a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 21)

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after a few seconds, karan realised what naina had just said. naina was going to leave india, she was going to leave everything, she was going to leave him and he couldn’t let that happen.

karan: naina, you can’t do that.

naina: excuse me?

karan: you can’t just leave, naina.

naina: i’m sorry but, you have no right to tell me what to do anymore.

karan: i’m your husband, naina.

naina: oh, my husband. okay, so when did that occur to you? before or after you told me to leave?

karan: naina,

naina: karan, when you told me to leave, you lost your right and now what i do with my life is my wish. di, i’m leaving and i won’t be coming back this time.

meghna didn’t know what to say to naina. she knew that naina wasn’t in the mood to argue and she was going to leave no matter what meghna said.

meghna: okay, i guess it’s your decision then. kunal and i will be outside, just call us if you need anything. come kunal, let’s go.

kunal: take care.

naina smiled at them. meghna and kunal went out to inform nirmala about the recent events. karan, however, was still in the room and naina looked at him, annoyed and deep down confused.

naina: you can go karan, i’ll be fine alone.

karan: naina, i’m sorry i told you to leave. i know it was wrong but i can’t live without you. please don’t leave, please don’t leave me alone.

naina: i’m not a toy. you can’t tell me to leave one minute and then say that you want me to come back. karan, i can’t come back. i need to leave. i’m leaving next week and by then, please sign the divorce papers.

when naina said that, nirmala had already entered the room without them realising and heard everything. she was shocked.

nirmala: naina, you’re leaving? and divorce papers, what is all of this? uh, karan go out, i need to talk to naina alone.

karan agreed and left.

naina: ma, i’m sorry but i can’t come back. besides, i don’t have any other reason to stay in this country so i’m leaving.

nirmala took naina’s hand and put it on her head, taking naina’s kasam. naina looked on shocked and confused.

nirmala: naina, promise me you won’t leave. i want you to swear on my life that you’ll come back to chauhan house tomorrow.

naina: (looking helplessly) ma, please don’t do this to me. i can’t take this anymore. i don’t want to get hurt again and ma, karan doesn’t want me to stay with him. i can’t take that – it hurts so much. ma, i can’t get heartbroken again, please.

nirmala: naina, i know and i need you to trust me on this that’s why if you ever considered me your mother, you’ll come back and if not, i’ll understand that there was no such thing and you never considered me your own.

naina didn’t know what to say. she couldn’t say no but at the same time she couldn’t say yes to nirmala. how would she go back to that house where her husband didn’t want her and where she didn’t want to be? naina was either going to be selfish or selfless in this decision but, which did she want to pick? if she said yes, she’d prove to be sharda’s daughter but if she said no, she’d be her mother’s daughter and that, she couldn’t bear the thought of. what will naina choose – run away from the situation or go back to the house where her husband and the man she loved stayed but, at the risk of getting hurt once again?

thank you for reading! i had to make this short because i wanted to end it at a cliff hanger. i’ll post soon though so i hope it’s okay. your comments have been making my day! you guys are really so sweet, i can’t even. i’m really sorry if the updates are too short and all but i’ve already planned it out and don’t want to change the whole thing but i’ll make them longer after chapter 24 which is how much i’ve planned out so far.

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  1. Shruthy

    This is really short but if we will get something regularly, then it’s completely fine.
    Wait wait wait… so Naina loves Karan ? ? Yeh kabse chal raha hai ? ?? I think I have been lost in the story somewhere.
    Anyhow… you told there is a secret of hers in Paris. Which one ? I want to know what it is.
    Hopefully we will get an update very soon. ☺️

    1. NainaSharma

      i realised it was pretty short but i started writing the next chapter and it seems like it might be longer than expected. i can’t promise anything though! oh so basically she told karan after the wisdom tooth operation, while she was on drugs, that she doesn’t feel the things she used to feel with rohit but she feels them now with karan. she isn’t really going to accept it or say anything about it for sometime – she’ll be in this denial stage. i can’t say anything about that right now, it’ll be revealed soon though! i’ll update tonight. ???

      1. Shruthy

        Oh haan I remember that ?? Sorry sorry… i forgot she actually “confessed” indirectly while unconscious

  2. Tamihna0808

    Aaaw! I genuinely loved the scene between Naina and Nirmala! Keep up the awesome updates ❤??

    1. NainaSharma

      thank youuuuu! ??

  3. Pratha

    Hey Nana it was short but sweet. I loved d nature of karan in d ff of today’s how he was SWEET ANGRY on Main…
    Waiting for the next one

    1. Pratha


    2. NainaSharma

      thank you! i’ll get the next chapter up soon and it’ll be longer, promise! ?

  4. Wow!? I loved this Naina! This Naina is completely opposite to the one in the show and I seriously love it! This Naina is firm and headstrong!❤️ I was so busy that I couldn’t read the chapters and now I am going through so many! I loved the last part-the Naina-Nirmala scene and Naina thinking about her decision.???❤️

    1. NainaSharma

      i’ve missed your comments! how are you? i can’t wait for you to read the next few chapters, i just submitted chapter 24 so that should be up soon as well. i hope you enjoy that one because it’s my favorite! ????

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