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Few days have passed and swasan were happy now.they start their day with the good morning forehead kiss, then have breakfast cracking jokes, bid her bye. sanskar goes to office while swara to her school. at evening when sanskar comes back he spends some time with uttara and also help her in her studies and then sit with sumi asking about her health and many a times he takes head massage from her. they do dinner together and sanskar leaves no chance of teasing swara. tanmay has developed a good bond with everyone and he is considered as a family now. everyday sanskar makes swara sleep and does his office work and then sleeps embracing her. he has totally forgot about maheshwari’s and now remembers sumi, uttara, swara, and tanmay as his family.
they have started building new memories.

swara- sanskar wake up it’s quite late and you will be late for office too.
she was shaking him by shoulder but he was not opening his eyes.
sanskar- what is this swara let me sleep.
swara- ok then if you will be late for office then don’t tell me.
sanskar slightly opened his eyes and was mesmerised to see swara. her wet dripping hairs and water droplets on her neck and her clothes wet on her shoulder.
swara [seeing him open his eyes]- now get up i will take out your clothes.
sanskar pulled her and rolled over her while swara was shoched to by this sudden movement.
sanskar- [caressing her face] beautiful.
swara came in senses hearing sanskar and blushed crimson red.
swara- sanskar what are you doing leave me.
sanskar- [keeping hs fingers on her lips] shhh i am admiring my wife. don’t disturb him.

swara lowered her gaze while felt butterflies in her stomach.
sanskar kissed on her eyes which made her to look in his eyes and they shared a passionate eyelock.
swara- sanskar… i have ..lot ..of work. let ..me go. and you …also…freshen ..up.
sanskar- [huskily] this morning is extra beautiful and refreshing. no need to freshen up.
swara turned her head to avoid his gaze.
swara- sanskar plz.
sanskar- ok on one condition.
swara- what

sanskar- [whispering near her ears] just one kiss.
swara was blushing hard. she quickly kissed on his cheeks and tried to go pushing him but sanskar was sanskar. he was holding her tightly by her waist.
he squeezed her waist multiple times and swara closed her eyes feeling his touch.
sanskar- i won’t let you go so easily. if not you then i will take my kiss by myself.
swara understood that there is no way out to escape. she once looked in his eyes and then closed them showing her acceptance.sanskar taking this as green signal leaned over her and their lips met.

their lips moulded as made for each other. a kiss pouring all their love, affection, desire for each other. they were kissing like never before. they wanted to rest the time and just be lost forever as they are now lost in the kiss. the kiss was gentle and they broke unwillingly because they were out of breath. they stared each other lovingly and sanskar leaned on her again and was drinking the water droplets on her neck while swara was breathing heavily.she gave him more access to reach deep in her neck. she was relishing this moment as it came to her after months of pain and disappointment. yes it’s true swasan are this close for the first time after they came to mumbai. they just lost themself and forgot everything but this world does not forget their presence disturbing them. they came in senses when they hear a knock on the door. sanskar did not gave any heed and continued his work.

swara- san…skar someone …..is knock.ing….ple…ase ..le…ave me.
sanskar was continuously kissing her nape.
from outside the door
uttara- bhabhi open the door. bhabhi are you listening.
swara- [panicking] sanskar plz leave me uttara is outside.
sanskar suddenly bit her neck to show his frustration and disappointment to leave her.
swara- ahh sanskar
sanskar sucked the bitten area to soothe the pain and then gave a peck on her lips and parted away.

sanskar- go and check what uttara is saying.
he got up and went to washroom. swara adjusted herself and opened the door.
swara- haan uttara
uttara- bhabhi are you ok. you took somuch of time to open the door.
swara- wo uttara i was combing my hair. why were you knocking i mean any work.
uttara- ya society ladies have come so you please meet them.
swara- haan chalo.
swautt came in the hall.

precap- wait for epi 15 surprise for you all.

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