u light up my life- a twinj ff (epi 13)

Hii guys how r u all? Ty everyone who all commented but i think that u all r not liking my ff i am getting soo less comments so plz do tell me should i continue or not ? And today i also request the silent readers (if any) to comment and tell ne their opinion. Soo the epi strts with
Tw comes out and sees kunj strting the car just then she sees uv and mahi standing there. Kunj was just about to leave when tw gets an idea and shouts-uv mahi stoppppp. Yuhi gets confused and says-tw we r not going anywhere. Kunj sees there. Tw says by shouting- i know i know acha myyyy jaan have myyy phone no.? Mahi- ofcourse tw i have kunj understand that tw is trying to give no. To him through yuhi.he takes out his phone ans was ready to type tw (in a loud voice)- achaa uknow backward counting tell me uv and mahi sees eo with a confused expression and then laughs. Mahi- tw r u mad? What u r saying? Backward counting hahaha tw-areee just say na mahi- tw r u fine? R u serious means u want us to say backward counting tw- mahi if u r my frnd and cares for me then say mahi-tw but tw-ok i understood mahi- ok ok fine 10,9 tw cut off mahi and says- wait wait u know nineeee is my fav no. Kunj smiles and type 9. Tw sees kunj and says- and u know what comes aftr 9? Aftr 9 eightttt comes kunj writes 8. Uv and mahi were just confused seeing tw. Tw- acha now the nxt ques tell me how manu fingers r there in our hand? Mahi holds tw’s hand and says- merii jaan u r very tired and u need some rest come with Me uv i am just coming tw- mahi i said na that means u didnt care for me ok plzzz just ans my ques mahi- ok fine yrr what u r saying? Tw- hiw many fingers r there in our hand? Mahi-tw tw-mahi mahi-5 tw-yesss fiveeee kunj types 5. Tw-ok let me tell u sonething u know when u wish simething seeing three stars in a straight line in the sky ur wish will be fullfill and i repeat threee stars. Kunj writes 3 tw- acha uv u watch cricket? Uv-yes tw- when a batsman get out what sign the empire make? Uv shows hin the sign tw- its like oneeee right? Uv-yes but tw why u r saying this all tw-offho uv hiw many ques u ask? Let ne say na uv-kabse tumhi bol rhi ho tw-said something? Uv-no not at all tw-hm better achaa mahi when we make sign of beautiful there r two no. That is three and zero that means three times zero kunj types three times zero tw-soo funny right hehe mahi-no not at all tw- ok now tell me what i said before how many stars should be there in the sky? I told na remember it mahi-3 tw-yes three i told u twoo timesss three kunj types 3 but by mistakenly right the last no. 4 tw-ok now enough lets go inside. Kunj smiles and says- jab dekho tab nautanki hamesha siyappa krti h siyappa queen h merii siyappa queen (the word merii echoes) and goes from there.

Nxt scene
Sarna mansion
Kunj calls on that no. And says- hello
V- yess who’s this?
Ku-hii tw
V-sry wrong no.
Ku-oo sry and cuts the call
Ku-oh. God i typed wrong no. Now what to do one min what things tw said think kunj think And remembers from strting and realize that tw told two times three and he wrote 4. Ku-yess got it and calls
V-hello who’s this?
Ku- is this tw?
Ku-hii tw kunj here
Tw-hii kunj
Ku- btw ur idea of giving the no. Was nyc
Tw-ty u know mahi and uv wre thinking that i got mad? Seriously what i was saying to them and laughs ku smiles and says- then also u did just for giving no. To me btw can i know what happened that u changed ur mind? Tw- bas itna samjh lo u inpressed me and we r frnds na that’s why ku-ok tw-can i ask u something ku- ya ofcourse tw- i am seeing from many days that uv and mahi r together what do u think they like eo ku- i dont know about mahi but uv toh from the first day likes her and i kniw my bro this time he is serious tw- wow that’s nyc i will surely ask from mahi also and they talk some more time and then goes to sleep.

Precap- kunj tolds tw that he is going in his cousin riya’s marriage tw says-oo ok ku- will u miss me tw- no i dont have time and i am not that free to miss u ku- but i will miss u tw gets surprised listening this

Hey guys how was the epi? Did u like it?? Plzz do comment and tell me to continue or not if u dont want then i will surely not post from the nxt time byeee love u all

  1. Awesome epi…..
    Post nxt asap….
    Sorry for short cmnt….

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous funny fantastic

  3. Presha

    Hey manu..
    Its awesome..
    Just loved it..
    Do continue

  4. Wah wah ?????Number dene wala.scene …was just unique and amazing?…..OK here is something for you can you guess it?????..,.?…..post soon. ??

  5. Mia12

    Hay manu??.. M so sry 4 not cmnting in ur episode..?? But woaah what u wrote was just Fabulous I mean omg no dene ka tarikha was Awesome…???? I really love ur ff soooooo much…❤❤❤❤❤ Now plssssss post soon ok and don think ki koi ye like nai kar raha coz we love ur ff,,????????

  6. Awesome
    Loved it to the core
    Idea of giving no. was good:)

  7. SidMin

    Awesome … just loved the episode . .. I mean I just loved the idea of Twinkle giving her number … I mean amazing….
    Loved the episode. …
    Love you … Post soon ❤

  8. Episode was marvelous

  9. Baby

    ohhhhh god manu……
    hahahhahaaaaaaa………srsly too funny aaiisee bhi twinkle hi no. de skti hai apna……
    hahahaaaaaaaa……..oh lord loved it……..♥
    too cute……..♥
    love u lods……..♥

  10. Manu it’s amazing
    D way twinkle gave her number
    Was hilarious n yuhi expression were super
    Love u keep smiling

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