi manugi mai..

Sanky:ok chal ab ja sb preshan ho rhe honge

Swara:ok jati hu…Byee

To be continued……..

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