Love between souls..KRIYAM..Part 4

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Akshada:- Krish are you sure you want to go with Saiyyam.

Krishna:-Ya akshu.Dont worry about me.i will be ok.

They hug each other and Krishna goes to bus station.Saiyyam was already there waiting for her

Saiyyam:- Krishna you wait here.I will go and enquire about bus.

Krishna:- ok

After sometime Saiyyam comes back with water.

Saiyyam:-keep this.u may need water.

Krishna:-Thank you Saiyyam.

Bus arrives and they two get into the bus.After sometime the bus suddenly stop.They come to know that the bus breakdowned.

Krishna:- Oh God what will we do now?

Saiyyam:-Let me think.Don’t cry for God sake

Saiyyam saw a Truck coming and ask for lift.They allow them on the back side.Saiyyam lifts Krishna and make her sit.

After sometime Krishna feels sleepy.Saiyyam saw her sleeping.Her head was about to hit on a rod kept in truck,but Saiyyam holds her head and make her sleep on his shoulder.

Saiyyam:- Krishna wake up.We have reached the railway station.

Krishna:- Oh i am sorry for sleeping on your shoulder.

Saiyyam:- It’s ok.Now come down

He helps Krishna to get down.

At railway station.They two were sitting on a bench.Saiyyam saw Krishna’s salwar suit got torn at backside.

Saiyyam:- Krishna go and change your dress.

Krishna:- Change?? Why?

Saiyyam:- Do as I say.Don’t ask questions.You told me to come with you.And now I am here so do as I say.

Krishna:- But Saiyyam i don’t have any other dress with me.

Saiyyam:- What? Are you mad Krishna.You don’t take any dress when you go somewhere.What will you wear at your home?

Krishna:- Actually Saiyyam the journey was so sudden and i have dresses in my home.

Saiyyam:- Whatever but you have to change your dress now.

Krishna:- But why.

Saiyyam:-(shouts) because it is torn at the backside.

Krishna gets shocked.They two get into an awkward situation.

Krishna:- What will i do.

Saiyyam takes his shirt from bag and gave it to Krishna

Saiyyam:- Go and change now

Krishna goes.

Guys i have got comments that my story is boring.So I think i should stop it here.Thanx for all your cooperation.

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  1. Omg please don’t stop. Its really good. ??

  2. Please don’t stop
    I am really enjoying it

    Good luck

  3. NO please

  4. Akankshanna

    No.its not boring…plz continue…….always take comnts as positive…dear…..some encouraging u …nd discouraging……..its depend on u…how to use it……nd people have their works…to discourage people……nd dont take their wrds in ur hearts……….u continue it …wtleast those whose likes it…….
    Bt its ur choice…….now wht u think???

    1. Greena

      Thnq akansha for making me understand i think i have to continue it for the people who are liking it.Thnq

  5. Sukhi Dhillon

    Omg no don’t stop please I love it keep writing please

  6. Plz don’t stop… it’s so interesting plzzzzzzz don’t stop writing

  7. Pls dont stop writing….the content is actually interesting and believe me you r an awesome writer…and we all love your story… Please write more we all want writers like you

  8. life is like that.we get negative comments as well as positive comments for our work.we shouldn’t expect just positive comments all the are doing great here.last time your story was interesting but it was too short.but this time you have made it long.that’s good isn’t it?don’t be discourage buy negative comments.people have different tastes.they enjoy in different is just their point of view.just turn the negativity in to positivity.great people are made by negativity.because they learn lessons from negativity .so don’t give up easily.upload the next episode soon.i am waiting for it.

    1. Ya i will upload it soon

    2. Yaa i will upload.i had changed my account

  9. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    continue .
    ur writing is superb.

  10. Shaani

    Areee yaar…who will say it booring…it is interesting..don’t stop…we like it…keep updating…..ur story is very interesting soo keep writing god bless u…

  11. U can’t ignore the thing that many r liking your ff

  12. Rockstr

    Pls dont take it harshly dear…u ll aways get good and bad reviews abt your work…u have to take it positively…u cant be let down so easily…it was jst one comment…y focus on one bad comment while all the others commented positively??for me personally,i love ur ff,its dufferent from all the other kriyam ffs…so plss continue writing…plsss

  13. Thanks greena for changing your decision..believe me you are an awesome writer keep it going.. We are all loving ur writeups

  14. Aarti32

    Hey, I like it..But d choice is yours..U want to stop writing only for one or two fools or u want to continue for so many readers..

  15. Thanks guys for your support

  16. Taniasharma

    It is really nice. .. Do continue it 🙂

  17. Fanficwriter518

    Please continue x all us writers get negative comments but we must look past it

  18. Honeypriya

    Arey it’s nice n don’t stop it here re

  19. Krishna & Sayyam

    Don’t even think about stopping I really like it

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