Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 18

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Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 18

A quick recap: Simmi apologises to Amaya expecting an apology in return. Twinkle asks Kunj to pretend to be unaware of Simmi’s plans, while Simmi finds out that he already knows but still played along for her sake.

Kunj opened his eyes slowly so that he would seem like he had just been woken up. “Thank you so much, baby!” He told Simmi, pulling her into a hug as he sat up. “Come quickly!” Simmi said, pulling away impatiently, leading him to the centre table where Twinkle was lighting candles on a number of cupcakes. “This is all so beautiful!” Kunj said, leaning towards Simmi while she smiled back proudly at him. “Happy birthday, hubby!” Twinkle whispered to him when Simmi had let go of his hand to make space among the balloons for him on the couch. He pulled her close to himself but before he could speak a single word, Simmi called out to him, patting on the couch. Kunj and Twinkle giggled at each other as they let go of the embrace. “Make a wish!” Simmi told Kunj excitedly as soon as he had sat down. “But I already have everything I could ever want!” He replied smiling at Simmi, making her look at Twinkle worriedly. “Shall I take that wish then?” She asked after a moment’s thought, making her parents laugh. Kunj then nodded at her and watched curiously as she murmured something quickly and then asked him to blow the candles. “This tastes so good!” He appreciatively smacked as Simmi fed him one bite from each variety that she had. “Mumma made them! I was the head chef though, you know Mumma can’t cook so well otherwise!” She chirped making Kunj look at Twinkle in surprise, and she shrugged her shoulders. Simmi then pulled Twinkle to sit next to Kunj as both of them hugged her tight, relishing their priceless moments together and the cupcakes that Twinkle had somehow managed to make so yummy.

Twinkle turned to look at Kunj after she had put Simmi to sleep finally. He had been watching Simmi in pure adoration for her as she had struggled to set aside her excitement and fallen asleep reluctantly. “Thank you, wifey!” He whispered to Twinkle as he sat down beside her on the bed. “She didn’t let me do this at that time!” He added, placing a loving kiss on her cheek that quietened her laughter. “So how did you like the cupcakes, Mr. Sarna?” She asked as she put her arms around his neck, smirking at him. “They had to be good! After all, I was the one who taught you cooking and Simmi instructed you!” He teased, while she took her hands off him and leaned back against the headboard, closing her eyes with a deep sigh. “I’m glad they were good, Simmi wouldn’t have spared me otherwise!” She said, earning a chuckle from him. He then placed his head on her lap and laid down. Her fingers played in his hair as they talked to each other and to their unborn baby for a while, telling the baby how its elder sister Simmi had become the apple of their eye, giving them a new reason to look forward to every single day, and how, once the baby was born, it would become equally important to them, and all that they would do together as a happy family, before falling asleep right there.

Twinkle had been attending to some guests the next morning when she heard a familiar voice scream excitedly, “Oh my God! Twinkle!” She closed her eyes disappointedly, breathing deeply to prepare herself for the encounter and then turned to the visitor. “Hi Misha!” Twinkle greeted, managing to keep the smile on her face from turning into a frown somehow. “Look at you!” Misha said, trying to add an American accent to her words, but failing horribly. Twinkle simply smiled at her and nodded, when Misha continued as she eyed Twinkle’s Lehenga, “What have you been up to, these days, except being a typical housewife?” Amaya stepped in to Twinkle’s rescue, telling Misha that Twinkle held the highest post in the HR department in the company, and that seemed to shock Misha a bit, but not enough to keep her from saying, “Oh, and what about kids and all? Don’t you have homely duties?” Amaya held Twinkle’s hand to prevent her from bursting out at Misha and answered that on behalf of Twinkle as well, saying as nicely as she could, “She’s a brilliant mother as well, Misha. You should ask her husband, Kunj if you can’t believe it!” Misha’s jaw dropped at that and she glared at them before turning around to walk away. “Who invited her?” Twinkle wailed, keeping her voice as low as she could, when Amaya apologised profusely, owning up to it. “I ran into her while shopping and she invited herself when she found out my baby’s naming ceremony was being held. I didn’t think she would turn up, though!” Amaya tried to defend herself as both of their eyes followed Misha, dreading the worst.

“Hey Kunj!” Misha used her best flirty tone as she greeted Kunj who was playing with Simmi and Pari. “Misha.” Kunj acknowledged her presence, his eyes darting off to Twinkle, begging for help. “Are these Amaya Di’s daughters?” Misha asked, ignoring his attempts to flee, as she bent to pull Simmi and Pari’s cheeks. Kunj reluctantly told her that Pari was Amaya’s daughter and Simmi was his. At that, Misha let go of Pari and held Simmi with both hands that Simmi evidently did not like and tried to run off, but Misha wouldn’t let go. “Hi Simmi! I would have been your Papa’s wife if your Mom didn’t get so lucky!” She said, using her weird accent again. Simmi looked at her with widened eyes, glancing over at Kunj who looked back at her helplessly. “Woah! Look who is here!” Yuvi said as he tapped on Misha’s shoulder, winking at Simmi with an indication for her to escape. “Jeeju! It’s so lovely to see you!” Misha said when she stood up straight and saw Yuvi, who smiled at her. “It’s been so long!” She told him as her eyes looked for Simmi, who she had noticed was no longer where she had left her. “But you don’t seem to have got the clue yet!” Kunj said as he stood beside Yuvi, both of them staring at her. “What clue?” She asked, oblivious to Twinkle and Amaya’s glares as she stepped closer to Kunj. “That he’s happy with a family of his own?” Yuvi asked, wondering if that would actually make any sense to her. “Oh! I know that! But Kunj will always remain my sweetheart!” She said, smiling sweetly at Kunj, who mentally cursed his fate for that encounter with her after so many years of peace.

“Pihu!” Simmi and Pari announced the baby’s name to all the waiting people after the ceremony was completed, both of them being delighted that they were the first ones to know the name that had been kept a surprise for the others. “She’s harmless!” Amaya assured Twinkle as both of them stood with Yuvi a little far from the rest of the crowd, watching Misha annoyingly chatter with everyone. “She’ll go away in an hour or so anyways!” Yuvi added, although he seemed like he could use some assurance too. “You jinxed it, Jeeju!” Kunj said, bringing them news that Misha would stay at their place for a couple of days. “Great. I’m going to Ma’s place then.” Twinkle announced, looking at Kunj from the corner of her eye. “It’s not my fault!” Kunj protested, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. “Listen to me, we’ll deal with this!” He told Twinkle as he pulled her close to him by her waist. “You staying miffed with me won’t do much good for the baby, you see?” He tried his best shot and it seemed to work, at least a little. “She’s going to be at your party this evening, isn’t she?” Amaya asked, ruining all of Kunj’s attempts to convince Twinkle. Kunj shot Amaya an unhappy look while she struggled to hold back her smile when Twinkle stomped off angrily.

Only the closest circle of family and friends were present at Kunj’s birthday celebrations that evening, and Misha as well, for they hadn’t been able to chase her off no matter what. Kunj had managed to get Twinkle’s mood better with a couple of hours of following her around and saying the sweet things that he was sure would work their magic. Twinkle and the rest of the gang had gifted him a tree of memories along with a little video that had all of them expressing their fondest and funniest memories of Kunj, which turned out to be a huge success. Misha felt extremely left out, since she didn’t get more than half the references, but she didn’t seem to be in a mood to give up either. She constantly tried to join them, but ended up alone each time. Kunj had got Twinkle to promise that she wouldn’t let Misha spoil their day, and she was doing a terrific job at it, ignoring her presence altogether. Kunj didn’t let Twinkle go too far from him for a single moment either and they actually managed to have a pretty good time with their families, with someone or the other always being there to handle anything that showed a sign of going wrong. Twinkle had given Rahul strict instructions in that regard, for she had known Misha long enough to know that she held a fondness for creating trouble. She mentally appreciated him as she saw him dealing with Misha’s hundredth descriptive speech about her dress that evening, when Yuvi said, “He’s used to dealing with you after all!” The siblings then burst out laughing as Yuvi gave Twinkle a side hug, as they watched Chinki take over Rahul’s duty to relieve him of the burden.

That’s it for now, guys. Who do you think Misha is? This is going to be fun! Lots of love!!

  1. Amazing one

  2. Oh that was lovely…. Misha most probably be another girl crushing over kunj …how do you manage make every episode so appealing. It is always so endearing to see kunj making attempts to never let twinkle go
    Loads of love! ?

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Vags!! I’m really flattered by that and am so glad that you liked it! More about Misha will be revealed soon! Much love!!

  3. Awsm epi….

  4. Such a sweet episode ?
    Simmi is so adorable and her bonding with Kunj is the best part of the story ❤
    This Misha seems to be a trouble.
    Let’s see how Twinj will deal with her.
    Post soon.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Mia! I’m glad you liked the portrayal of Simmi and Kunj’s bond, which definitely is the heart of the story! We’ll be seeing all that and more in the next episode that will be out soon!!

  5. Vibhu

    Oh okay, this M for “Misha” is definitely someone who created rifts between Twinj.
    But now, I want simmi to teach Nisha a good lesson, by giving some really witty replies. ???
    I think some “Blast from the past” is on the way! ??
    Waiting for next one. ?
    Post soon.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Vibhu, for seeing right through my plot as always! 😉 Yes, there’s definitely going to be some past references, hope you’ll like them!

  6. Presha

    Amazing one !!!
    Simmi is such a sweet soul!!!
    So much efforts for her dad’s b’day !!
    Well jealous twinkle is so much fun !!!
    And kunj pacifying his wifey is always treat to the eyes !!!

    Misha is a vamp ofcourse , spoiling things around !!!
    Well loved it !!
    Post soon !!
    Love uh ?❤️

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hi Preshu!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the episode, and also that you’ve guessed rightly about Misha! The next episode will be out soon! More love!!

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    simmi is sweetheart
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      Thank you so much Melody!!

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