DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 10

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Om: Remove your cap chulbul!
Jhanvi: what are you saying om? Why are you doubting her?
Om: he broke my trust…I have no reason to trust him again…
Chulbul: omkara ji..please listen to..
Om: no chulbul…not anymore…remove your cap…i’m really tired after the whole day…please don’t make me do the honours…
Chulbul: but omkara ji…
Om: will you remove it or shall I?
Chulbul: o okay omkara ji…
(she holds her cap, closes her eyes and slowly removes it…her hair opens and falls till her back, everyone look shocked)

Om: that..that means you…
Rudra: (in his style) chulbul actually became bulbul?!
Chulbul: yes omkara ji, i’m a girl ( chiraiya) not a boy (chirota)
Om: who are you! How dare you lie to me!
Chulbul: I can explain…( she takes out her spectacles)
Om: (surprised) you!!
Chulbul: yes…me…gauri kumari sharma.
Om: you followed me till here! I told you that time itself that we have no relation!
Shivaay: what relation are you talking about om?
Om: n..nothing shivaay…this girl is a fraud! I met her in bareilly…
Gauri: i’m not like what you think I am omkara ji…please try to understand…

Om: don’t even take my name from your mouth gauri! I know you very well…you couldn’t trap kali and now..now you wanted to trap me?
Gauri: please omkara ji…i’m really not that kind of person…please…
(omkara goes and Congress back after a few minutes with a bag in his hands, he gives it to gauri)
Om: out! Get out!
Gauri: please omkara ji…
Om: will you go or shall I show you the way?
Gauri: omkara ji, I swear on god that I didn’t mean any harm to you or your family…yes I was hired by Sultana madam ji but I didn’t know that I had to keep an eye on you…I had no choice…my mother was in the hospital…I needed money for her treatment….please believe me omkara ji… once I got to know that Sultana madam ji had bad intentions against you,I swear I wanted to help you against her…I wanted to serve you…take care of you…give you the strength to fight her and win…please believe me omkara ji…
Om: I don’t want to hear anything gauri…just go…you lied to me, I hate people who lie or cheat others…
Gauri: (goes to jhanvi) please try to explain to him that my intentions were not wrong…please..(she goes to buama) please bua maji you know that my intentions were not wrong…please explain to him…

(goes to omkara) please omkara ji, if you really want me to go I will but please don’t keep a bad image of me..please…don’t give chulbul the punishment that you gave gauri…always remember him as your best friend…your buddy…
Om: buddy my foot! I hate you and chulbul!
Gauri: please don’t say that, chulbul never betrayed you…gauri did….chulbul became your buddy…gauri couldn’t…once you started considering chulbul as your buddy, I tried telling you the truth…but luck didn’t support me…even if I had told you the truth, you wouldn’t let me help you then…we wouldn’t have worked together…we wouldn’t have caught Sultana madam ji red handed…
Om: (softly, little cranky) i’m tired gauri! I don’t want to see you…just go away from here…please! atleast do that small favour for me…
Gauri: fine omkara ji…I’ll go…(she gets teary and begins to go taking her bag , om turns away from her….gauri turns , cries and looks at him, see sees his back and thinks I will miss you omkara ji, you will always be in my heart )
Gauri: i’m going back to bareilly omkara ji…take care…
(jo na kehe sake tum…aka saathiya plays)
(gauri turns front and begins to walk again, then om turns towards her and thinks you have given me a lot of pain gauri, I don’t know how I will ever forgive you…I wish you never lied to me.)
(gauri exits, om gets teary… Jhanvi goes to om)
Om: no mom…please leave me alone…
(om leaves, shivaay and rudy go after him… Om goes to his room and locks the door)
Shivaay:(bangs the door) om! Om! Open the door!
Rudra: o! Please open the door! We’ll sort out your problem together! We are there for you! Please come out!

Precap: Omkara breaks some of his statues in anger and the family members get scared and bang on his door…

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