Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 20

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My mind raced with thoughts and I was on my spot just as the door opens. Something really familiar, something I have known and something incredibly weird. “Sorry! I’m late”

I clenched my hands into fists, holding on to the hem of my shirt tightly as I hear his voice. I turned around and my breath hitched in my throat and stepped back holding onto the counter. “Here is he. Kunj Sarna” liya speaks up and I looked up to meet his eyes.

His eyebrows were jotted together. He looked concentrated. So much. That it made me feel as if was trying to get his answers eyeing me. His gaze lazily lingered on my face before they narrowed , locking my gaze with him.

I mentally gasped just as his mouth twitched upwards tugging his hands in his pocket. He beamed widely at me and I looked the other way. I played with my fingers nervously as liya was taking to him but he never looked at her. His gaze fixed upon me and I sighed turning away.

“Twinkle!” liya snapped her fingers in front of me and I nodded slightly. “I’ll take the kids to McDonald’s for a while. And for the time being would you just have a talk with Kunj?”

My eyes widened and she looked at me hopefully. I gave her a slight nod and she smiled going out with the kids. I looked at Yuvi who was glaring at Kunj and I sighed.

“Yuvi…” I called him out and he broke his glare eyeing at the other side. “Crap! It’s getting late. We should probably start with the frosting” I hurriedly went to the counter and started filling the piping bags.

“Guys! Come on. We don’t have much time” I called them out and they all eyed me confused. I looked at Mahi for help and it took a whilst and she nodded grabbing Yuvi’s and Maira’s hand as she dragged them alone.

Just like every time , I don’t want to break down. Yes , I can be strong , independent and powerful but they have a limit. The moment I allow my self to collapse , I would break down and that moment is not now. I wouldn’t want him to know that he made weak.

I wouldn’t want him to know that everything he did affected me. I wouldn’t want him to know that that I never stopped loving him but at the same time I wouldn’t want him to know that I can’t hate him either.

The four of us went on to continue our work and from the corner of my eye I could see him pace towards me. Think Twinkle think. My eyes landed on the medium sized bowl filled with flour and I smirked up to myself. Without any second thoughts , I grabbed the bowl and turned it around.

The flour splashed across his face and he stopped on his tracks , his eyes shut and hands fisted across his sides. I grinned mentally and looked around facing the shocked expression of everyone. But the door suddenly opens as liya joins us.

“We are back!” I heard her chirp in excitement and she paced towards her but her smile died as she eyed Kunj. “Oh My goodness!” She shrieked covering her mouth with her hand and in a matter of seconds Kunj laughed.

Leaving me totally dumbfounded and awestruck, he laughed. Laughed so bad that my heart ached to see this laughter after 2 years. Because memories had come back. Because again today, I was the reason he laughed.

I squeezed my eyes shut and ran away towards the washroom and closed the door. My mind raced with a million thoughts. Gone were the days when I saw an emotionless business man. Gone were the days when it would take ages to make him smile but today he laughed like there was no tomorrow.

Gone were the days when behind the Kunj Sarna every one knew was a man filled with love but today everyone knows it. He let’s everyone know. I know it. What was I ? A reckless broken hearted girl who couldn’t stand to look at the person whom she loves?


I can and I did. May it be magazines or TV , never had I missed the chance of not seeing him. Getting to see the news of what was the reason behind Kunj Sarna’s drastic change in nature?

What made the arrogant cocky businessmen to write the world’s best-selling novel. Not thriller, not horror , not mystery neither action but a romantic novel.

My chain of thoughts came to end as I heard the knob twist as someone came inside. “Are you alright?” I sighed in relief hearing Mahi’s voice and nodded as she came towards me and leaned against the bathroom door. “He deserved it” I heard her mumble.

I let out a faint chuckle, “The flour?” She laughed lightly and nodded but that faded away and she walked towards me. “I know Twinkle you might not like it but the smile he carries today has no meaning”

I looked up at her and my eyes welded remembering each time I would see him smile at interviews which was not what I call his real one.

“Just have a look at yourself. You are hurting yourself” I heard her murmur and I looked up in to mirror moving closer. I paced closer and kept my hands on the sink as I eyed my face. I ran a hand over my jaw bone eyeing my pale face. My eyes looked dull as if there was nothing more to my life.

The sparkle , the excitement, warmth and most importantly love had vanished. My cheeks held no colour and I ran a finger over my lower lip , feeling the dryness of my chewed lips. I gasped slowly eyeing myself and wrapped my arms around my self squeezing my eyes shut.

I have turned into a mess , my emotions heck the whole me has turned upside down. That one day destroyed me. So much that it actually makes me seem lifeless and freaking dead zombie.

“You still love bhai” Her words snapped me out of my thoughts and a tear escaped my eye and I quickly brushed it away. “No..” My voice came out low and I turned the other way. “But I do”

My head snapped up as my heart raced faster eyeing Kunj standing near the door. “I’ll see you outside” Mahi mumbled giving my shoulder a small squeeze and passed by Kunj. I took a deep breath and plastered a smile on my face.

“Hello Kunj. How have you been?” I asked with a sickening sweet tone and his eyes widened in awe. It took him a second to recover and he moved closer , just a few steps away from me. “Twinkle..” He breathed out.

“I hope you have been good. Oh! Congratulations. Best-selling writer. That’s quite amazing” I quickly blabber and he nodded. “Thank you..”

“I should probably be going. See you some other time” I quickly said and turned on my heels to go away but he quickly got ahold of my arm and pulled me back harshly as I clashed to his chest. “Why are you behaving like this?” He spat.

“Like what? I’m sorry I didn’t got what you said…” I smiled and replied back. “As if nothing ever happened” He whispered lowering his gaze. “What are you talking about?” I responded trying to be confused by his words.

“Stop doing this” He hissed and I sighed. “What do you want?” I questioned and he looked at me with a frown , “You know what I want” I scoffed rolling my eyes and harshly pulled away stepping back. “You wish! You never f**king loved me” I hissed and turned on my heels.

Why’s he back? What more he wants after messing me up? After messing my whole life what else he wants? He got what he wanted. All the drama , the fake confessions the moments all of them were an act and in the end he’s got what he wanted now why’s back.






Thank you to those who read my story and loved me and supported me till now . Thank you to those who commented and to those who didn’t but did read my story.

I’m so grateful for the comments I got on the last chapter and I couldn’t ask for more. Honestly, those words of you people is what I cherish with all my heart.

And MONICA! I have finished 29 chapters of your story and totally loving it till now. Guys you must check out “the enticing little incident” by kritika/Monica. It’s incredible.

So back to the chapter. How was it? And what’s your opinion on this track? Comment down below. ??

I’ll see you guys in the chapter!

Till then….have a great time ?


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  1. Dear u don’t need to ask hw ws the chapter bcoz as usual it ws awesome…
    Loved it…..

  2. Chiku

    Mishaa!! It’s awesome. Lovely. I am blown away. Woaaaaah u r mindblowing. My all tym fav writer????hats off to u girl.

    Try reading my ff The magical love~ by chiku. I posted only three chapters. I know its not good as urs but do try and doo give some suggestions or any way to improve my writing ???. I would be glad if u do so???
    Post soon
    Love u??

  3. Hey misha it was awesome… Loved it and plz post soon dear…luv u

  4. Mindblowing as usual Misha I’m really excited for the upcoming track continue soon
    Love you ?

  5. Sohi

    Episode was marvelous
    But iam hell confused ?
    Do continue

  6. Hey misha,
    As usual it was Fabulous epi, Love it,❤❤
    But omg kunj’s all things were an act, ?? and he used tw ?? Aww tw brkn heart ?? and i said earlier na that kunj’s dfrnt shade made me scared ?? and thinking it my curiosity level is high to knw that what he is gonna up to next, ?? Well eagerly waiting 4 next,post soon ☺☺
    Love you ??

  7. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Awesum epi misha
    I think this is first tym i am commenting on ur ff. Actually i am a silent reader nd i comment on some ffs. Nd urs has becum one of them now.
    Keep going.
    Once again it was fabulous

  8. SidMin

    Awesome…….. I have no words to describe how well you had described Twinkle’s feelings I mean like each emotion of her the sarcastic laugh on her fate …. trying to hide her emotions and trying not to break down ? ….. And and the best part was accepting that she still loves Kunj ….
    Love you post soon the plot seems to be turning more interesting episode by episode

  9. Presha

    Hey misha awesome yaar loved it to the core post soon

  10. Jaya Darshini

    This was beyond amazing! I’ve read every single one of your episodes. I don’t think I have commented before this. You’re a great writer. Your ff is my favourite twinj ff. I just wish you post each episode sooner. Nevertheless, keep up the great job!

  11. Ria

    Hey Misha,
    I wonder what’s been going in your head! So many twists and turns! The once happy story has turned to be a sad one. Legit, two shades? Well, the episode was fantastic as always. I’m looking forward to the reason behind all the mishap.

    Btw, what about the four one shots you’d decided on uploading? I’m really waiting for all of them. Just let us know about them. ?

    Waiting for the next update. Hope you can post soon. ?


  12. Kruti

    I am legit loving it…..Cant wait to know what is running in your mind
    Continue asap

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Mishu… Darling… Lovel

  14. Kritika14

    Heya Misha!

    How are you? Is your mind alright? Cause I really am so confused .. actually you make me confused. Firstly, all of Twinkle’s heartbreak and now that Kunj never loved her? (what she thinks) Really into this story so post real soon!

    And moreover, are you legit kidding me? Firstly, you read my story out of nowhere without even me telling you to do so and now giving a shoutout? Girl, you just made my day! ❤️ I love you so fkn much for this, trust me!

    Love you! x

  15. Amazing misha
    I loved it to core superb amazing
    Post soon
    Love u keep smiling

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    shocking suspense full epi….

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    shocking suspense full epi…….

  18. Aanya_pandey

    Twinj facing each other.. oh … Yrr.. want to know what had happened… between them that they are not together…

  19. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god misha☺
    srsly amazing luvd i soooo very mch☺
    tooo emotional n too cute to be described…..
    words are less n i must say m confused…….
    i mean she says she doesnt loves him but he suddenly came n says but he does…..
    den wats d past really m excited loving it☺☺
    love u lods♥♥♥

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