Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 17

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Greetings everyone! Ananya here. A big thank you to each one of you for your love and appreciation for my stories! Happy reading!

Twinj: When I Fell For You: Season 2 Episode 17

A quick recap: Simmi injures herself from falling off the stairs, becoming the cause of everyone’s worry. Twinkle expresses her concern regarding the others misunderstanding Simmi’s behaviour to Kunj who manages to convince her. Simmi insists on celebrating Kunj’s birthday in their room at midnight and Twinkle finally agrees.

“And then this doll married the handsome king and became the queen!” Simmi narrated to Twinkle, spinning a new story for her dolls to enact like she did often. “Simmi, whose story did you just tell me?” Twinkle asked, although she already knew the answer. “The doll’s, Mumma!” Simmi said pretending to be innocent, but one look at Twinkle had her laughing loudly. “I know it’s your and Papa’s story!” She said, still giggling after a whole minute when she saw Twinkle looking at her amusedly. “Is this doll me?” Twinkle asked in a surprise as she held up the doll. “No! She is not pretty enough to be you!” Simmi said, hugging Twinkle and giving her a kiss on her cheek. “Aren’t you the sweetest!” Twinkle exclaimed, pulling her cheeks when Amaya walked in. “Twinkle, would you keep an eye on the baby for a few minutes please?” She asked, when Simmi ran to her and put her arms around her tightly. “Simmi? Are you alright? What happened?” Amaya asked anxiously, kneeling down and hugging her. “I’m sorry for speaking so rudely to you yesterday, Maami! I was hurt, you know?” Simmi said, looking at her with a serious expression. “Aww! That’s ok, baby! It’s more important that you understood that you had made a mistake!” Amaya said, smiling at her. Simmi smiled back and said, “Shouldn’t you also say sorry for making me feel bad by saying it wasn’t a big wound?” Amaya’s eyes widened at that. She shot a glance at Twinkle who was smacking her own forehead, making her chuckle. “I’m sorry Simmi Ji!” She said, placing her hand on Simmi’s cheeks before getting up and leaving with a remainder to Twinkle to look after the baby.

“Simmi! That was such a wrong thing to say!” Twinkle told Simmi as they headed to Amaya’s room. “It was only fair Mumma! You told to me to say sorry to her because she felt bad, then even she should!” Simmi protested, while Twinkle sighed, realising that she was too young to understand anything she would say then. “Bhaiyu!” Twinkle called out when she saw Yuvi standing by the cradle and watching the baby quietly. “Mamu!” Simmi excitedly screamed, having seen him after a week, running to jump into his arms. Yuvi twirled her around while she giggled happily. They were surprised when they heard little sweet sounds of laughter coming from the cradle. “She’s laughing!” Yuvi exclaimed as he and Simmi leaned beside the cradle to look at the baby. Simmi clapped excitedly, grabbing the baby’s attention. The baby didn’t make a single noise after that, and would only stare at them, disappointing Simmi, who said, “Look Mamu! She doesn’t like me!” Yuvi turned to her and shook his head. “She loves you!” He assured, making her cute pout turn into a bright smile. Simmi then rushed out of the room to play with Pari when she heard her voice in the corridor.

“Hey!” Yuvi said to Twinkle as he turned to her, holding his arms out for a hug. She responded happily, just like she did ever since she was a little child, making him sniffle at the nostalgia. “When are Ma and Papa coming?” She asked him as they sat on the bed, after a quick chat about work. “Usha Ma insisted that they should come before dinner time today at least, I don’t know if they will.” He informed her as she nodded. “How’s Ma doing?” She asked, missing Leela terribly, for it felt ages since she had laid down with her head on her mother’s lap and listened to her talk excitedly about all the things that Twinkle had missed. “She feels terribly lonely these days, and is always complaining about how empty the house seems. I think she’s right, you know?” He said, playfully punching her shoulder. “Bhabhi will be shifting back soon, Bhaiyu. Don’t you worry, you won’t have to miss your wife for too long!” Twinkle said, holding back her laughter as she teased him. “And so will you, right?” He said, but before Twinkle could respond they heard Kunj cough at that, choking on the coffee that he had been drinking as he stood by the door, eavesdropping.

“Are you alright, Kunj?” Twinkle asked Kunj, while Yuvi laughed at them, mimicking her line. “Haha very funny, Jeeju!” Kunj said, evidently not appreciative of that joke. “He’s always been like this only, no? He can’t even bear the thought of staying away from you!” Yuvi teased Twinkle as she giggled at Kunj’s response. “Oh please, you are one to speak! You wouldn’t have even found the courage to propose to Di despite being so hopelessly in love with her had it not been for Twinkle’s plan!” Kunj said, smirking at Yuvi, who responded immediately with, “Kunj, you would have been married to Alisha if I hadn’t stepped in with my heroism!” Twinkle glanced at the two of them alternatively and then screamed, “That’s enough! Even Pari and Simmi don’t fight like this! Do the two of you have to bring up your great deeds from years ago as an issue to fight over?” Yuvi and Kunj burst out laughing at that. “We aren’t fighting! We love each other!” They said, hugging each other, while Twinkle’s jaw dropped at the sight. She shook her head, taking in a deep breath as she saw them give each other a high five and begin to talk affectionately. “Twinkle, you could leave now!” Amaya said as she walked into the room, and stopped when she saw Yuvi and Kunj. “Hi boys!” She said, and turned to Twinkle who complained about their fight, making her laugh too.

Twinkle and Kunj left the room and were walking down the corridor when Twinkle saw Simmi carrying decorative material into their room. “Oooh someone’s in a good mood!” Kunj said as Twinkle quickly pulled him behind a pillar so that Simmi and Kunj wouldn’t see each other. “Simmi wants to do something special for you, as a surprise, Kunj! She’s set her heart on it, and is really excited about it. I know she won’t be able to hide her arrangements perfectly, but please play along and pretend you have no idea, will you?” Twinkle said, looking hopefully at him. He smiled at her and nodded gladly, adding “She’ll need a little more practise to become as good as her Mumma at giving surprises!” with a wink. Twinkle placed a quick peck on his cheek as a sign of gratitude, and Kunj was about to return it, when they heard “This is the corridor, people! Public place!” Kunj murmured his disapproval at their moment being ruined, making Twinkle giggle. “Hello supreme enemy of my romance!” He greeted Rahul sarcastically that was received with a quick bow in acceptance of that title by Rahul. “I had come to tell Twinkle that I just brought her parents here. You guys can continue though. I suppose they won’t mind waiting.” Rahul answered with a grin that made Twinkle glare at him as she pulled Kunj by his wrist down the stairs. “Leela Ma! I missed you so much!” Kunj said, as he greeted Leela with a hug, making everyone laugh. “What is it that you want, Kunj?” She whispered and he smiled at her cheekily, whispering back, “I’ll tell you later!” as he got out of Twinkle’s way so that she could greet her parents too.

“Mumma, Papa knows about our plans!” Simmi said as soon as Twinkle entered the room that night, sitting angrily on the bed. “What makes you think that, Simmi?” Twinkle asked, wondering if Kunj had forgotten the little talk they had had earlier. “He came into the room, looked at this stuff..” Simmi began, pointing to the ribbons and other decorative material that Twinkle had put up as per her instructions, when Twinkle asked her, “He saw them?” Simmi nodded and continued, “And then he didn’t even say anything about it, Mumma! He simply told me he would quickly change and come, and went to the washroom!” Twinkle was relived at that and said, “But that means he did not know anything at all, Simmi! Even after seeing the decoration, he didn’t find out! Your plan is a success, don’t worry!” Simmi smiled at her and said, “No Mumma, Papa didn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to spoil my surprise for him, I know!” Twinkle watched quietly as Simmi jumped off the bed telling Twinkle she would be back with her blanket, smiling to herself. Right then Kunj walked in, mouthing a ‘Wow!’ to Twinkle, having overheard all that Simmi had said. “Wow indeed!” Twinkle thought to herself, delighted at the idea of Kunj and Simmi adorably doing things to make each other happy.

Twinkle had woken Simmi up at ten minutes to 12 just as she had asked her to. She was aware that Kunj was awake too, Simmi testing the serial LED lighting that she had put up ought to have woken him up, but he pretended to be fast asleep. Twinkle had brought the blown up balloons then, and put them where Simmi had wanted them. Twinkle giggled to herself as Simmi looked around carefully, making sure she hadn’t missed anything, recalling the way she had surprised Kunj on his first birthday after their wedding. Simmi tiptoed to Kunj’s side once she was satisfied with the decoration and woke him up with a “Happy birthday, Papa!” and a peck on his cheek right when the digital clock on the bed side table beside him changed the date.

That’s it for now, guys! Lots of love!

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  1. Presha

    Amazing as always!!
    Simmi is such a blabber queen !!!
    Just loved it way to much to describe !!
    Post soon !!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Preshu! I’m glad you liked it! The next episode will be out soon!!

  2. Aww it was so cute .
    Loved every bit of it.
    Waiting for the next one .

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Kiara!! Means a lot! Next episode out soon!

  3. lovely and so cute
    waiting for next

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Melody! Next episode out soon!

  4. Cuteness❤❤
    God can kunj get any more adorable ….
    Yuvi has always been such a tease
    Loads of love

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Vags! Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it! Much love!!

  5. Ruhanika

    Read all part in a go
    Post soon

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Woah! That’s really sweet, Ruhanika! Thank you so much! Next episode out soon!

  6. Awesome epi

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you!!


    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much!

  8. Superb..
    Pist soon..

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you! Next episode out soon!

  9. Lovely shot

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you Yashika!

  10. Vibhu

    Awwwww … That’s so adorable!
    Little Simmi making attempts to surprise her Papa on his birthday 😊♥️🤩💃
    But she’s so damn smart.
    She knew kunj was playing along.
    I love this father daughter bond, even more than I adore Twinkle and Yuvi’s bond.
    Lovely update 😊❤️
    Keep writing!

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey! Thank you so much!! I’m glad you liked it!! Simmi and Kunj easily set goals, which is terrific I think! Means a lot!

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