Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode 26.. 27)

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Hey..Friends..Meethi is back woth another episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens….A long long break indeed sorry for this late update…episode:26….

Episode 25 Here

Hope u all liked the promo?..
So I will start with the Episode..

The Episode begins on Ragini…
All r surprised by Ragini's reaction..
Suddenly wen..our PANDEY JI..enters the room forecfully…He smiles seeing everyone there as if..he won a marathon of 5 kms..

Every1..stands shocked..but fakes a smile..
Sanskaar-Arrey..pandey ji..u here
Jp-Ha..humka tumse kuch bahut zaroori baat karat ba..(yes..i want to discuss smthmg imp..)
Ragini-Actually pandey ji we also have to tell u smthng..
Swara-Actually we r leaving jst now.to our house..we jst wanted to tell u bye..
Jp-Oh u all r leaving ..he becomes sad..and tells i onw u all want to spend some more tym wid me…
Everyone gives "Who told u this reaction"..
And they wink at eachother and quickly they take there luggages..and as soon as they were jst abt to go outside the door they heard..
Jp-He starts laughing..arre bacho..u knw..ur wish is fulfilled..
Laksh-Which wish..
Jp-Dont act beta i knw..u all dnt want to leave me..and thats y..i decided..that..
Jp-I m cmg to live with u..in MUMBAI..
Jp-Beta dnt be so excited…actually my wofe has gone to her mayka (parental home)and i dnt have the keys..of my house.so i told my wife tat in mumbai i knw very sweet 2 couples so i will live them only..
All r shocked..nd are not able to understand that wats happening…
Ragini's Pov..
Oh god..now how will we take him home..and if aunty uncle or pari di comes to knw then wat will they think abt me and shona di..oh god

Swara's pov..
Oh gosh..wat will we do..how can we take him to Laksh's house..

Sanskaar pov..

Now wat will we do?..how can we take him to our house..he will surely get to knw abt our lie..plus ma and papa ki daant oh god..

Laksh's Pov..
He wants 2 accompany us..to mm..what will dad say..
Dp-What is this laksh..u and swara..then..i will obviously get the punishment for this lie..
Ap-Angrily..laksh did i teach u this!..
Dp-From today all ur credit and debit cards will be blocked..

Laksh-Shouts no!…
And every1..looks at him..
Jp-laksh beta..dnt u want me to come..he starts his melodrama..
I understood..what am i..a mere old man..who will help me..where will this abla mard go?..
Swara-Pls dont start crying..u can come wid us..
Every1 looks at her…!..
Priyaneharajrahul-We r leaving..actually we have our flight..
Sanskaar-How can u go leaving us.
Raj-Bhai galti tumlogi ki na..amd starts laughng and they leave..
Laksh-whisphers Swara why..
Swara-See na laksh he is crying cant we take him along wid us?..
Ragini-Di but where..we can not take him to MM..otherwise..
Laksh-Mom amd dad will block my cards..
Sanskaar-Excuse me!.wat..
Laksh-Nthng nthng..
Jp-So it is final we r leaving to mumbai..wait ill go and brng my bags ..
Amd he leaves frm there..
Sanskaar- now where the hell are we gng to take him..
Ragini-Frst of all…everything is because of u only mr sadu..if u wouldnt have build up such a bad lie..then today we all would have been out of this problem…
Sanskaar-U?..jungli billi dnt dare to call me mr sadu..
Ragini-Dont call me junglee billi..
Swara-Stop it guyss…we need w find a solution   rather than fightng here..
Ragini-Yup di..u r ri8..wait..idea..
Ragini-We can take him to our fake house?..
Ragini-Di ..u remember na…ramesh uncle has an empty flat here..whose keys are currently wid me!..
Shekhar-I m giving u this keys..as ramesh lives in US and u both r gng alone so u can take these keys along wid u..if by any chance u are not comfortable in d hotel..u can live there..
Ragini-okay papa thank u..

Flash back ends..
Swara-Yes!what an idea ginuji!.
Laksh-awesome ragini..waise bhi dost kiski hai!..
Sanksaar-ok ok not that bad idea..
Swara-But..if ur parents come to knw…
Ragini-Di think positive…chilllax..

Sanlak-Abh chalo!..

They reach mumbai…

Pandey-Mazaa agya..i got a very good sleep..
Sanskaar-Yes we knw..ur extra lid snoring proved everything..
Swara-Come..we will take a taxi and leave..

Ragini-Bhaiya..Juhu lekar jayenge..
Taxi driver yes..

They all sit in the taxi and leave..

The Scene Changes to new york..
Sumi-I want to tell u smthng..
Shekhar-Wat happend mishti i are looking worried..everything is fine na?..
Sumi-Voh actually..Durga ji called..
Shekhar stands and shocked..
Wat?..wen..why didnt u tell me before..
Sumi-Actually he called me long back wen gini and shona were leaving for mumbai..
Shekhar-And u didn't find it imp to tell me?..
Sumi-Shekhar pls dont get me wrong..he told me that he found Rituraj Thakhur..
Shekhar-Wat!..Mishti how can u hide such a big thing frm me..
Sumi-I am sorry..but i knew if i would have told u this u wouldn't have allowes swaragini to go..and i didnt want them to suffer..to supress their dreams because of our past..
Shekhar-Dont u knw..its not our but theor past to..because whatever happened on that day…changed our and their lives…

Tears welled upon sumi's eyes..
Sumi-Sorry shekhar..
Shekhar-Koi baat nhi but we have to rectify this mistake..
Shekhar-We are leaving to Mumbai..let me call durga..

Scene changes to mumbai..
MM Mansion…

Trimg tring..

A drop of tear escapes frm both of their eyes..
Durga-Shekhu..I found him..i found him..??..
Shekhar-Durga..now our revenge will get complete..
Durga-Yes shekhar it will..we will take all our ans..for our pain..for our loss..and for your loss which was irreparable..
Shekhar-I am cmg to mumbai..
I will be there by tomorrow..i will dorectly come to your house..
Durga-I am waiting for u mere bhai..(as a frnd ha)..

They cut the phone..

Dp-Annpurna..Make the rooms ready..they are cmg..
Ap-smiles..i am eagerly waiting to see sumi..after such a long time..after that incident..he shifted to new york..to stay away from the memories of that dark night..
Dp-Our revenge will get completed soon..

The Scene changes to SwaRagini and Sanlak..

They all are in taxi wen..

Tring tring..Pandey ji's phone rings..
Pandey-Heeloo!..Ji hum pandey baat karrahe hai..wat!..why..okay..

He cuts the phone…

Pandey-Gaadi rokiye..
Swara-Wat happened..
Pandey-Actually my wife came..and now i have to go to my home..

Pandey ji gives her a look..
Ragini-I mean..wat..now how we will spend time with you..we will miss u..
Pandey-Bacho dnt cry..if u are asking me to stay i will stay with u..
Sanskaar-Ur wife will be waiting for u na..
Laksh-And its not a good habbit tk keep ur wife waiting..
Sanskaar opes d door amd pandey ji gets down..
Pandey-I will miss u all..he takes out the handkerchief..and blows his nose and wipes his tear…
All stare at him woth disguise..they quickly..say bye and leaves..

Laksh-Bhaiya..aage se..u turn…bandra chalo..


They all reach Maheshwari Mansion..
Laksh-Ma..papa..uttu..we are back..

All come down and are very happy to see them..ap goes amd hugs swaragini first..my daughters came..
Laksh-Excuse me..ur sons are her too..
Ap goes and twists his ears..i knw mere bache..and hugs them tooo…
Ap-We all missed u alot..
Swaragini Sanlak-We too…

Ap-Go and get freshen up..i will arrange the dinner..after u all take rest…

So how was the epi..
Yeah..one more thing this episode was a combination of 26 and 27 th epi..so may be on nxt Friday i will update 28 29 30..which will mark the end of the Season 1!..

Thank u..

Loads of love Meethi ❤

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