Twisted Fate Of The Empire – Chapter 1

Hello my dear readers and friends here is the first episode of this ff. Saw that you guys are confused a bit. Hoping to clear them as the story progresses. Lets go to the story now

Chapter 1: A fresh beginning 

Kekaya Kingdom Outskirts

Ram is travelling on a bridge along the banks of one of the tributaries of river Sindhu. After hours of journey from Indraprastha his horse is too tired and its gallop changed into trots. Ram himself being tired did not mind to rush it. As he was enjoying the scenic beauty his eyes suddenly caught a huge crowd rushing through the way. Wishing to not trouble his horse , he hops off it. He gently caresses it after which he starts to walk holding it in one hand.He managed to cross the crowd and reached a tree near a nearby temple. Once he reached there he felt a familiar touch on his back and turned to see Varundev

Ram: Varun…did I make you wait for long?

Varun: Not at all Mate. Even I came from Kailash right now

Ram: How are things there? How is didi?

Varun’s POV: 

Varun enters the Kailash kingdom. Once the security guards saw the ring he showed he was led into the palace with a great honour. He was then led to the chambers of Sati beautifully decorated with different kinds of flowers. As he walked further he spotted Sati in her place and ran to her. Seeing him Sati had her brightest smile

Sati: Varun you are nice..where is Ram? Is he coming behind you

Varun: Didi..woh..Ram had to go to Indraprastha to meet Prince Aditya was an urgent work thats why he did not come. But he will come for Godh bharai function for sure

Sati: Oh..he sent you in his behalf..whats so urgent than meeting me?

Shiva enters the room smiling

Shiva: know the situation of Mahishmati now..Aditya cannot leave Indraprastha so he will have something very important to do with Ram.

Sati: But..

Varun: consider only him as your brother not me

Sati’s anger melts on hearing this. She caresses Varun’s head lovingly.

Sati: Not at are as much my brother like Ram. What have you brought for your sister?

Varun shows what all Ram sent and what he got for Sati seeing which Sati gets emotional. Shiva consoles her

Shiva: should not cry in such a state

Varun: Dont worry didi…this child will convince Maharaj Dhashrath and he will definitely accept you

Shiva: Yes that day is not far

The POV ends as Varun finds Ram crying 

Varun: Ram…everything will get fine soon…dont worry. By the way what did Prince Aditya say?

Ram wipes his tears and starts his narration 

Ram’s POV

Ram rushes to the chambers of King Aditya in the temporary palace of Indraprastha. He finds Aditya sitting in his chair busy with something, sensing his presence Aditya looks up

Aditya: Ram..Finally you are here..I know that Sati is pregnant and you wanted to visit her with gifts but the situation is

Ram: I know Prince..that its very important as you have called me urgently 

Aditya: Thank you for coming to the matters Im hearing lot of rumours about me and the kingdom. If I think of stepping out of Gandhar to handle things thats not possible as the enemy army is fast approaching and we will have a war anytime. So I would like you to hand over messages to three people. I could have sent a soldier but these messages need someone valiant and brilliant like you..will you do it for me?

Ram: After my father threw me out it was you who took care of me. Have I ever said no to you?

Aditya hugs Ram

Aditya: Ram with plots everywhere around you are among the very few I can believe other than Sita, Arjun , Jodha , Karna and my mom

Ram: Thats my privilege Prince. Who are the three people?

Aditya: Haan..first one is ..

He takes a roll of parchment tied with a golden silk thread and gives it to Ram

Aditya: Give this to Jodha and tell her that I will marry no one other than her and ask her not to lose confidence in me with the rumours running around . And please give this first

He takes another roll tied with a red silk thread and hands it over

Aditya: Give this to my father King Pandu in Mahishmati (it is an imaginary kingdom and capital near Hastinapur of Mahabharat period) It is the toughest job as he is surrounded by the Kaurav brothers Duryodhan and Dushashan guarding the palace and managing the treasury

Ram: Why will they stop a message from you?

Aditya: I guess you have already heard the rumour that my father is held like a hostage by them inside the palace. They dont allow anyone other that my mother to contact with him. Thats why Im saying that you have to meet my father without them knowing that I sent you with a message. 

Ram: Ill give my life to give this parchment to the king

Aditya: I know you will succeed in this then..

He takes another roll tied with a green silk thread

Aditya: Lastly give this to my sister Sita who is in Mithila now. Do you mind going there?

Ram in mind: Who will mind meeting Princess Sita

Aditya: Ram?

Ram: Anything for you my prince

Aditya : And it will be right if you leave tomorrow morning after a good dinner and good sleep. And take Varun with you. I know that he is your best aid. And you will need him

Pov ends

Varun: So he too knows about me

Ram: He knows everything about everyone close to him. Now we have to meet Princess Jodha and give this roll. Thankfully we planned to meet at Kekaya after our trips to Indraprastha and Kailash

Varun: we go to the palace now and give it to princess Jodha

As they are talking another large procession goes by

Ram: What is going on here?

Varun: Princess Jodha is conducting a big Pooja here. So us meeting her is much easier 

Ram: Its getting dark..let us tie our horses in a good place and leave for the palace

Varun and Ram walk to tie their horses. Once handing them in good hands Ram and Varun enter the Kali temple nearby. A huge crowd is there already. They manoeuvre themselves among them and go closer to the idol. 

People around: It is time for Princess’s arrival

With him saying that a beautiful palanquin  enters the premises. Everyone watch that with awe. Ram and Varun also look at the palanquin

The silk cloth is moved aside once the palanquin was placed on the ground and a beautiful princess Jodha gets off . She gets the thali from the maid and walks towards the idol. On the way her eyes fall on Ram whom she recognises in an instant. She smiles at him and her eyes suddenly get wet. Ram notices this and grows concerned. Jodha calls her aid and tells something to her in a whisper. Once said she walks forward while the aid runs to Ram

Aid: Princess Jodha asked you to wait till the pooja got over and she wanted to tell something in person to you

Ram nods in agreement. The pooja starts and goes on in a great way. The scene freezes 


Karn enters the chambers of Aditya

Aditya: Karn haven’t you left yet?

Karn: Why are you so keen on sending me back?

Aditya: Dont behave like a fool. You are just now married and you left naive Urvi handling the kingdom

Karn: I just came for a month

Aditya: It will take a week for you to get back. Bechari ladki is alone there right

Karn: So much concern on my wife..when are you getting married..those rumours

Aditya: I very well heard them..Ram will have reached Kekaya by now and will meet Jodha

Karn: You didn’t answer my question when are you getting married?

Aditya: How can it happen without Arjun? You now he is in Lanka fighting the war. Without finishing Nandh and his supporters completely how can I get married? And another war is looming over here

Karn: Then why are you sending me away?

Aditya: Am I not capable of fighting these enemies alone?

Karn: You are but..

Aditya: Karn go back to Anga and please make the food and weapon supply ready in the ships. Then send them through your naval ships to Lanka. By brother who lived in all riches is starving there with his soldiers. 

Karn: What happened to the supplies from Mahishmati?

Aditya: The Kaurav brothers are not sending them. If it’s possible I will crush their heads right now but ..

Karn: I can understand your pain dont worry Ill leave at once and take care of the supplies 

Karn leaves while Aditya gets busy with some writings. The scene freezes 


The chamber of Lady Sita is brightly lit with lamps. The full moon peeps into her room wishing to get a glimpse of her. Sita is on the cot looking at the swords placed Infront of her. Draupadi enters the chamber 

Panchali: Didi aren’t you asleep yet? Its pretty late

Sita: Ill sleep once Im done with this. Why aren’t you asleep yet?

Panchali: You know me right didi nowadays Im not getting sleep at all. But you sleep as soon as you lie down and close your eyes

Sita: What to do Panchali..I am not in love so I sleep in an instant but you…

Panchali turns red and blushes hard. Sita starts to giggle at her

Panchali: Stop teasing me Didi…my mental peace is not here thats why Im unable to sleep

Sita: Haan haan..your mental peace is in Lanka right..then how will you have it here?

Panchali: What else didi? I heard and you also know that the Kaurav brothers are not sending any supplies to the people in Lanka. Knowing it how will I have mental peace? Everyone is starving there but we are enjoying luxury here

Sita: Is this concern for everyone or is it for Arjun?

Panchali turns fully red on hearing his name 

Sita: Your love for Arjun may be hidden from everyone but not from me my dear friend 

Panchali: Only I can love him ..but Im nothing for him to love me

Sita: Yeah yeah he doesn’t have any feelings for you thats why in his every letter he is enquiring about you. He doesn’t ask if Im well , am I eating properly but he never forgets to ask is Panchali fine? Is she eating properly? Is she sleeping properly? ..even your brother doesn’t ask these questions 

Hearing all this Panchali gets so shy that she gets up and runs away. Sita smiles seeing this

Sita in mind: No other girl will be suitable for my brother..than you. Once he is back I should talk to him about this

With her thinking so the scene freezes 

Kekaya Kali temple 

The pooja gets over and the crowd starts to move away. Ram and Varun stand rooted to their position. Once the crowd gets out Varun gets ready to leave

Varun: Ram..princess wanted to talk to you in meet her Ill be sightseeing the palace area

Saying this Varun laves from there. Jodha gestures Ram to come with her. They go to a small hall near the idol

Jodha: Prince Ram happy to find you here..

Ram: Happy meeting you Princess Jodha..I have something for you and hope that will take away the tears off your eyes which you had on seeing me

He gives the roll for Jodha to her

Jodha opens it 

Ram: Prince Aditya said that he will marry only you and asked you not to lose confidence on him

Jodha smiles as she hears what Ram said and she reads the parchment

Aditya: Jodha…I know that you would have started to believe those rumours as I did not meet you after the ceremony of our engagement . But the situation in Indraprastha is not good. I know that news of me planning a golden mahal and rumours of me marrying Nandhini would have reached you. Yes Im building the golden mahal as I want to engage our army till the enemy arrives. And the rumour is totally false..why will I marry that Nandhini? She is the daughter of the man who is considered as our greatest enemy. But the truth is Im searching for Nandhini to imprison her so that she doesn’t do anything against us. Trust me and about our marriage please wait till Arjun is back. I will meet you very soon. 

Ram could see a happy twinkle in Jodha’s eyes as she finishes reading it

Jodha: Ram the things I wanted to ask you are all answered. Now I will not worry about anything. His words and your words from him have assured me of everything.

Ram: Princess Jodha true love will always win. Your love for Prince Aditya and his love for you is very true so it will definitely win

Jodha: You unite true hearts always so your words will definitely be true. Please come to the palace with

Ram: I need to go to Mahishmati as per Prince Aditya’s words

Jodha: You can leave in the morning..please come to the palace for dinner and restbthere before leaving and where is Varun?

Ram is surprised to hear that

Jodha: He was there with you

Ram: He left to sightsee the palace as you wanted to talk to me in person 

Jodha: Please bring him to the palace with you. I will arrange everything for you

Jodha instructs the maid and a soldier and leaves from there

The episode freezes 

Next Chapter : Inside the Palanquin 

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