avneil ff: love, really?? (Chapter 3)

This is my ff, hope you like it.

The lines in black is for what author is saying or describing,


Author’s POV

As neel and kareena leaves, after some time avni gets up and says we have to leave now, it’s getting late”

Ali says “please thodi der ruk ja(please stay some more time)”

Amol says “sorry bro, di is right, we have to leave”

Avni says “we will meet soon”

Ali says “fine”

They leave and everyone bid them bye. None knew except for aru, ru and rhea that the party is hosted by none other than avni’s dad.

When they reach their apartment, they again crash on the bed and sleeps.

In the morning, they gets up early and packs their bag and leaves for their home, the kappor mansion, one of the biggest and beautiful mansion like Mehta house and khanna house.

When they reach there, they are warmly welcomed by their mother who has an aarti plate in her hands, she does their aarti and after that they come inside and find their loving dad and sister sitting at the dining table having breakfast.

Kabir says “like this house?”

Avni beams and says “like this house, no, I love this house, so beautiful”

Amol says “absolutely”

Ananya says “I too love it di ”

Neela says “kaha the kal tum dono(where were you both yesterday)”

Amol stammers “vo ma vo(ma tha- that)”

Neela says “kya vo(what that)”

Kabir murmurs “mar gae(we are dead)”

Neela says “what did you say”

Kabir says “nothing sweetheart, I just said that the breakfast is so yummy” indirectly giving hint to avni to change the topic.

Avni catches the hint and says “poha my favourite”

She drags the chair and sits and starts to have it.

Avni says “ma its so yummy”

Neela says avni don’t change the topic, answer me where were you two staying”

Avni says “hotel”

Neela says “which hotel”

Avni says “hotel, its name is, is , grand, yeah, hotel grand, we were staying there”

Neela says “yeah don’t try to make me fool okay, if you don’t want to tell then don’t share, why lie, I am going” saying this neela turns around to go.

Avni says “ma, don’t go and sit here” she points to the chair beside her, and neela sits down.”

Amol says “ma , we were staying in a apartment”

Neela says “why don’t to tell me, you know its not safe to stay alone , what if”

Avni cuts her and say “thats why, because you take lots of tension, plus dad has given us security and mom right now no one knows us so don’t take tension.”

Before neela could say more amol changes the topic and says “ma you know, we met ali yesterday”

Neela says “really”

Amol says “let me show you some pictures”

He shows everyone those pictures.

Seeing avni’s clothes in the pictures, neela says “what are you wearing in today’s party”

Avni says “a little black dress”

Neela says “bacha, its a big no”

Avni says with puppy dog eyes “dad”

Neela says “kabir”

Kabir seeing neela’s dead glares says “avni your mom is right, you have to be a Barbie boll today, a girly one, sorry”

Avni says “not fair”

Neela says “you will look pretty, trust me, at home also you look pretty being a Barbie doll, in front of everyone you will look beautiful, also wear whatever you want, everyday, except today”

Avni says “fine”

Everyone finishes their breakfast and goes to their respective works.

Amol and avni goes to meet rhea and hetal meanwhile neela and ananya works on their and avni’s party outfit. And kabir goes to office.

(Author’s note: please give neel your sympathy, he is gone shopping with kareena and till afternoon, he has lots of bags in his arms, also he had been dragged to 30 stores, I am not exaggerating. He is getting his punishment for not telling kareena before , when he knows it from a week before)

In the evening

Neela and ananya drags avni to a salon, and gets her full makeover done.

Avni is wearing a baby pink coloured off shoulder knee length dress, with some shiny peral work done on the front and sleeves. She has paired it up with beige platforms and has pinned her curled hair to one side, with natural makeup and minimal jewellery. She is indeed looking beautiful and breathtaking.

Neela is wearing a beautiful blue saree, ananya is wearing a white knee length skater dress, kabir and amol both are wearing tux.

Precap:The kapoors, ready to face the world.


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  1. I wanna appreciate your hard work & dedication. your episode makes me curious. what will going to happen? I am eagerly waiting for your next chapter.

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    Barbie avni…..
    Waiting for avneil’s meeting…
    Mehak, its superb yaar… Go on…

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  3. Awesome storyline ………..keep going……..pls update soon

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