U r Angle of light n Me king of Darkworld ! How will we be together? – episode 4

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Sorry guys being late n thanx 4 ur comments n support u request me that i give long update so i request my bro so he give his mobile 4 two weeks so i m giving long update

laksh call some1 by telepathy(u know na laksh has so magic powers so this is one of them) n goes near n sit aside ragini who is crying

Laksh(put her hand on her shoulder)-don’t worry nothing happend to her

ragini see laksh


laksh who see ragini clear 1st time seeing her beautiful eyes,her roesy lips,her open hair which increase her beauty

Ragini-plz tell me promise nothing happend with him bcoz after my parents in AW only he can tolerate my tantrums(crying like a baby)

n after some time a girl come wearing full black out fit

Girl-what r u doing bhai ? U know na if u go any where than darkness also come with u n my flower will be destroy(suddenly the girl realise there is no darkness n bcome tensed)

Laksh(get up n turn)-i m sorry swara(ya she is swara but she is not caring laksh’s word bcoz she is thinking something) but i had to come

swara(thinks)-bhai is here n no darkness means she is here PRINCESS OF ANGLE WORLD RAGINI is here

Laksh-c her something thinking n put her hand what happend ?

Swara(with a fake smile)-nothing bhai

swara’s eyes goes on ragsan n she bcome angry but didn’t show to laksh

Swara(thinx)-i was right ‘kasam shaitan ki, what is she doing here with bhai is he know that she is ragini princess of AW

Laksh narretes everything to swara

Swara(thinx)-means bhai doesn’t know about her identy

swara goes near ragsan n cheak sanky’s wounds

ragini(crying)-what happend with him he will be ok

swara see ragini n innosence her heart bcome melted

Swara(proudly)-no nothing will happend to him

swara goes near a plant n pluck a flower n than she come near sanky n fall some drops of flower juice on sanky’s wounds n his wound vanish immadeatly n sanky open his eyes n see swara n got memorised to see his beauty

Ragini(happy)-sanky u alright n sanky come in sence who is lost in swara’s beauty n remmeber what happend some hour be4 n he also remember laksh who hold her n get up imadeatly n saw laksh

Sanskar(fear n start stamering)-we…..we…..r sorry k…ing we…..come DW wi….thout ur permision

ragini who see sanskar stammering n bcome confused

Ragini(husky tone)-sanky y r u stamering in front of him ? Who is he ? N y r u calling him king

Sanskar(bend his head n see ragini with amaze face)-what r u saying ? U r stay with Laksh who is King of DW scinc last 3 hours n u said that who is he idiot

Ragini c laksh n remember that she hugs him laksh who is seen ragsan with some distance n hear their convo n smile little act as like he didn’t hear anything

Sanskar(angry while his head is bend down)-always told u stay with me but u never listen to now who will save from this devil n if he come to know we r from angle world what he will do with us its all bcoz of ur stupidity

Ragini(with scard face)-he knows that we r from AW

sanskar widen his eyes n see laksh n smile like a fool n laksh also hide his smile hear their convo n swara notice this n goes near him

Swara-bhai u r smiling

laksh(immadeatly hide his smile)-no

Swara-yes i saw u smiled to c ragini i m so happy that u smiled

laksh hide his emotione n come near ragsan who is stands like statue

laksh(dareful voice)-i know u r from AW now tell me what r u doing here ?

Sanky(in fear)- King vo…vo….us….

Laksh(angry)-don’t stamering in front me say clearly

Sanky(take a long breath)-we r come here some magical things bcoz in AW we have forest of spirit a witch come n she started to disturb us so our guru n my father ram prasad tell us that witch only killed by her weopen so we got her weopon but we need a special poison for killing her which found in only DW so we come sorry

laksh-what’s the name of witch


swalak shock to hear amabala’s name

laksh-what r u saying i killed her

sanky-no she were saved n she come AW n start disturbing us

swara-did u find that poison

sanky-no i search everywhere but didn’t find out

swara-its ok i have take it go killed her asap bcoz after 2 days purnima n in purnima black magic increase now go

here ragini c a dead flower n goes do some magic n come near to swalaksan

sanky(happy)-thank u so much

screen frezez

ok guys how is it i think enough long

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