U R MY ANGEL (epi-19)

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Hello Guys I’m back with another one but I know I t was too late but Want can I do I’m not getting good response to this ff so I’m Missing my interest To write this ff I’m sry for that

Thank u much for all who are supporting me I’m glad of it And even thank u for silent readers too but try to comment on my ff plz silent readers it’s my sincere request

Let’s start
******** episode 19******

Next day morning

Sahil room
Sahil (monologue): bhai today I’m going to propose to my love but before that I wanna talk to u Ppl if u agree with that then only I will proceed and I know even my love also had feelings on me

He was practicing the dialogue which he has written on paper to talk with laksh he was so tensed that he was not able talk properly

He stood in front of mirror saying to himself
Bhai and bhabi I wanna talk to u no no
Good morning bhabi I wanna take it permission ???

Yar I’m unable to disclose to bhai how will I say to my love man wt I have to do come Sahil u can do it(he was boosting himself)

After sometime ragini came up to call him but she was shocked to see him
Ragini:ahhhhhhhhhhh(shouted) and closed her eyes ??
Sahil got startled listening her sound he also shouted laksh came ? to them

Laksh: wt happen y u ppl are shouting
Saying this he saw Sahil and started laughing soon both raglak started laughing looming each other

Sahil got confused seeing them laughing unnecessarily
Sahil: y both r laughing ? said in irritation
Laksh: 1st look at ur self
Sahil: wt myself even he shouted himself and runned hide under the bed because he forget to ware pant in tension ??

Sahil: u both leave now I…I have to change
Both raglak went laughing

Dining table
Both are having their Bf soon Sahil came Wearing full dress
Raglak where controlling laugh seeing him
Sahil was more embarrassed Made pout

Laksh: Sahil I have brought good alliance for u she was really good and u both look cute has a Jodi We are going to Meet her one resort today we will leave after the bf okie
Both raglak smiled seeing each other

Sahil: listening the word alliance he was having tears in his eyes he want to say no but he don’t want to against them So he simply nodded his head

he was unable to control his emotions so he left the place with some excuses
Raglak thought may he was shy that y he left the place

Sahil room
He was sitting near door he cursing his fate for not expressing His feelings to bhai before itself soon he composed
Laksh: Sahil come fast we have to leave
We are waiting for u in the car

Sahil came And sat Inside the car trio left to the girl place
Laksh: Sahil now u r also getting married and I’m sure u will like that girl very much see here is her photo
But Sahil was not in a mood to see the photo he just nodded his head

Soon trio reach The xyz resort and they called swasan also they both standing at the entrance Of the resort Sanskar came and hugged Sahil come on buddy u are going to married

Sahil just gave a fake smile to him soon all reached the room where they want it meet

Girl parents are arrived with the girl
Swara: bhai see na she was so cute I’m very lucky to get a bhabi like her see na
Sahil was just staring the floor swara if all are okie with it even I’m okie with the alliance
Sanky: wt is this buddy u going to Marry her not us now see her and tell us how is she
Sahil: (monologue) the girl which I Want to marry can’t be happen

Laksh: okie guys we leave them alone may he was feeling shy saying this they showed the garden asked them to go there for privacy

Both left to garden soon all went back without their notice
Girl: at least now u can See Me
he was shocked and surprised listening the voice he immediately lifted his head and saw the girl he was having tears his eyes

Sahil: Soumya (guys remember swara frnd)
Soumya was having smirk on her face and ask her to see back

He saw all of them having smiles on their face but one is angry we can say fake anger that is our swara

He immediately ran hugged all of them but swara was not allowing him to hug her
Sahil: wt happen kiddo y r u angry on me
Swara: u r asking y ha u love my Frnd but u didn’t even thought to inform me ur kiddo I think u don’t even think me has ur sister that y u don’t tell me

Sahil:(tears) plz don’t say like that kiddo I’m so sry
Seeing tears swara immediately hugged him
Swara: arey bhai y r u crying I was just teasing u (release the hug)
Sahil: I know u r teasing me but still I can’t bear this words not even in joking time plz
Swara and Sahil gets emotional again both hugged

Sanskar: Jiju cholo we will get buckets
Ragini: buckets but y
Laksh: are you Ravi now they both are crying I know they won’t stop easily we will bucket and fill that so that some water problem will get less na hai na Sanky
Sanskar: u r perfect jiju

Swara: oyooooo jiju ki chamchi don’t fly more don’t forget ur punishment is in my hand again it post ponned that doesn’t mean I will leave wait and watch wt I will do with u
Sanskar gulfs in fear

Ragini: wise y punishment
Swara: u don’t know ragu I just teased him for small thing but this idiot tied me with rope and he was (she was saying all in a follow doesn’t even getting wt she was going blurt out)

Sanskar closed swara mouth with his hands
Ragini: arey Sanskar y u closing let her tell u tied her with ropes but y u tied
Sanskar: do u should not listen that
Swara realised wt she was going to blurt out in flow
She removed the hand to divert the topic arey ragu we came here for Soumya na chalo we all are enjoying but still she was there only

Swara: chalo make some privacy for this love birds
Sahil blushed listening this went near her

Souhil side
Sahil: Soumya
Soumya: ha Sahil (thinking he will propose)
Sahil: Soumya I I have idly today wt u had in bf
Soumya: Idly sambar (little irritated)
Sahil: yea idly sambar my favorite
Soumya looked at him angrily
Sahil stopped laughing gulfs in fear seeing her anger

Sahil came close to Soumya holder her through the waist getting close to her there is inch gap between them
Sahil: Soumya I…i…..
Soumya got irritated listening his continues I I I she holded his collar and placed her lips on his he was shocked for his sudden action she kissing him lovingly we can say she Was Conveying her feeling to him but this duffer is not even giving response to her kiss in shock

Soon she parted her lips but she was still in shock bcoz he was not even moving a inch now she slapped him to get him out of the shock

Sahil holding his cheek
Sahil: ahhhhhh y u beat me
Soumya: bcoz till now ur not proposing me not even respond to my kiss
Sahil smiles naughtly dragged her close to him through waist he was caressing her waist she was shocked for his sudden action
Sahil: I love u my kissi
Soumya: kissi wt is this name now
Sahil: ha ha nice na miss kissi soon to be Mrs kissi (winks)
Soumya: shameless now chalo we have to leave
He nodded his head and left the place both reached to resort room where swasan and raglak where there

All smiles seeing them
Swara: but bhai u e too bad from now I have to call my Frnd has bhabi soumya bhabi ???
Swara: no no I work call her bhabi
Soumya: are you swara stop it yet how can u call me bhabi it’s sounds weird
Both hugged each other swara congrats both

Sahil: waise bhabi how u got to know that I love Soumya
Ragini smiles and started saying how he got to know

(I won’t drag this i will say in short cut)
Yesterday when u where win room u where talking to a photo and saying love u seeing that pic so I thought to check ur mobile and I saw Soumya pic and then I got to that u r loving her and I said to laksh and night only she talked to their parents and even they don’t have any problem after that we asked Soumya she also said yes to u so we planned to give damaka to u and we did it

Flashback ends

Sahil: thank u bhabi
But these to 2 came
Swara: morning ragu called me and said wt happen and now we are here
Swara: wise bhai y u didn’t tell us u love Soumya when bhai said about alliance

Sahil: vo swara I know I love soumya but more than her I love u ppl more I can’t see u all hurt thats y I didn’t said anything smile( in tears)
Laksh: that doesn’t mean u sacrifice all these more than anything u are important to us keep this in ur little mind
Sahil nodded his head Soumya was amused seeing their bonding bcoz they where stating together just from 2 years but the bonding was like they are from ages together

Ragini: acha now chalo I have to leave I have op now bye for all Saying she left the place and lash also left the place bcoz he also had meetings
Swasan also left the place to leave privacy to new love birds

Screen freezes on Sahil and Soumya

Precap: swara punishment………

Stay tuned guys
Keep smiling ? ?

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