Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 35




“No freaking way!” Maira mumbled and I looked at her puzzled , “What’s wrong?” I question and she gives me a sympathetic look , “Dad’s back”

“So why the sad face?” Kunj questions laughing and Maira glares at him , “You both are so doomed” She smirks and we all look at her confused.

“Cut the crap and spill”

“Dad’s got this alliance for you. He wants you to meet this guy named..uh wait let me check his name again” She grabs her phone and smiles after a few seconds , “Abhaidev Varma!”

“Are you serious?!” Kunj hissed and I looked on confused.

The name seems familiar….




Oh shit! Greek chic

I slammed my hand against the table and laughed out loud. Everyone looked at me puzzled whilst I tried to sober up myself ? “ in Abhaidev freaking V-arma” I say in between my laughter and Maira nods at me boggled.

“Gosh Maira! How can you forget him?” I chuckle and she looks at me thinking before her eyes widen , “Oh God! You mean the Geek chic of North shore college?”

I nodded grinning and Yuvi speaks up , “Okayyy. We all all very confused right now. Tell us everything”

“Of course you are. Abhai aka Greek chic” I chuckled , “From Mathletes to the highest G.P.A , from being a nerd to a nerd , meaning the guy who survived his years from primary school to college being the bully of jocks , queen bees and particularly everyone”

They nodded as I explained to them , “Honestly , I kinda liked him. He was good looking but he just hid behind those glasses and a typical nerd hoodie” I scoffed and Kunj crossed his arms.

“What? It was a high school crush” I defended myself and Natasha chuckled , “I get You”

“No wayyy. She was so into him but that poor guy would run every time twinkle would try talking to him” Maira laughs and I throw my straw at her. “Yeahhh. But now lets focus on the news”

“True. But you can back away , right ? I mean you won’t say yes to the alliance” Dhruv asks and I gave him my best bored look , “No dumbass. Of course Not. I’m already married and besides I love Kunj not Abhai”

I shrugged and looked over to see Kunj in deep thoughts , “Hey..” I pinched his arm and he looked at me , “Don’t worry. You are stuck with me for lifetime. You know so I can annoy you” I whisper and he smiles giving me a light peck on the cheek.

“But your dad. We both aren’t in good terms since beginning” he sighs running a hand through his hair , “What if he doesn’t approve of me?” he questioned and I sighed.

“Look. He can’t change my mind , can he?” I question and he blew out a frustrated sigh. “I know but he’s your father. And I am not sure..” he trailed and I crossed my arms at him. “Not sure about what?”

“After all what I did maybe you still don’t trust me enough… oh god , what am I even saying” he muttered angrily and I blew out a bitter laugh , “Are you for real? Didn’t we already got away with the trust part?”

“I know. But everything’s complicated…” He hissed and I shook my head at him , “Nothing is complicated , Kunj. You are making it”

“I am? I’m just trying to tell you the truth” he raised his voice and I looked the other way , “There’s nothing. No truth no lies” I mumbled back.

“You make no sense” He sneered at me and I sighed before grabbing my purse , “I need some time alone. I’ll be back to the hotel. Yuvi , your car keys” he handed them to me and I walked out of the food court.

Why can’t anything go right with me?

Because you are Twinkle Taneja?

That was totally my conscience.

It’s dumb since born.


3 hours and 9 ice cream cones later , I wandered around the shore glaring at the water ahead.

“Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” I kicked the sand receiving weird stares from the people passing by. I saw a couple a few feet away from me snogging and I scoffed out loud.

“Hey!” I called out and they pulled back looking puzzled at me , “Don’t kiss him. He’s probably gonna break your heart or yell at you or would always annoy you. And yeah fight with you…like all the time”

“And just… just don’t kiss him” I shrugged and they looked at me weirdly before going back to kissing each other. See? That’s the problem.

Nobody listens to the right advice.

My phone started ringing breaking my thoughts and I grumbled eyeing the person calling me.

“I’m alive” I muttered the second I received the call , “You are such an a*sh*le. You haven’t been answering anyone’s call” Mahi hissed and I sighed , “I told you , guys. I wanted some time alone”

She sighed and I could hear Maira and Natasha bickering about me being alive or not , “Come back soon. Mom and dad are going crazy over here . And you need to pack , we are leaving tomorrow”

“Alright. But I’m not talking to Kunj” I warned and heard her chuckle , “Okay okay. Just come to the hotel”


I opened the door to Kunj’s parents room and decided to go for the apology first , “I’m extremely sorry. I wasn’t gonna disappear like that bu-“

I stopped and narrowed my eyes at Natasha and Mahi , “What the heck?!” I hissed and they smirked , “We knew the parent card would work” They gave each other a high five and crossed their arms at me whilst I grumbled slumping back on the bed.

“Where’s Maira?” I question and Mahi grins , “Out with Yuvi. She’s totally smitten” I laughed nodding , “True. And she calls me the smitten one”

“So what’s the plan?” Natasha asks grinning widely and I raise my eyebrow boggled , “What plan?”

“Duh! You must have thought about doing something about this whole Greek chic thing” She points out and I nodded , “I did. I’m agreeing to meet Abhai. Kunj has to man up and talk to Dad himself.

Until then I am going on with this whole alliance thing. Time for Kunj to grow some balls. And the plus point dad doesn’t know about mine and Kunj’s patch up. If someone here didn’t intended to spill”

I narrow my gaze at Mahi and she shakes her head immediately , “Nope. Not this time. I swear” I gave her a thumbs up nodding and Natasha grins , “You know you’d be giving Kunj a pretty tough time. Jealousy is so gonna hit him hard”

I laugh along with Mahi , “Honestly , he goes lunatic if someone eyes Twinkle. That’s idiotic”

“That’s not idiotic. That’s passion , dear” Natasha smirks and I roll my eyes at their bickering and get up , “Come on. Help me pack” they both groan and I smiled wickedly at them.

“Well you guys asked me to come back. Serves you both right by scaring the shit out of me. Playing the card” I smirk at them and they pushed me out of the room.

The love I get from them. *sighs*



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