Two hearts with one beat (prologue and intro)

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Hello angels ..I am late ..i was really busy..well I already said that the pairs r decided just guess them even if I had voted for pairs then also the pair which I selected would have won…so guys what r the pairs u will come to know now…Yeah one more thing..this ff I am taking the storyline from one of the telugu show.just the storyline… I have never watched this I don’t know much about it..including the first episode everything will be mine only so hope u understand… so here goes….

Janki: sanskar..
Arjun: why sanskar?
Janki: my papa wanted me to name my son sanskar..
Arjun : and if it was a girl?
(in another hospital)
Shekar: ragini … my daughter’s name would be ragini..
Sumi: but that is a common name..
Parvati: bahu..his father always wanted ur daughter to be named ragini..
Arjun: so sanskar ki ragini and ragini ka ur dad wanted u two brother and sister to become samdis..(in first hospital..)
Janki’s face fells..arjun consoles her

(conversation was taking place at two different places read the intro u will understand)
So this is it guys…so sorry raglak fans ..i am already writing raglak this was planned as ragsan…a big wala sorry to darshu akka,iqra,mintu and ammu and all the raglak fans…so here r the introduction..

First gadodia family…

Shekar Gadodia: one of the richest business man ..a very strict person ..loves his children but is always strict with DP of serial..hates janki, his sister a lot.because she eloped with someone..he doesn’t even know with whom she has eloped (played by Sachin Tyagi)
Sharmishta Gadodia: obedient wife of shekar ,a very good lady never says a word in front of her husband..loves her kids..misses her friend janki a lot.(played by parineeta borthakur).
Parvati Gadodia: a very sweet lady unlike serial..loves her kids a lot especially ragini she believes ragini is the person who fills happiness in everyone’s life..(alkha kaushal)
Yuvraj Gadodia: a very handsome ,responsible guy..who obeys his father..helps him in the business..loves his sister a lot ..more than his life…pampers her..(played by zain imam)I wanted him positive…

Ragini gadodia :.instead of intro…I will give her entry later …(played by my princess teja)

The maheshwaris

Arjun maheshwari: a very rich business man..loves his family a lot..missing from 15 years…(played by gaurav chopra)

Janki maheshwari: wife of arjun sister of shekar..the sweetest lady ever, she handles the maheshwari business,is searching for her huband from last 15 years..wants to unite with shekar..she hides her pain from everyone..( played by daljeet kaur)

Sanskar maheshwari: a young handsome guy..who loves his mother more than anyone else..wants to find his father ..hates Gadodias a lot..(played by hottie varun)

Mahi maheshwari: daughter of janki,.loves her a lot …hates gadodias..arrogant girl.(shritama mukherjee)

Swara malhotra: neice of Arjun(his sister’s daughter)her parents died and she was raised by janki..loves janki..hates Gadodias..loves sanskar …arrogant girl..(helly shah)

So swara will be negative..guys I have questions.
1. Do u want you want swara to be negative ..if u don’t want then u could suggest some other ways she could be positive..
2. For mahi’s character..she will be paired against yuvi if u want to suggest someone else u could suggest
Hope u like this..hey have u seen promo of pehredar piya ka…how is it…

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  1. Dharani

    awesome shri is the story line is of the show sasirekha parinayam i felt it is like that sorry if it is not

    1. Shrilatha

      Yeah akka only story line…thanks intro scene was different right

      1. Dharani

        ha it is different only when i read intro about arjun i got to know about the show

  2. Hey shri I am waiting darling ragsan??I am agree with your decision hope you understand… Awesome…..

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks folly understood ur point totally…we think same about that matter

  3. I want swara positive

    1. Shrilatha

      No seema either swara negative or no swara at all..thanks for reading

  4. Berdilla

    Awesome dear and i want charlie chuhan pair with yuvraj and i saw Pehredar Piya Ki promo is awesome i loved it

    1. Shrilatha

      Nice choice yaar we will see.thanks dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks avika

  5. aww superb i don’t care about swara i only care for our lovely couple dr post soon

  6. awesome update soon love u dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks u too

  7. Awesome dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aleeza

  8. Asw

    Amazing yaar it intro is good swara is negative is nice we all ways seen swara is positive in serail I seen teju promo her IV is so adorable teju rocks keep going

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Asw…I wish I knew u name yaar…I have to see the iv

  9. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Change swara give kavya or kavita

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks dear we will see

  10. IQRA222

    shri di
    i know i didnt read the episode but i still am sure it is awesome
    and didu all the best for your this story
    sorry di i will not be able to read ragsan so all the very best

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks iqu I’ll miss u no worries u will read my raglak ff right

      1. IQRA222

        Didu even i will miss you but yes offcource i am gonna read the raglak ff

  11. Akshata

    awesome intro, update soon

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akshata

  12. Adreen18


  13. Superb dear

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks rehna

  14. Please make Charlie Chatham as uh pair

  15. Sis awesome story.Where is Arjun??Why sanku hates him??U know sis apart from TeVar Zain-Shri r also my favs.Thank u for choosing them as 2nd pair.i want Swara -ve

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks anisha …sanky doesn’t hate arjun…he hates gadodias..I have posted first part read it

  16. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot dear….and about swara negative…i don’t know dear…it’s ur choice….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  17. A.xx

    amazing xx

  18. Shrilatha

    Thanks A.xx I have given first chp..u could read it

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