Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kaveri plays evil again

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Uday thinking of Vashma. Amrit and Randhir come to Uday. Amrit asks Uday to have food and sleep, why did he make such mannat, he will get unwell if he doesn’t sleep. He says love is such, its testing us. Amrit says you have to get fine. Uday asks them to unite, at least their lives will get happiness. Randhir says we will surely unite, I will talk to Nalini. Amrit asks didn’t Nalini take food and medicines. Servant says she didn’t have food. She says I will take it. He says she didn’t permit you to come. Amrit asks Bindu to feed Nalini. Bindu says she won’t eat anything until her anger calms down. Amrit says try once, when my dad used to get upset, he used to leave food, I used to say that I will also not eat, then he used to eat, will you try. Bindu says sure, your heart is good and clean, everything will be fine. She goes. Randhir comes to Amrit and asks is everything fine. Amrit says Kaveri can hurt you and mum, we have to be alert, we have to remove the poison she filled in Nalini’s mind.

Bindu asks Nalini to have food, else she can’t eat it. Nalini asks what’s this. Bindu says I won’t eat food without you, I m feeling dizzy. Nalini says stop the drama, keep the food, go. Bindu says I understand your pain, I feel you should agree for Amrit and Randhir’s marriage. Amrit says Nalini won’t agree. Randhir says she will agree, I wish she came to the temple and we could tell her the right way, her experience will make her understand our truth, she won’t take the wrong decision. Bindu says Amrit is pure gold, she stayed away from her love, for this house respect, if Veer was alive today, then she would have kept this relation, now we should think of her, Randhir and Amrit are helpless, he is your son, he respects Amrit, he stayed away from her, he loves her, they are few people like her, don’t you want them to be happy, think about it, don’t you think I m saying right. Nalini says maybe you are saying right. Bindu smiles. Kaveri looks on and thinks I have my nature to always win. Randhir asks Amrit to come. Amrit gets dizzy. He asks her to sit. He goes to get water. Kaveri says they will know it soon.

Its morning, Nalini says I have decided it, I m ready to permit for this marriage. Amrit faints. Randhir and everyone worry. Kaveri says no need to lift her in arms, I won’t tolerate this. He says I don’t care, she fainted here. Randhir takes Amrit to his room. Kaveri says you got a widow to your room. He says our thinking needs purity, a widow is also a woman. Nalini says let it be. Kaveri says you have agreed for their relation. Nalini asks how do you know, just Bindu and I spoke about it.

Kaveri says you know me well, I know you well, I can know your decision, but I didn’t expect this from you. Nalini asks her to think well, Randhir and Amrit’s relation is very old, they love each other, Randhir won’t step back, he won’t leave Amrit, if he leaves us for her sake, then I can’t tolerate this.

Kaveri says you can’t fall weak, you should know if he chooses our family or that girl, what will we do if he refuses to us in any other matter. She says Amrit fainted down, is it signing to something else, like we had caught them red-handed, is Amrit pregnant, then it will be too much. Doctor comes. Nalini asks her to check Amrit and tell her what happened to her. Randhir asks will Amrit get fine. Doctor asks him to wait outside. Randhir worries. Nalini comes. He hugs her. Doctor says Amrit is conscious, don’t worry, she has some weakness, don’t worry. He goes to meet her. Doctor goes with Nalini to talk. Amrit says I should leave from here. He says take rest. Nalini asks doctor to say. Kaveri comes. Doctor tells something. They get shocked. Uday comes and asks what happened to you. He cries. Kaveri does a drama. Nalini says we just have one way now. Its morning, Randhir comes to Amrit. He says you came here and didn’t tell me. He reads her diary.

Randhir asks Nalini to accept Amrit for her son’s happiness. Nalini gives a shocking gift to Amrit.

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  1. When will Nalini catch her hubby and kavari.. Hope naman exposes them. Soon he must make an error
    Kavari should worry about her dirty reputation having a illegitate son plse do something that naman needs blood n only Viren match

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