DIFFERENT VIEWS – KKB (Episode 6)(part 1)

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Hi still i couldnt choose between the fantasy and normal as i love fantasy but normal story s real story (dont be confused actually till that night in leafy beds are real story the one i saw in real life)
So i have decided to write both
I dont know how its gonna work . today i will be doing both .say me if anyone s boring or not good or anything
Its the fantasy part

Now to story
P(to himself while runing): who s that lady .why am feeling bad when she said that devil will leave me
B(to herself): were did this idiot went.wouldn’t he b taking care of me?idiot seriously he s mav bonda dont have sense at all.wait…. Why am thinking that he should care for me?ooo kanvi whom should i search now that mavbonda or buji
While mentally arguing she didnt notice her path .there was a grave in front of her and suddenly a big pit happend to be formed.
Screen shaked and only bulbuls scream s heared
Screan shifted

L: he should find her.they both should find my soul and that will give me my life.Had a little smile
Here in temple
Pr:why kanna and kanvi has not turned up s some thing wrong.and y did this bootham scream now
All gathered near yoki who just woke
Pr: oi bhootham already this kothavaranga s making trouble now u too r joining
Yok: no breeze i really had a bad dream which seemed to be more real
Priya: what dream bubbly.did buji come in ur dream
Yok : wow ma u r incredible s i saw him but not actually him he s little odd
Pr: he s always u guys only couldnt make it out any ways wats ur dream
Yok : breeze i saw buji draging some girl in marriage attire and locked her in a room and flashes of he huging a girl.taking a boy in his hands.and main thing he s in some kingly attire.
Pr: kingly ….best comedy ever
Priya: breeze…..
Pr: k sry
Kum: ooo nothing but just a dream bubbly now come we have breakfast
Pati :will wait some time let others to come
Yoki: ooo buji plz come back soon

Pr: u always be a sapatu raman(foody)
Screen shifts to a dark room with some dim blue light the lady said before came out of the room
L: (to herself) i made every thing ready my 20years wish is gonna became true…smile a little
Here at temple
Yoki (himself):i dont know why i hide that i saw buji saying” am ready to sacrifice to save it ” i hope its just a dream and wont affect anyone .
Pr: i feel bad without anyone but why did they r not allowing me with kanna and kanvi ?…this kotavaranga is always a problem

Kum: priya i know you r determined to payback our debt but y r u not allowing breze while only bubbly in danger
Pri: yeah i agree that bubbly in danger ……his dreams prove it but breeze s the key i just want fate to decide and the devil to
Pati : s kumar i to think the same . i will always b proud of my

Guys i have given the fantasy its part 1and normal i will upload it soon it will be part 2 .the continuation will be like epi no with 2parts one s fantasy other s normal . both will be of different tracks

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