In the end all I really want to hear is….I love you (part 43) last part

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Here I’m back with another part friends
Than You all for your support guys …

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So let’s start

There was hustle bustle in full college …..

All were busy in there own self when
Everyone attention was gained by the brand new lavish black Mercedes which stops in front of college hate in a stylish way ……

Everyone was looking at it curious to know who was the one driving it

When the door of driver seat opens n our handsome hunk sanskar Maheshwari comes out from it

All gasp seeing his charm

Girls were flat on him while boys were burning from the hotness he spread in air …..

He went to passenger seat n opens the door n extends his hand

Swara smiles at his sweet gestures n hold his hand …..

All got even more shock after seeing this
Swasan walk past them all as it doesn’t matters them all but inside both were smiling seeing there all state

Both enters inside there class ……

Same happened with every student present there ….. They all looks at sanskar in shock …..

Both ignored them all n went n sat in there place …..

As they passes by kavita Swara stops in front of her n smirks pointing towards sanskar …..
Kavita fumes in anger seeing there attitude …..
Swasan were busy talking with each other laughing …. When kavita n rajat came near them …..

Kavita – look baby sanskar has changed

Rajat – ary darling only his appearance change but he is the same sanskar poor little scared sanskar

Both laughed …..

Swara angrily – dare you both ….. One word more about him n you will see worst of me …..

Kavita – oo poor girl …. Now what you will get being angry on us you already lost the bet

Rajat – after all ise Swara ki aukat hi kya hai hamare samne blo*dy bi ….

Before he could say further he got a tight punch on his face resulting him to fall down ….

Sanskar stood in front of swara hiding her behind him

Kavita immediately held rajat n made him stand properly

Rajat looks at him angrily
Rajat – you bl…

Sanskar roars – just shut up
All went nub hearing him …….
Everyone shivered seeing his angry red eyes ……

He glared kavita rajat with blood shot eyes making then scared

Sanskar – I had enough of you both ….. I am not saying anything to you that doesnt mean I don’t know how to speak ….. You both crossed your limits today

Rajat gained some courage n spoke – now you will tell us our limit who are you just a orphan

Sanskar clenched his fist tightly ….. He was about to rearrange his face very well when swara stops him …..

Swara – no need to make your hands dirty by touching him sanskar …..

She turns to kavita ….

Swara – so kavita now tell me who won
Kavita kept mum

Swara mocking – what happened now show me my aukat

Rajat comes forward – swara behave …..

Sanskar stops him from coming near swara by pushing him by his shoulders

Sanskar – you stay out of this it’s between her n kavita ….

Swara smiles looking at sanskar who returns her by blinking his eyes as a reply that he is with her

Swara – so kavita let me remind you about your punishment so ready to be my slave …..

Kavita – slave n me that too your never in my life …..

Swara – itna ghamand (so much pride ) for what ….. Just for this two rupee face ….

Kavita shouts – swara

Swara – lower your voice kavita even i know how to shout …..

Sanskar – uff Swara leave her …… N moreover i think you should not make her your slave …. After all we also have some standard …..

He smirks looking at kavita ….

Swara – now if you had enough of your insult them it’s better you both just leave from here …..

Both kavjat left from there being embarrassed ….

Swara turns towards sanskar
Swara – I didn’t knew you can shout also

Sanskar – all cause of you

Swara smiles
Swara – so ….

Sanskar – so

Swara – finally I won (she sat on bench crossing her legs) I have work so hard in this one weak (she wipes fake sweat from her forehead) that now I’m feeling so much tired (she said dramatically )

Sanskar smiles looking at her n nods his head sideways

He was about to sit beside her when a group of boys comes near him ….

On of the boy – hey sanskar myself dhruv …. Why don’t you join us buddy

Sanskar – but ….

Other boy – ary dude come na …..

All starts insisting him

He was about protesting them when Swara senses it ….. She immediately stood up n interrupts him

Swara – sanskar go with them and more over I have some work in library so I’ll meet you after college

Sanskar – but swara ….

Dhruv – come on sanky now she also said sanskar unwillingly goes with them

But before leaving the class he turns n looks at swara sadly while she just smiles at him ….

Swara – offo you dumbo you asked him to join them but now where will I go ….. In that library not at all me n library are like North n south pole of a magnet ….

She hits her head lightly with book ….

She finally decide to go in music room ….

Day pass by now it was time to leave ….

As usual Swara was waiting for sanskar in parking lot …. But there was no sign of him …..

It’s been more than half an hour n almost everyone left from college

She tried calling him but he was not picking up …..

Few min later she receives a call….

Seeing sanskar name flashing on screen she happily picks it up

Swara happily – sanskar where are you …. I m waiting for you from so long

Sanskar – actually Swara ….

Swara – what happened sanskar tell na how much time will you take more

Sanskar – Swara I’m sorry vo …..

Swara – sanskar why are you saying sorry Sony tell me you forgot that you will spend your full day with me …..

Sanskar – Swara I’m really sorry I tried telling them but they forced me so I was not able to deny them

Swara confusingly – what are you talking about ?

Sanskar – Swara vo its dhruv birthday today so all friends decided for a party I’m with them only SORRY I cant come today we will plan IT for some other day sorry ……

Swara face immediately drops listening him but she keeps a fake smile n replied him

Swara – it’s ok sanskar no need of sorry …. You ….. Enjoy ….. n ….. Dont worry about me ….. I’m fine ….. You enjoy …..

She instantly cuts the call after saying this

Few tears escapes from her eyes
She quickly wiped them

Swara to herself – it’s ok Swara he was just busy n you should be happy for him he gets more friends he is adjusting with new people n he said na we will go some other day so just calm down every thing is alright

She took few deep breaths calming herself n went from there …..

Precap – Epilogue …..
Guys soory for the short update but I did not had time due to studies pressure …. Sorry once again hope you understand ….
Take care

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  1. Sus

    Awesome dear
    study is important dear

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    Awesome dear post soon but why u ended so soon

  3. Tuba_Minahil

    Oh hello dare if you end this so soon????? I’ll kill you……. I love your FFs so much yaar ????? and today’s part was damn amazing especially the way Sanskar defend himself and Swara ????????????

  4. Nice u end it soon dear update soon

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  6. Harshita

    It was awsm….sanskaar denied to come with swara….is he going to propose her??

  7. Shreeyu

    Awesome dear… U r ending it, well I wanted to read it more, but u r ending…Anyways loved this part…I’ll be waiting for epilogue

  8. awesome epilogue update karo soon

  9. Phoniex

    Hawww what was that epilogue ?

  10. Simi

    Awesome dear…
    Y u ended it so soon.. Loved the way sanskar defended… Waiting for Epilogue

  11. Kakali

    Waaaa! Dhruv’s bday or preparing for proposal.!Huh do we look that much dumb.!
    Shreyaaaaa I chocked out my tea reading 2 RUPEE FACE.*hug my lappy..!
    Loved it dear.! Do ur study well..! TC. Thnk u.. ;-*

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