Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter 8

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Thank u so much for ur valuable comments frnds hope u all like my ff and it makes me to think more

So today’s episode will be our fav manan dance performance

Here we go


After Nandhini’s performance over , manik went to her and congratulated her for her performance

Manik: Nandhini your voice was simply superb I jst loved it

Nandhini: thank you manik

At that time the anchor called ameer and isha for next performance

Shruthi and Roshan wished both of them and was watching them

Ameer and isha sang sau aasman from baar baar dekho
(Guys sorry I can’t write the song )

Everyone was enjoying their performance and shruthi and Roshan smiled seeing each other

At the same time Manik and Nandhini also came and stood wth Shruthi and Roshan

Everyone gave a big round of applause to ameer and isha

Shruthi hugged isha and congratulated her and same Roshan hugged ameer and also manan congratulated them

Then its time to Shruthi and Roshan

Anchor: so guys here comes our cute Shruthi , she was sister of nandhini and Roshan brother Manik, so let’s see whether both the youngest beat their brother and sister, so let’s welcome them with a great applause

Nandhini nd isha hugged Shruthi and wished her a good luck
Manik and ameer wished Roshan with a best of luck

Both came to stage

And both smiled at each other

Shruthi started to sing
(Sans mein Teri frm jab tak hai jaan)

Shruthi: sans mein Teri sans mili to
Mujhe sans aayi, mujhe sans aayi,mujhe sans aayi…(x2)

Roshan: Rooh ne cchoo li jism ki khushboo
Tujo pass aayi ,tujho pass aayi, tu Jo pass aayi….(looking at Shruthi)

Shruthi: sans mein Teri ……

Shruthi: kab tak hosh sambhale koi
Hosh ude to ud jaane do…(looking at Roshan)

Roshan:dil kab seedhi rah chala hai
Raah mude to mud jaane do …..(admiring at her)

Shruthi: tere khayal mein dhoob ki aksar
Acchi lage tanhai(closing her eyes)

Shruthi: sans mein Teri (x2)…..

Shruthi: raat Teri baahon mein Kate to
Subaha badi halki lagti hai.

Roshan: aank mein rehne lage ho kya tum
Kyun chalki chal ki lagti hai

Shruthi: mujhko phir se choo ke bolo
Meri kasam kya khaayi
Sans mein teri sans milk to mujhe sans aayi, mujhe sans aayi, mujhe sans aayi

Roshan:rooh ne choo li jism ki khushboo tujhe paas aayi, tujhe pass aayi, tujho pass aayi
In between Shruthi also sang and they completed their performance looking at each other

Everyone in the auditorium was amazed by both melodious performance

Anchor: well done guys u proved what u are

Everyone congratulated them

Nandu and isha hugged Shruthi and also congratulated Roshan

Manik: wow both sang superb

Roshan: thank u bro

Some chit chats were going on between all of them and fab5 also

Anchor: so the last performance which our principal personally asked
So let’s welcome our two beautiful ladies and hot handsome boys

Manan and shruhan came to stage while fab4 was on left side of the stage and ameer and isha in the right encouraging them

They started to sing(ishqe di lat frm junooniyat)

Manik: betahasha tu yaad aata hai jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan(looking into nandhini’s eyes)

Nandhini: mujhse hi mujhko tu churata hai jaane kya hai hona hai tere darmiyaan
(Looking manik)

Manik:ishqe di lat tadpave
Dil na lage jab dil tag jaave(x2)….

Roshan: kyun chaand sent ho jode ummede
Ik doosre se aa roshni me(looking at Shruthi)

Shruthi: kyun hum alag yun lete hain saanse ik sans mein hi aa dono jee me(smiling at him)

Roshan: aise mile phir na ho juda…

Ishqe di lat tadpave dil na lage jab dil lag jaave…(x2)

Nandhini: beghar the saare sapne humare
Aake mila hain tu aashiyan sa…

Manik: jaayenge kaise hum dhoor tujhse
Tu saath chalta hai aasman da(with feelings in his eyes)

Nandhini: hain pyaar kaisa jaddoo bhara…..

Manik: ishqe di lat tadpave, dil na lage jab dil lag jaave(x2)…

Roshan: betahasha tu yaad a at a hai jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan

Shruthi: mujhse hi mujhko tu churata hai jaane kya hona hai tere mere darmiyaan

Roshan; ishqe di lat tadpave, dil na lage jab dil lag jaave
Oh oooo…..

They finished their performance the auditorium was full of claps both couple’s looked at each other and thanked the people their

Fab4: wow manik that was the best performance , u guys were rocking

Manik: thank u guys

Isha: wow it was awesome guys everyone lost themselves in ur song

Nandhini: thank u Isha

Shruthi: dii I dint expect this ur song selection is too good love u dii(saying she happily hugged Nandu)

Roshan was lost in her

Ameer:bro this was fab performance u guys done great job and u know ur both chemistry and manan chemistry was superb look lk real couples

Roshan:thanks bro, OK let’s go there

They all gathered at the main hall

Anchor: so guys here we gonna have a couple dance everyone should dance with their couple but the main twist is the fate will decide ur partners for dance

So in this bowl I have all the names of boys so the girls have to pick each chit frm it and the boy name written in that chit will be their partners

Manik and Roshan prayed to god to get their names to respective partners

First Shruthi took the chit and it was Roshan name written in it he was over joyed and extended his hands asking permission to shruthi , she gave her hands and both went

Then ameer and isha also went to dancing place

Nandhini was about to pick manik was very eager nd praying the name written in the chit was manik, he was overjoyed and asked nandhini for dance she also extended and they went

Same way dhrulya. And cavya became partners and also mukti with some other boy

They all performed for the song nachange sari raat soniyo ve, from junnoniyat

Everyone were dancing as like that in the movie and both the couples were enjoying their company

Suddenly the song was changes and the both couple’s were dancing so romantically for that( the song is o re piya frm aaja nachle)

Manik started to twirl nandhini and lifted her slowly by holding her waist

Roshan hugged Shruthi fraboutbyby holding her waist in one hand and holding her hand

They four were last in their own world and they realized when all clapped fr them

Ameer, isha: wow u guys danced so well, everyone were seeing u four its superb guys

But fab4 thought y manik is so attached with nandhini and dhruv also little jealousy watching manan

Then they had drinks but Nandu and shruthi didn’t drink as they don’t have tht habit

Cabir decided to play a prank on navya so he added the drug pills in a cold drink near navya and went

Navya was about to drink that but nandhini got hiccups so navya gave nandhini that cold drink without knowing

Precap: shruthi worried for nandhini and nandhini’s mischief wth manik in drunken state and some romantic moments of manan and shruhan

Take care guys think so tomorrow I can’t update bcoz tmrw was my bday , but if I get time definitely I’ll update take care

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