a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 20)

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after karan told everyone that naina was awake, they all came in to meet her. naina didn’t say a word this whole time. she just kept quiet, not knowing what to say. what naina didn’t understand was why karan was there when he was the one who told her to leave.

vinod: naina, what happened?

naina: um, i had this bad feeling dad. i don’t know, i was just really worried for you and so i left to see you. karan tried stopping me so that he could come with me or at least i could take a driver but i didn’t listen. i was driving quickly when this truck came out of nowhere and so i tried going the other way to avoid the truck but i didn’t realise there was a tree there and so i banged into it before i could realise what was happening or even try to stop it from happening. after that, i honestly can’t remember anything.

naina lied. the chauhans were initially confused at what naina was saying but then realised that she was lying for karan.

vinod: beta, please take care. you were in critical condition. next time, listen to karan, please.

naina just nodded her head.

naina: (thinking to herself) i’m sorry for lying dad but don’t worry this is the last time anything like this will happen. i can’t listen to karan because after tomorrow, i will never see him again.

rohit: naina, your dad and i have to fill out a few formalities and talk to the doctors regarding your discharge. we’ll be back okay, take care.

once vinod and rohit left, nirmala questioned naina.

nirmala: naina, why did you lie? why didn’t you tell vinodji that karan told you to leave and that’s why you were driving that late into the night.

naina: ma, dad didn’t want me to go back to karan when he first got out of the coma but, i told him that i would be okay. i told him that it would be better if i came back and i did because he agreed. dad understood where i was coming from and because he trusted me, he agreed to send me back. but now, how do i tell him that i was wrong ma? how do i tell him that he’s been right all along? most importantly, how do i tell my father that his daughter’s hurt? i can’t ma. i don’t want him to see me in pain.

meghna: naina, you can’t just hide it from him.

naina: i can handle it alone, i’ll be okay.

sandhya: naina, if you need anything we’ll all be outside, okay? take care.

when they all left, meghna, kunal, and karan stayed back.

meghna: naina, how did the accident really happen?

naina: i didn’t lie about that. i was driving and i didn’t see the truck coming, that’s all.

meghna: i’m sorry naina.

naina: di, for what? why are you saying sorry?

meghna: for everything.

naina understood that meghna was talking about the wedding. she was talking about how if it wasn’t for her, naina wouldn’t be in this position today – heartbroken.

naina: di, none of this is your fault. it’s mine and i’ll get myself out of it alone.

meghna: naina, i don’t understand. what do you mean?

naina: i’ve decided to go to paris next week.

kunal: for a holiday?

meghna: no, she’s going for good.

naina: i’m sorry but i have to do this. i’m going to paris next week and i won’t be coming back.

before he knew it, his life was back at a standstill. naina was going to leave karan again and this time, he had to stop her. karan had to tell her how he felt and what she meant to him. he couldn’t just keep quiet and watch her get away because she was his everything.

thank you for reading! oops sorry, another short chapter. i’ll post sooner if they’re shorter though, i must admit that. i can’t wait to write the next chapter because trust me, it’s one of my favorites! anyways, i have a lot planned for this ff but comment any scene you’d possibly like to see and maybe i’ll be able to incorporate it with the current track!

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  1. Eagerly waiting for the next part .pls update soon

    1. NainaSharma

      i’ll update soon! ??

  2. I would love to see a peraonal NAIRAN SCENE!!!other than that can u show some rohit-naina besties moment or rohit-karan jealousy moment over naina…which will be damn good and cute????

    1. NainaSharma

      oh that’s coming soon, i promise! i’ll try and bring that into one of the chapters. thank you for commenting! ??

  3. Threemaimai

    no need you are actually writing your ff with the best way it have to go… love it from tge bottom of my heart…
    even my heart felt sad when naina said she plan to leave…. 🙁
    plz plz update ASAP

    1. NainaSharma

      thank youuu so much! i’ll update tonight. ?

  4. Tamihna0808

    Once again so beautiful! I could imagine every word so well. Naina can’t leave them! “She was his everything” ❤? great work Ritz x ?

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much banana! ✨

  5. Waiting for your next episode! Hope Nairan love confession will be in the next episode!

    1. NainaSharma

      it’ll be up by tonight, latest tomorrow morning. i can’t say anything about that for now but i can’t wait to see how you react to the next few chapters! ?

  6. Shruthy

    Awww poor NaiRan! ? Each of both is so sad to get separated…
    Damn I would be so glad to welcome Naina in Paris (because I live here) but would be more happier if Karan follows her there also. ????
    And as it’s oen of your fav, don’t hesitate to take time to write it well and post something long. ❤️☺️

    1. NainaSharma

      i said paris because naina actually has a secret in paris. but hey, that’s so cool that you live in paris! i’ll take time to write the next chapter and it’ll be fun to read but, i can’t promise that it’ll be long! ???

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